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Sion Build Guide by werbatim

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author werbatim

sion by werbatim

werbatim Last updated on November 10, 2013
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lifesteal sion



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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all This here is my health, build sion,
I do not like grammar, actually it is translated from Google...
I hope you will enjoy ...

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Pros / Cons

SION is a strong off-tank, AD DPS, AP DPS, CC, and solo top player

AP Pros:

Great early game: outzoning/dmg output/farming abilities.
While boosting your dmg you'll also boost your defense (but: hard to master).
You'll use the incredible burst of Sion's AP side, while still healing you/r mates for quite a chunk between fights.
Since some patches ago you now wield a double-edged axe!

Your bread&butter skill has 2 edges pointed at you: dmg can be negated by bursting your bubble + 4 sec delay.
Most predictable. You'll have to suprise enemies with bushes/Flash/teamwork, otherwise you'll give them an accurate time frame of your next attack.
While normal caster use a complete skillset to face their opponents, you'll only use half of it. Turning you into a wandering meat shield, waiting for it's CDs.

ad Pros
Does a lot of damage mostly cuz of his E
Massive life steal
Great stun

Can be screwed by ranged
easily kited
dependent on good early game and being fed

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Skill Sequence

Experiencing many kinds of different games up until now, I judged the skilling order on AP Sion not to be totally firm.

Of course, even while every level offers the same CD, Death's Caress IS your bread&butter, making it the skill that's maxed first.Death's Caress

Sometimes I catch myself not activatingCannibalism in a teamfight at all, since I only land Stun+Bubble+Sheen/Bane proc before retreating not to become the main target of some enraged enemies. So why leveling it at all?
Even while it isn't always usable in fights, it's still viable outside of them!
Instead of wasting money on Spell Vamp you can easily heal yourself/your team off of one minion wave/ use it to take down Blue Buff, Dragon or Baron. It's pretty neat since you dont need extra AD in order to do so,Enrage alone is enough.

Speaking about that takes me to the flexible part of Sion's skilling order.
Instead of going for a standard R>W>Q>E order, I like to drop the priority onCryptic Gaze according to the game flow:

After skillingDeath's Caress with the first point ofc, I always judge the enemy/enemies I'm facing.
If they're too defensive and being outzoned by your presence alone, put your 2nd point inEnrage starting to make use of it ASAP. They'll notice right away, but you still have your Summoner Spells to reach lvl 3 without problem.
At the time I reach lvl 8 with my skills on 1/3/1/1, I'll judge the game situation yet again: You still have the possiblity to farm enough creeps?
Instead of "wasting" your skill point on some minor dmg boost and 1 sec CDR onCryptic Gaze you should boost your HP by making more use of creeps.

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for AP
-You should always play aggressive, handle risk and reward and learn to time your shield probably.

-Evaluate what your enemy has ready and how much it will lower your shield to save HP while still nuking everything around you in the process.

-Dont forget to activate your shield always while you're still on the move to the different hot spots: saving a tower under fire/aiding an ally already engaged in combat and so on. Otherwise your greatest weapon will still warm up with your friend down and some 10% enemies on the run.

-Once you get about 60 AP, it is possible to useDeath's Caress to clear an entire minion wave.

-Blue Buff is fairly important until you can get yourDeathfire Grasp, so ask your jungler to donate it to you or ask for assistance in getting it.

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for ad farming
Now, Farming. This is pretty much THE MOST IMPORTANT section of this guide. This is the bread and butter to beast AD late-game Sion. Try your best to get a solo lane if you can as you would get more farm for yourself (ask if anyone wants to jungle).
If you're in a duo lane, that's fine too because you get more sustainability and as long as your last hitting skills are decent, wont miss too much.

Early game play a little bit cautiously and try to land last hits as much as you can. Avoid harassing enemy champs too much (especially if it's 1 vs 2) unless they overextend and your jungler is ready for a gank, or if they think they can dive you at lvl 3 (in which case + and watch their HP melt into pink).

Once you reach lvl 2, get and leave it on toggle at ALL TIMES. This will give you bonus AD and make farming easier. LAST HIT creeps to get the health bonus. A good gauge to see how well you farm is the 15 min mark, 30 min mark, 45 mark and 60 min mark. I usually get about 80~90 farm at 15 min if I'm farming decently, and about 180~200+ at 30 min.

At level 3, get . This will pop up a shield allows you to do a fair bit of AoE damage, which is useful for getting creeps low to last hit them. Activate it, run into the middle of the creep wave and then explode. Then simply 1-hit all the creeps and watch your health go up. The shield is also useful when you're low on hp and the enemy champs are pushing your tower with creeps. Just have it on to reduce as much dmg as possible while farming. What I usually do is let the turret hit the creep once, and just hit it (usually it kills it). This way I don't get denied much farm at the turret.

To sum it up: The more farm you have, the beastlier you get!