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Sion Humor Guide by MagicSherpa

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MagicSherpa

Sion - the Undead King of Freelo

MagicSherpa Last updated on November 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there! This is my first guide for Mobafire, and I decided to do a guide for one of my favorite pubstomping toplaners! (P.S. DONT BE EXPECTING ANYTHING GREAT FROM THESE CHAPTERS OR MUCH OF THIS BUILD, I'M JUST TRYING THIS OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME!) I've seen a lot of people out there disgrace the glorious freelo that is sion with their AP ratios, but that just doesn't do it for me. Personally, I prefer being able to 1v5 easily, and this build can help you with that!

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First Blood

During Lane phase, you'll have an easy time out-trading and outfarming most foolish peasants that think they can control your Rage.

What to do:
Turn on your E as soon as you get into lane, and smack your opponent once, they'll lost quite a bit of hp! If they continue to CS, wait until level 2, trade with them and wait to get your stun off, and walk up to auto attack (at this point pop your red pot if you started with it). Walk in front of them while autoattacking, and if they flash away get a flash auto and ignite.

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Lane Phase

Always remember to out-trade your lane opponent the best you can so you can keep freefarming. The farm will help you to get beefy later on thanks to your E passive.
If your lane is pushed and you're getting ganked at Level 6, then don't be afraid to Ult up and show them a sample of your true power. If you die, don't sweat it. Type in all chat: "This isn't even my final form." You're only a little caterpie right now. You'll evolve into a big, strong Kangaskhan in due time.
However if you kill them both, (due to a 1v2 or your jungler coming at the right time), STILL type in "This isn't even my final form." to all chat.

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Struggling in lane?

If you're against a lane bully such as Riven, Irelia, Garen, Yorick, Jax, etc. then stick to farming at your tower and keep them pushing to get ganks from your jungler. If you get kills on your opposing toplaner with the assistance of your jungler, you get your items just as quick and it helps you to keep up your rage to stand up to those big, dumb bullies.

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Straight to the Good stuff

Losing the game? Don't worry, split push and get farm, you'll get even beefier and get your items faster encourage your team not to fight and keep wards up around the map.

Winning the game? Keep split pushing for a bit and get beefier. More items and more E stacks = win.

Once you've got 2 phantom dancers and a bloodthirster, you'll most likely be close to rank 3 ult. When you do get rank 3 ult, nobody can 1v1 you. 100% life steal and constant crit will be massive help, and it never hurts to carry hard.

Once you've got decent farm where your hp isn't at a squishy level anymore, you can join teamfights. (You can join teamfights before you've got decent CS but just make sure you won't be focused by all 5).

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Rank 3 Ult

100% Life steal, this is where your Double Phantom dancers and HORRENDOUS amount of Life Steal items come in. With the attack speed of 5,000 ****ers, the Life steal of 25,000 ****ers and the raw power of 100,000 ****ers, you will be unstoppable (for the most part). Only 3+ people focusing you, hard CC or attack speed debuffs (such as Gragas Q or Frozen Heart) will be effective in dispatching the almighty Undead King of Freelo.

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Time to 1v5!

For the most part, Activate your ult right off the bat. If you're fully built (with BOTRK + Hydra or with QSS), they will have indefinite amounts of trouble trying to kill you. keep autoattacking, spam that right mouse button as hard as you can! Keep your focus on the squishiest person or the person closest to you. If their AD Carry comes to give you a high five then punish them with a stun and a swift spanking with your axe. Proceed to dominate their next member depending on who has the most cc, who is the squishiest or deals the most damage. After that, all you have left is their tank, support, and your opposing toplaner (or their midlaner). Since you're an undead king of freelo, don't be afraid to fight until the bitter end, It's what must be done in order to win the game for your team. Just keep a cool head and truck on with your right clicking, it's what's going to keep you alive.

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Did I mention you could solo baron..?

All you have to do is Activate your ult when you're at half or below health. Using it right off the bat would be a huge waste and could lower your chances of finishing the solo.

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The End!

Im sorry if you didn't think it was all that great of a guide! This is my first time trying it out and I don't expect much great feedback, but tell me how to improve and help me get better at this and I'll eventually make a guide to blow all of our minds. Thanks for reading/looking and see you later!


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