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Singed Build Guide by coldaudio

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League of Legends Build Guide Author coldaudio

Singed - The Poisonous Top Lane Tank!

coldaudio Last updated on December 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Besides being fun, Singed is one of the best farmers in the game, is also rather tanky and has lots of sustain, as well as outputting tons of damage(without trinity force). He is built for initiation and tower diving, and still being one of the best DPS on your team. I play singed all the time, and I LOVE him to pieces.

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The item build I use on Singed focuses mainly on survivability in team fights, as well as keeping up with your opponents tanks with your damage. The early Catalyst in boots provides you with some sustain and tankiness, as well as allowing you to almost always be able to land a fling with your slow/fling combo. Glacial Shroud into Iceborn Gauntlet gives you tankiness from the armor as well as the HP from the mana (Singed's passive converts a portion of his mana into HP) and giving you a damage boost in the form of being able to fling more and poison trail doing more damage. HG into Liandri's gives you, same as the IBG, damage and tankiness, and the burning after effect from Liandri's is fun in combination with your poison, basically stacking DoT's on your target. Everything else is pretty self-explanitory, the Ohmwrecker to dive turrets and start fights, and the Rylai's to add more slows, tankiness, and damage.

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The runes for this build are what I like to call, "Scaling Tank/Damage". The flat armor seals let you have early game solo tops, which are usually attack damage, and the scaling MR glyphs give you some tankiness throughout all parts of the game, and scale well into late game, if you ever get there. The AP quints and the magic pen marks give you some damage and ability to puncture your opponents defenses, should they build any. If not, more damage for you!

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Early game, with this build, you strive to be in lane for as long as possible, usually level 4-5, maybe earlier as you do have teleport. After that, whenever teleport is coming off CD, go ahead and recall, because chances are you have quite a bit of money. You want to try and farm and harass as much as possible, keeping both at an even rate. Basically, kill all the minions and don't take **** from your lane opponent. If you get ganked, you shouldn't have a problem as you have Ghost for a pre-6 escape as well as your ulti after level 6, which grants regen of both health and mana AND movement speed, 3 of the most important things on Singed. Movement speed especially, as you will need to be ahead of your opponents to asphyxiate your opponent(s) with your poison trail. Use your slow for catching up to opponents, as well as after flinging them behind you, so that they can't escape you for long.

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All in all, this guide should summarize what you need to do to succeed as Singed solo top, as well as showing you an example build. I encourage you to modify this build and re post it or just use it, as I'd love to see new ideas and theories to help people get better at a quite overlooked champion. I hope this guide helped you and if it did, please, let me now in the comments/reply, or make a suggestion so I can test it and tweak this build until it is perfect. Have a nice day, everyone!