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League of Legends Build Guide Author simbim

Singed - the bait tank.

simbim Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Hello Mobafire community, my name is Simbim and I have been playing Singed for about 3 months and I am loving every minute of it.
I decided to create a build because I feel like I have something new and useful to bring to the table.

Also please note that this is a main tank build and will probably only work in normal where Singed usually end up as the only tank.

I am still working on this build, and I will add more text and explanation, also a TL:DR section.

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Pros / Cons


- Great farmer.
- Great team fight abilities.
- Using my build, you will have extreme movement speed, able to catch almost any enemy except champions like Rammus or Master Yi.


- Countered by Banshee's Veil
- You will sometimes accidently KS with your poison.
- Squishier than most tanks.

So why would you play Singed?

Because Singed is a really fun champion to play, and he is not like most other tank champions in the game as he acts more like a "bait tank" than a bulky tank.

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First of all, I do not like mana runes. In my opinion, you're better off using regular tank runes like dodge, MR, armor or HP because you can use those on any tank, and Singed doesn't really need the mana runes.

I use MR marks because ekstra MR in lvl 1 can be quite useful.

I use dodge seals because they are really amazing if you're fighting an auto attack heavy team and it will probably save your life alot, especially since you get movement speed from dodging.

Personally, I don't use these glyphs, but I think they are good for beginners, I use MR in my glyphs too.( ) but these glyphs will give you some ekstra mana and HP in the beginning of the fight.

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I find that 4/22/4 works best for my playstyle, I get the tankyness from the defensive tree, aswell as the summoner spell masteries from the offensive and utility trees + reduced death time which may actually make or break a game. And last but not least some more AP since tank singed in my build won't get much of that from the items.

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This is the reason I put in 2 Singed builds, the first one is when you are facing magic heavy teams, and the second one is for physical damage heavy teams.

The items I included are those that in my opinion works best for Singed, if you come against a mixed team, just use a mix of those builds, but make sure to use the items with + HP like Randuins, Banshee's veil because HP counters both magic AND physical obviously.

Always start with a Sapphire Crystal this will give you mana and HP + it builds into an amazing item for singed which is RoA.

Next time you go back you'll want to buy Boots of Speed and Catalyst the Protector Catalyst is a really awesome item because its passive has saved me so many times, I owe my life to this item.

Upgrading the boots:
I usually go with Mercury's Threads because even though we want as much movement speed as possible, your movement speed is worthless if you are CC'ed, if I face a physical heavy team though, I buy Ninja Tabi because of the + armor and dodge, and we get movement speed from dodging so I prefer these instead og Boots of Swiftness.

So when do I want to buy Boots of Swiftness?

If there are little to no CC on the enemy team, and they only have 1-2 auto attackers, you'll want to buy these. Don't just buy them for the movement speed.

Magic Build:

Sunfire Cape, I use this in my MR build aswell in my armor build because of the amount of HP it gives + the dmg from the passive can be deadly to the enemy team if they have squishy mages.

Banshee's Veil, I also use this item in both my builds because the shield from this item can prove itself to be useful against many of the deadly stuns and slows the melee champions have.

Force of Nature, the magic resist and movement speed on this bad boy is hard to resist, this is such a great item for Signed and I always pick it up if I am facing atleast 2 mages.

Armor build:

Rod of Ages, great item for singed, giving you mana, hp and AP every minute, I would prefer to buy this every game, but banshee's veil is just so much more helpful when you are facing mages, so I only get to buy this when facing physical champions.

Heart of Gold, buy this as early as possible to maximize the use of it's passive.