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Lee Sin Build Guide by Zingmark

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zingmark

Sin I am! [Dominion]

Zingmark Last updated on September 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome summoner!

Dominion features a whole new type of gaming for the LoL:ers around the globe. Not only is the game faster, more intense and in my own opinion more fun, it's also more demanding and less unforgiving towards it's players. A failed gank or a greedy overextension in Summoner's Rift might cause the enemy to damage, or possibly even destroy a tower. But such a fail in Dominion may cause your whole team to get out of sync and turn a 4-1 objective lead to a devastating 0-5.

I'm not saying this to intimidate people or to point fingers at those who are not ready for dominion, I'm just saying it to let others know that you might not want to jump straight into Dominion before you've run a few Summoner's Rift.

Enough blabber about that, who were we talking about?

Right.... LEE SIN!!!

This guide does not tell you everything you need to know about Lee Sin, nor everything you need to play him. LoL is alot about finding a champ that suits you, and for those who havent tried Lee Sin I strongly recommend atleast giving him a try.

I am not a pro player at all, but I have been playing Lee Sin and won the majority of my games. I have tried different builds, tanky, dps and even an AP-build (Yeah, that's right!). Now with Dominion I wanted to put my experiences and knowledge about this champ to good use and help others .

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Pros / Cons

Here are some pros and cons for Lee Sin, using this build.


  • Survivability (good hp and awesome lifesteal/spell vamp)
  • Great dmg (not a glass nuker, but good sustained dmg)
  • Decent harasser ( Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to get in and interrupt first -> Tempest / Cripple to interrupt the rest -> Safeguard / Iron Will to get out fast.)
  • Knockback ( Dragon's Rage works wonders throwing people into your towers for extra dmg, also look att Skill Sequence below)
  • Fun and flexible (Lee Sin is truly amazing to play, the fact that you have 3x2+1 skills to use makes him alot more fun than most melee champs.


  • Slow (The only thing I miss from time to time in this build is the speed, but I figured if you got the enemy to run, you succeeded with the mission anyway, if he's stupid enough to come back, slay him.
  • Skillshot dependent ( Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike requires good positioning and timing, but when you master it it offers wonderful opportunities.
  • Squishy until you get your Warmog's Armor

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Greater Mark of Desolation

9x Greater Mark of Desolation is pretty basic for most AD-chars, no need to say more.

9x Greater Seal of Armor gives you some armor for those first important fights at top, mid or sometimes even bot. These are less useful after a few levels and could with good late-game benefit be replaced by Greater Seal of Defense or possibly Greater Seal of Evasion.

9x Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction is always nice, and since I removed The Brutalizer from my build I found that I was missing those 10% cdr. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is still viable here, but dominion tends to be more AD-oriented, at least now at it's early stage.

3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - Speed is important, especially in dominion, so these helps a lot.

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Summoner Spells

Not much to say about the summoner spells, I go with Flash and Ghost because I like the mobility. Ghost is always in my dominion builds as it can be a deciding factor if you manage to interrupt someone in time or not. Other viable options are Exhaust, Ignite and possibly Heal. Basically use what suits your playstyle!

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23/3/4 ???? Oh the horror!
Well, actually it's not as bad as it sounds. Let's see what we're missing; If we were to go 21/0/9 we would gain 5% exp (not that much considering how fast you gain exp anyway without even farming) and 1gold/10. The gold could come in handy, but let's look at the math;
the average game takes around 20 minutes to complete, that's 1200 seconds. 1 gold per 10 second would mean 120 gold in total, and thus, in my opinion not worth it.
Instead we get all the offense abilities we want from the offense tree, including Archaic Knowledge (no, MagPen is not as bad as it sounds for Lee Sin).

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Items, items, items... So many viable choices and no right answers.

That's right... Lee Sin can be whoever you want him to be, he can dish out insane damage if you build him all out offense, but he will be a squishy git who the enemies love. I prefer building Lee Sin a bit more versatile.
The items I've picked are just an example of what I like to use in dominion play. I've found that Lee Sin tends to get targetted a lot early-game and thus I go for Mercury Threads early on, sometimes from start, because one of the worst that can happen is when you run to a control point and get stunned, slowed or otherwise occupied until you meet your demise.

A quick review of the list of items:
Mercury's Treads - Not sure I need to say more about these, but they help... alot... 35% reduced stun, slow, silence etc is invaluable, especially in a fast-paced game like Dominion. They can be switched with both Boots of Mobility (always nice and helps you to be everywhere) and Berserker's Greaves (good early game, but not that impressive after a few levels).

