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Singed Build Guide by Insaniac6

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Insaniac6

Singed on Dominion Done Right (or so I think)

Insaniac6 Last updated on February 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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//First version uploaded 2/8/2012
Lately on Dominion, I've seen a lot of Singed players, and it seems they are usually pretty much useless. Being a big fan of singed and after playing some Dominion games with him, I decided to make this guide. Can't back this up with a 2200000 Elo or anything like that, but i think this build works much better than most of what little I've seen recommended or actually in game for Singed. This guide is going to start off pretty vague, but I'll try to flesh out some of the details if people respond to it, for better or worse.

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Pretty standard Singed stuff here.
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Helps make that poison a bit more of a nuisance, and in a game mode where everyone already has a lot of built in mpen, this little but will help take care of what resistance they have left. More or less the only primary mark that makes sense here.

Greater Seal of Armor Once again, this is part of my usual rift build, and probably the rune I'm now least certain about, since there's that 12% armor pen passive.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction To keep that ulty up more often. Usually, I would use either cdr or mres per level, but these don't pan out til around level 15, which is too late for a Dominion match.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed Singed needs to move fast to spread that lovely poison and catch squishies. Also, I have found [Greater Quintessence of Fortitude] to be effective.

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Once again, this is more or less what you'd expect from a standard Singed mastery set, gotta get that Juggernaut and move speed. Not a big fan of Honor Guard, since its max reduces 30 out of 1000 damage when you actually put that 3% into real numbers. Otherwise, I'm trying to make my masteries such that Singed is fast and tanky.

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DO NOT BUILD THE DAMNED ROD OF AGES! I think this is where 75% of the terrible Singed action on the scar comes from. On the rift, going gp5 into RoA into indestructotank is pretty awesome, but the RoA leaves you waiting for half the game in Dominion before it pays off.

Giant's Belt is pretty fun as a first purchase, as being 1200 HP Singed at level 3 for that top point teamfight makes you surprisingly resistant to death. allows you to rambo off the bat (with some judgement of course) and hopefully let your DPS and Poison trail do a lot of damage before the enemy team can bring you down. If you fail to get killed off the bat Health Potion is pretty good to have to heal up for the counter attack.

I substitute Rylai's Crystal Scepter for Rod of Ages, which gives Singed a lot of additional control in a fight via the slow, and similar amounts of health and AP.

Boots of Swiftness Are something I never buy on the rift, but Singed really needs the extra mobility to cross the map faster and to close on enemy champs to prevent an extended chase. The enemy shouldn't be hitting you with too much that Mercury's Treads would help with. If they are hitting you with those kind of spells, you're either doing a great job of tanking or a crummy job of dodging.

Sunfire Cape is an item I'm liking more and more on dominion, mostly because it integrates armor and health so well in a game where you can't always make the massive tank purchases, with that 35 magic damage just kind of thrown in as a bonus.
This is switched out for Force of Nature if the enemy team is primarily AP (it seems most teams favor having more tanky melee dps though).
If the enemy is using attack speed-based champs, Frozen Heart then becomes the better choice.
This item slot is really more of the "Tank against whatever their damage is" than a "you NEED a Sunfire Cape" slot. Just note that items involving magic resist, armor, or health regen are going to be somewhat less useful than usual due to the Crystal Scar aura, which is why it is better to pick items with other effects, like FoN's move speed increase or Frozen Heart's CDR.

Rabadon's Deathcap Hopefully by the time you reach this item, you will be too much of a pain in the neck for the other team to put you down quick enough to make you a target. My philosophy for builds, especially on Dominion, is that if the enemy team is ignoring you, you need to adjust your build so they can't ignore you. Conversely, if the other team is still slaughtering you, you need to tank up more based on where the damage is coming from.

After this point, the game usually is either over or close to over, so I buy either another Needlessly Large Rod or Giant's Belt depending on how we're doing.

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Skill Sequence

Your team is definitely going to want your Mega Adhesive and Fling for the first team fight on top, and you'll want that poison.

Singed also needs to get damage quickly, and as we all know, leveling Poison Trail is the quickest way to do that, which is why it's maxed first.

Mega Adhesive is a big help in a fight, and the crammed spaces in the middle of the Scar make it easy to really mess up the enemy team. Max it second.

Fling gains almost nothing by leveling it, but you don't want to leave home without the first level of it. Get it maxed.... eventually.

Insanity Potion is the reason why you don't chase Singed. Get this when the opportunity presents itself, at 6, 11, and 16.

So, in a nutshell, the sequence is one of each Q,W,E, as well as maxing them in that order, with a point in R whenever possible.

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Summoner Spells

I feel that most guides have already done a very good job of again and again explaining the pros and cons of every summoner spell in a fairly generic manner, so imma keep this section short.

This build is pretty dependent on Ghost to get to the top fight, since the Giant's Belt doesn't allow for boots on the first buy. I wouldn't say Ghost is the very best ability on Dominion ever, but it is certainly more useful for when you need to get across the map and get there fast.

Exhaust is a great spell when you need to protect a carry in a pinch, or bring down and AD champ, or secure a chase... you get it.

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Team Work

Although this build differs slightly from the normal Singed loadout, Singed still plays more or less the same as on the rift. The only way a Singed's team does well if that Singed uses his abilities to protect the carries. Since enemy champions engage much more frequently and with less hesitation than on Summoner's Rift, Dominion actually gives Singed many, many opportunities to say, fling the enemy dps off your ranged champ, or put an adhesive patch down before they can even reach them. Just make sure if you go in, at least one damage dealer from your team is ready to go in as well.

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The End

Well, as I said, I'll add detail where detail is requested, but for now I'm done with this first draft of my Singed guide. Hope you enjoy it.