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League of Legends Build Guide Author Battok

Singed AP/Off Tank

Battok Last updated on April 6, 2011
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Singed is a very strong champ, with his incredible speed, monstrous poison damage and annoying cc abilities.
This build focuses on damage and survivability.

Upside to this particular build is that it provides high damage and health early game and a good amount of armor and magic resist at mid to late game. If your team is feeding or you are being starved in lane, this build can leave you squishy far to long.

The trick is to always be farming.. if you can't take lane, then have your team help regain lane control or change lanes all together. Do NOT let yourself be starved.

If you farm effectively (like singed should easily do) then this build will carry you to victory.

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In this build, I focus caster runes for magic pen and mana regen, to give me that extra edge on damage and so that I don't run OOM while I use my .

I also get some magic resistance runes because this is one of the harder tank stats to get from caster items. when you do get it from a mana or ap item the amount is low. also this will keep that pesky veigar or fiddle from harassing you back home all the time.

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I have tried both defensive and utility masteries with this build and have found that the extra damage, CDR, regen, mana and movement speed from the utility tree is better for Singed than the benefits of the defensive tree.. really though the difference is pretty low and you can go defensive instead if you are worried about being to weak early game.

However my recommendation is to go 9/0/21 for the stats mentioned above.

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ok so my final item build looks like this:

The most important stats are Mana and Ability Power, if an item does not have one or the other (preferably both) I don't buy it. other important stats include: Armor, Magic Resist, Magic Pen and Health. pretty much in that order.

Mana is our super stat because of our passive by starting with the and continuing to stack mana, we will have plenty of health throughout the game.
After getting RoA, i grab boots of speed because you do your damage by being chased but not caught. If you can afford it go ahead and start your by purchasing a .

Now before finishing your Archangels staff, buy a and a , because at this point you will be taking a good bit of damage from all sources!

Next finish your , turn your into a and your into a .

At this point the game will most likely be ending and you will be running around like a mad man killing people. However if the game continues get what you need, another or an or something.

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Team Work

In team fights you will pretty much keep your on all the time and run around using to throw enemies either into danger or away from the carry they are killing.

Keep in mind that fling can be dangerous to your team as well. You much be careful not to throw an enemy brawler into your ranged carries.. or an enemy with full heal into your fleeing low health teammates. This will get members of your team killed and you will be branded a baddie.

Use to slow enemies either when they are fleeing or when they are chasing your low health teammates. it can also be use to simply keep them in range of your poison or your ranged carries attacks.