Bilgewater Cutlass - Love it! It has some nice early-game damage and life-steal. Plus, since Exhaust has been remove for better mobility we get another activation-slow with a shorter CD.

Warmog's Armor - One of the main components of this build. People do nice damage, and Lee Sin is rather squishy without items, thus we need more hp to be able to dish out our own damage. When combined with the nice amount of Life Steal and Spell Vamp we get when the build is complete we have ourselves an unstoppable force!

Phage - Slow down! Yes, we want it and need it. A slower enemy is an easier enemy, nuff said. And the extra HP also helps.

Atma's Impaler - By now we should have quite a substantial amount of HP, and thus it's time for this wonderful item. Since you will meet alot of AD-based champs the armor is nice, and the crit+extra damage speaks for itself.

Sanguine Blade - More LIFESTEAL, and the reason is of course survivability. You'd be surprised at how much hp you will regain with Bilgewater Cutlass and Sanguine Blade. Also since we now have a decent amount of HP the extra AD helps us out alot.

Hextech Gunblade - Well, what else should we evolve our Bilgewater Cutlass into? With the spell vamp from Hextech your Tempest / Cripple will heal quite a substantial amount too. And if Im not mistaking the extra AP will add to the shield from Safeguard / Iron Will but I might be wrong about this.

Entropy - I've never seen a game last this long, so I never actually managed to upgrade the Phage into Entropy while following this build, but either Entropy or Frozen Mallet will awesome choices here. FM for more hp, Ent for more dmg.

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Alright, to the fun stuff! The two-in-one skills is what makes Lee Sin the most rewarding champion to play in my opinion. When played right you have an amazing control of the battlefield, but it also puts a great deal of pressure and demand on the player.

Flurry - All guides will tell you to use this ALL the time, but I don't. What I say is; use Flurry as much as possible without jeopardizing losing the target. If the target is faster than you (for example Boots of Swiftness + Phantom Dancer) then it doesn't matter if you land your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and wait for 2 auto-attacks before throwing down Tempest / Cripple, at this time he will be out of reach. So once again: Use flurry as much as possible, but don't let the target outrun you,

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike - Your main skill and the skill to be maxed out first. There's no way for me to tell you how to use this skill efficiently, all I can say is practice, practice, practice and also, have a bit of luck. When you're chasing someone there's always the chance that they will decide to turn JUST as you throw your Sonic Wave, and when using it on an enemy running on the other side of terrain you will eventually get frustrated that the target just happened to stop right before your wave without even knowing it. So my advice is: Learn how people tend to move and use your skillshot accordingly.

Safeguard / Iron Will - Your friend whenever things go south! There are multiple uses for this skill.
  • You can use it to get out of a dangerous situation by Safeguarding a minion, friendly champion or even a ward (such as Teemo's Noxious Trap.
  • Or use it on a friendly target to get INTO combat fast when minions or other stuff hinder you from landing your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike on the optimal target.
  • Use it on yourself or a friendly unit just for the shield while fighting and taking damage (or just to keep Flurry going.)
  • Use Iron Will for the lifetap while attacking minions to regain HP.
Tempest / Cripple - A great skill all together. The damage is actually not bad, the slow is great and the only reason we leave it for last is that the slow-time doesn't increase with level and thus the lower CD and higher numbers from Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and Safeguard / Iron Will is more important.

Dragon's Rage - Mmmm, we love it, don't we? This, like so many other of Lee Sins skills has sooooooo many uses! You can always use it just for the damage it gives which is substantial. When doing so I always recommend landing your first Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, then using Dragon's Rage and instantly Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike again since it does more damage if the target has a lower percentage of health.
Another great use is while fleeing, you can decide where to put your opponents. I often lure my opponents to chase me, then jumping at them with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, running straight through them and shooting them back with Dragon's Rage and all of a sudden they are chasing me back, usually with 50% hp gone and me heading in the direction I originally intended to go.
Please remember to not only think of yourself when playing this game, it is a team game after all. If you see an ally with low health and his impending doom, shoot the attacker away from him, follow up with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and slow him with Tempest / Cripple or Bilgewater Cutlass, your teammate will survive and you denied the opponent alot of gold!

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That's all folks! Good luck and have fun with Lee Sin, the one and only!

Kill em all!