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Sion Build Guide by suprfxivsilkshot

Jungle Sion Jungle S11 (Anti-Kite, Easier Than Lane)

Jungle Sion Jungle S11 (Anti-Kite, Easier Than Lane)

Updated on March 11, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author suprfxivsilkshot Build Guide By suprfxivsilkshot 2,146 Views 0 Comments
2,146 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author suprfxivsilkshot Sion Build Guide By suprfxivsilkshot Updated on March 11, 2021
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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
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Chilling Smite

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Champion Build Guide

Sion Jungle S11 (Anti-Kite, Easier Than Lane)

By suprfxivsilkshot
Who Is This Guy?
My username is Thicc Sion, and I am a gold Sion one-trick with 720k mastery points.

I stayed away from League for a while because I was frustrated by how easy I lost top lane as Sion. If I built tank, I would be at the whims of my teammates, and if I built damage, I lost lane very easily if the match-up wasn't super favourable.

I came back to LoL and started checking out the new items. After some trial and error (lots of error), I found something that works...
Sion Jungle (Anti-Kite)
Sion has received some small buffs that allows him to clear at a decent speed. Jungle gives Sion a bit of a security blanket from being constantly poked or chunked out of lane, and allows the champion to farm up. Farming is super important for Sion, because his W passive gives him health with each minion farmed (this is increased greatly for larger creeps such as cannons or almost everything in the jungle).

I had tried Sion jungle before, but he was lacking in the role because of how little he had for mobility. I always found that Youmuu's was a great option to pick up since Sion is easily kited. Then Riot decides to release items with built-in dashes, and this is where Prowler's Claw comes in. PC is what makes Sion playable again.

With the two damage items in this build, you have the ability to easily reach champions that will want to kite away. If you go up against a front-line instead, you can hack away until you die, then while you are in your undead passive, proc Prowler's Claw to reach their back-line and then activate Youmuu's to finish off kills. The amazing thing is, your W passive will give you enough health that you will still be tanky even with two AD items.

Your build can be rounded out with some armor boots and a few tank items, but your damage in the mid game is enough to get your team into a very good position. Even in the late game, you can int in team-fights and still be useful with Youmuu's and Prowler's.
- Super-strong mid game, strong late game

- Solid clear speeds, remains healthy in jungle

- Your items will keep you on carries for days

- Still withhold Sion's tankiness while dishing out great damage

- Much easier than playing in lane
- Early game is weak; you will lose control of some important objectives

- 1v1 is poor, much better at initiating team-fights or fighting in a group

- Some champions with spell-shields or wall abilities will hard-counter what you want to achieve in fights

- Small portion of the mid-game you will feel a bit squishy
If your bot lane is leashing, it's amazing if they help bring down the first buff to low health (<300). You will be able to use one Q at the start, but by the time it is off CD, you will be near-ready to kill the buff. Use that second Q if your bot lane stops leashing before the monster is 300 health, save the Q if not.

After your first camp, do wolves or raptors (depending on which side). Make sure to start your W prior to attacking. Best way to kill this second camp is to hit them a fully-loaded Q, let them hit you with a half-second of damage, then proc your W. This will kill little raptors, and little wolves will die to burn damage so don't hit them. Start kiting the big wolf or raptor towards the direction of your next camp.
Take your other buff next, and try to kite it in the direction you want to go. For blue side, I will get blue buff down to <200hp, then smite gromp to pull it towards you before you finish blue. Gromp gives you health, so don't worry about potting (save it for a gank).
After gromp is where you need to start thinking a little bit. You will want to take crab, but you need to find where their jungler is. If your lanes are pushing the enemy under turret, then ward river and start crab. If the enemy jungler comes, start pinging like hell, and wait for back-up. When you do crab, use e first (this destroys its shield) and send it in the direction of the farther pushing lane. Example: top is not doing well, but mid-lane is pushing in their opponent. E the crab in the direction of mid-lane, and watch for enemy jungle.

After crab, look for a possible gank. If nothing looks satisfying, try for the other crab, and finish your remaining camp. If you can back and buy two long swords, you're doing okay.
Farm up until you're level 6. Pick a lane that is being pushed in and press ult when you're close to your own turret. Don't try and ult from far away (unless your team is being tower-dived); the enemy hears your ult globally, and you will look like a fool when they back off before your initiation.
An excellent way to get a kill is by picking up a sweeper or pink ward and hiding in bot/top bushes. Get your laner to push in the wave, then wait for the enemy to come close. You can charge up a Q, and the enemy will not see the animation as long as the bush isn't warded. If you can save your ult in this situation, then you are gonna be able to gank again.

Hopefully your laners are not blind, as you will have a pink ward at one of your buffs (if you followed the build correctly). If you spot an enemy jungler at your camp, call for back-up. If you are being constantly invaded, avoid them. If you see your blue camps being taken, go to their blue or gank bot. Don't force a 1v1 because your mobility and damage is lacking in the early game compared to most junglers.
Team Fighting
This build works best when you are fighting 3 or more champions. Your job may vary from game to game, but the main idea is that you kill squishies. Try and put yourself in a position to reach that back-line without blowing all of your item abilities (we can use these later while we are in Sion's after-death passive).

- If you can't reach the back-line, keep distance from their front line and use Q to bridge that gap. The reason for keeping distance is because your auto attacks suck, and carries can start chunking you down if you are beside their front-line.
- Against a team with heavy CC, pay attention to what abilities they've burned. If you notice they have abilities on CD, you can load up your Q without worries of being cancelled. If you are ulting onto 1 or 2 people, don't expect to have enough time for a fully-charged Q, because the stun doesn't provide enough time. Moral of the story: be okay with not charging your Q fully.

-You can use your ult to initiate a fight, but I would suggest saving it for a moment where you know it will hit somebody. However, if you notice your team can have a numbers advantage, ulting into the fight just to move towards your team is a great play.
-Flashing past their front line and pressing R on a carry is a ballsy strategy, but it can work. After your R, I would proc Prowler's Claw so you are moved behind their carry and away from the rest of the enemy team. This could give you a chance to load your Q.
-Your ult is the only tool in your kit where it is instant CC. If you are up against a bunch of assassins, a great strategy is to sit near your carry and ult any assassin that jumps in.
I hope you enjoyed this guide, and will consider using the build I have suggested. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them.
League of Legends Build Guide Author suprfxivsilkshot
suprfxivsilkshot Sion Guide
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Sion Jungle S11 (Anti-Kite, Easier Than Lane)

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