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Syndra Build Guide by iSaido

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iSaido

Snooker Ball Syndra [S4]

iSaido Last updated on March 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I'm iSaido From Malaysia and this is my first guide! I'm currently a Gold I player climbing up the ladder with Syndra as my most played champion. This guide is made for Syndra currently one of my mains and I enjoy playing her very much. Her high skillcap and strength throughout the entire game make her one of my favorite champions to play. I began playing her towards the end of Season 3 and quickly found that she was particularly good in winning lower elo lanes because her mechanics are difficult to understand and the fact that her popularity was much lower at the time.

A little about Syndra.

Syndra is in my opinion, one of the strongest mid-lane casters currently in the game right now. Her kit offers a high-damage nuke without sacrificing any utility. Her purpose in the team is to sit at the back of the fight and nuke one the enemy champs with Unleashed Power. That's not all Syndra is good for however, the utility in her kit allows Syndra to actively peel for herself and other members of the team. Syndra works well with a strong front line, while Syndra may have the utility to peel for members of the team, she really shines when a front line is able to protect her while she nukes down the enemy team her Unleashed Power and Dark Spheres

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If you saw the item build in the cheat sheet all the way up there ^^^ you might be a bit confused on why it's weird. It's a personal preference. Also check out the other item builds at the very top. Those are just examples of what item route you can take. Of course, you can mix and match and get an Abyssal Scepter on the first item path, or a fast Will of the Ancients instead, etc.

The purchase order is not staple. Sometimes it will be better to get 1 item before another. You will learn the circumstances as you play more. But this is just a helpful guide to assist you :)

Aight, Here we go!

Starting Items

Syndra The most sensible Trinket for Syndra to start with is the Warding Totem. It gives you a free (weaker) ward. Since starting flask+ward reduces the # of hp pots you can have by 2, this is a great way to have 3 pots and a ward. The Sweeping Lens isn't really helpful, since all it does is remove maybe a ward, but it has a higher cooldown. Scrying Orb...well let's just say no one ever gets this. You can upgrade this whenever you have pocket change, but I rarely upgrade it unless I am full build. Syndra
Syndra I start with Crystalline Flask about 80% of my Syndra games. It gives an amazing amount of sustain throughout the game and allows for much more trading early game. If you get poked out without some health potions, you're going to lose alot of cs. If you can't afford to recall and be behind in gold and exp, then you don't want to be sitting at around 30% hp. Flask can help you keep your precious hp and mana bar in good condition. If you're planning on getting this, buy it at the start of the game. It's not worth it if you buy it in the middle of the game. Syndra
Syndra Season 3 revolutionized the world of Boots. Boots now have 25 less move speed, but every champion now has 25 more move speed. What does this mean? Well, boots are now a whole lot less important. You can get away with delaying purchasing boots for longer. But most of the time, I still start out with Boots of Speed on Syndra because that 25 bonus move speed is crucial to dodging skillshots and are extremely important against champs like Karthus, Cassiopeia, or Brand. It also plays a huge part in escaping early ganks. Also, starting Boots of Speed allows me to also start with 4 Health Potions for sustainability. Syndra

Syndra Doran's Ring was changed in Season 3, albeit slightly. Personally, I think it's on the same level as the Doran's Ring in Season 2. I usually get Doran's Ring for mana regen, since it's cheap and I usually don't build any other mana regen items. Get a Doran's Ring under these conditions:
You want early game mana regen.
You are facing a very hard match-up.
You are losing your lane and want to get back in the game.
You are stomping your lane and want to stomp it even more.
Getting a ring will make you a lot stronger when you buy it, but since there's no upgrades, you need to sell it later and get better items. Don't just buy a ring whenever, since in the end, you will lose gold.
Edit: Now that Doran's Ring is only 400 gold, it is a very viable choice to start with a ring and two Health Potions.

Note: If you buy a Doran's Ring, you need to make it count. Make it worth the 400 gold you dumped into it. If the enemy doesn't buy one and you break even, you end up losing money. Syndra

Core Items

Go for these EVERY GAME (Shoes+Trifecta)
Syndra Generally I get Sorcerer's Shoes for that Magic Penetration, but if I'm laning against someone with high burst and cc such as Veigar or LeBlanc, Mercury's Treads are a must-have. You definitely want to upgrade them before mid-late game since movement speed is OP. Syndra

The Trifecta of sweet, sweet damage.

Full Offensive Build
As for my reasoning behind other items Deathfire Grasp, Zhonya's Hourglass, Rabadon's Deathcap, are all core items needed by every AP Caster. Void Staff is picked up in the later game when enemies start build Magic Resist and Sorcerer's Shoes are the common pick for magic penetration and move speed.

Defensive Build
As for this defensive build I am still against the Athenes/Chalice, but that isn't the point. The point of this build is to keep your AP level pretty high while increasing your chances of surviving. I've swapped out the Deathfire Grasp for Rylai's Crystal Scepter because of the extra HP the Rylai's gives you. Leaving some kill potential behind for some survivability is completely fine if you're behind. As for the core items I kept Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's Hourglass, and Void Staff. I also threw in a Guardian Angel for a second life and kept the Sorcerer's Shoes. In conclusion I feel like this tankier build will still be able to utilize Syndra's high damage but not all of it. Although since you are tankier, you will live longer and Syndra can also be used for her utility so that's just another trade off you may have to make.

These 3 items share 3 things in common.

1: They all build from a Needlessly Large Rod.
2: They help you do tons of damage.
3: They're all core on Syndra.

As an assassin, they provide everything you need, Burst, Damage, and Survivability. When I play Syndra I just beeline for these 3 items (usually dfg>rabadon>zhonya but it can vary). It's important to note that 2 of these items have actives, and they're really good, important actives. Learn how to use the actives properly and love them. If you always forget to use the actives, try playing some dominion games with only active items and focus on using them. If you don't use the actives, you're just buying overpriced AP items. Aim to have these 3 items by about 30 minutes in the game.