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Skarner Build Guide by Dominic74

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dominic74

Skarner Tank Jungle Season 3 - The hardcore racecar!

Dominic74 Last updated on June 27, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Summoners!

This is my guide on how to play Skarner jungle as tank.

I wanted to make it as small as possible because i know that people dont want to read a whole page about a champion, or at least not everybody wants to.

With this guide you will build him tank.

if there is anything i didn write that you are curious about, please write a comment.

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I take Attack speed, because its amazing for Skaner´s Passiv, with reduces all his abilities with 0.50 sec, every hit.

Armor is always great both when in jungle or ganking, more sustain, more jungle.

I take magic resist, for that reason that Ap carry´s dont have such and advance as the could have, and again more sustain late game.

I take 1.5% health, because it gives you a high sustain jungle.

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Masteries i take 0-26-4, since i go hardcore tank, and it will give you high sustain in jungle and specially in teamfight´s.
I am using this so opponents have a harder time countering my ganks.

I use this for the same reason.

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Abilities & Summoner spells:

I always Start with Skarner´s Crystal Slash (Q) for the fastest clear time and then Crystalline (W) for Sustain, Movement speed & Attack speed, and then Fracture (E) for ganking and more sustain in jungle.

For summoner spells i take smite and flash.
Is a great jungle spell, that makes the clear time faster and is can secure you Etc. Dragon.

Is a great Spell to, not just for jungling but for the most lanes, i use it to gank better, and even in teamfight i might use flash to get near the enemy Adc and use Skarner´s ultimate to pull him/her out.

Ghost is also good when you gank the lanes, the only problem with it is that it does take time to get close enough to your opponents, while flash does it instantly.
Ghost can also be countered pretty easy, but is still a great spell for the beloved racecar!

Teleport is allways a good spell for a jungler (depends on your playstyle).
It helps you gank alot!
Etc. you have just ganked top, then bot might push, because they know you are far away.
Surprise BOT lane! Racecar in the bush! WROOM WROOM!

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Item choice (In-depth):

Gives you good MS & the attack speed buffs your passive.

For extra dmg and tankyness. It also helps you ganking because of the slow. In teamfights it protects your carry a bit, because of all the slow it provides.

Helps you jungle faster and gives you more surivability. It also helps your ganks because of the tenacity bonus it provides.

Explains it self. Get tanky!

To become even more tanky, and deal a small ammount of damage at all times in the teamfights. This also speeds up your jungle.

Helps your ganks! When you gank a lane it boost your allies movement speed, that way it is easier for them to catch up on your gank.

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Pros / Cons:

+ His Crystal Slash is great in teamfight with iceborn guantlet
+ Has a shield with a speed boost
+ Great level 6+ ganks
+ One of the deadliest ultimate's in the game
+ Great team fight initiation
+ Very difficult to get away from
+ Has exhalent peel in team fights

÷ Blue buff, dependent early game
÷ Ganks are difficult without your ultimate
÷ Low damage output as a dualist (not counting them trying to run away doing no damage to you)
÷ Very weak against heavy CC and kiting.

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Creeping / Jungling:

When it comes to the jungle, skarner is strong, even with he haves high sustain, and he can do fine ganks before lvl 6, i would say it is a good cant IF the enemy use flash, and if you deny the enemy farm.

IF Smiteless.
The jungle route is Blue buff, Wolves, Wraith & red buff then gank mid or top who ever is pushed mosted, if the gank is a succes then go take you´re golem and go back.

With smite.
Blue buff, wolves, wraith, golems & red buff, and then you can gank.

Video of jungle route and clear time.