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Sona Build Guide by rush21

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rush21

Sona Guide Hybrid (Classic)

rush21 Last updated on April 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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O God this is just like writing an essay for assignments..
anyway English isn't my first language so I'm sorry if u find a lot of grammatical error

Hi everyone i'm new to this guide thing, so don't expect too much from it, but if you really like it you could email me saying thanks or other stuff and you could tell me if you want me to make more guides on other champs..

Why do you choose Sona as ur champion? is it because:
you don't like to kill people or maybe you do like to kill with a supporter champ?
you like to support your team to get more kill?
you wanna be the sexiest champion on the arena?
you can't kill anyone with other champ?
well, for me, all of the above are the reason why I chose Sona as one of my favorite champion

So this is my sona build and i really hope u guys will like it, like I do =3
let's get it started shall we..

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Pros / Cons

- one of the best supporter in the game
- easy to adapt with
- like a wise person says, "better to give other than take more for yourself" xD

- most of the time you will be the first target to be killed =(
- low health

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Which Lane To Take?

On a 5v5 match usually i go Bottom Lane with a carry or a killer.. But if you go on the Top Lane which very rare, then you need to put the ward in front of baron..
*see the WARDING GUIDE below for more info

On a 3v3 Match it's obvious that u go on the Bottom Lane with a carry or killer

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First, the runes
It is very wise for you to save your IPs until you reached lv 20.. why? because the runes will get much more effective (greater runes) and you can complete the runes requirement in a second.. but it's just my opinion, but i strongly recommend that you better save your IPs until lv 20

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second is the masteries
although masteries aren't very effective when you are on a low level, but when you reaches lvl 30, oh man, it really helps you a lot

For sona, the masteries that you will find very useful is the Summoner's Insight , Greed , Meditation , and the Awareness

with Summoner's Insight both of ur spells will get the benefit from it which is Teleport and Clairvoyance
with Greed you will get income of gold without killing any creep, because obviously your a supporter and supporter doesn't kill the minions except when defending solo
with Meditation you will get an increase in mana which is you really need it to babysit your allies
when you are trying to put a ward in front of the dragon you will lose some exp, but with Awareness you will gain more exp and it helps you to gain the exp that you have lost

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to start the game you need , 3x , and 2xSight Ward this will be refer as the "starting pack"
among other item for starting, this is the best option you need to survive the early game

after you have use all of your consumables then Recall back to base buy a nice Philosopher's Stone, some , and some Sight Ward..
usually i bought the same amount as the starting pack

Then go head on to or if you could buy then buy it immedietly.. and some starting pack

next why no boots? because during the time you make this item, your team most of the time will go to war, which if you win, you will get a lot of stacks, and this stacks will help you damage the enemy or heal your team.. but if you lose, well...hahhaha no comment

anyway the next item is the boots!! finally time to get speedy.. the most effective boots among other boots is the .. well i've tried Sona with other boots like but its not good.. because you're too slow when you are trying to get back to the war causing your teammates to die

next Shurelya's reverie, which will help your team with its hp regen and the active skill the speedy boost

during this time the enemy will notice that you are really good at Sona and the most jelly champ among your team, so you will need but still you need to keep your distance between your enemies.. during the war and your enemy tries to flee the war just click this item Randuin's Omen and click on Shurelya's reverie and finish the enemy quick..

The LAST ITEM you will have a lot of options here..
you could make Rabadon's Deathcap, Thornmail, Frozen Heart, or you could make more aura item like Soul Shroud
So the last item depends on the game

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Warding Guide

The RED circle is the most crucial part where you MUST put your ward there, to protect the dragon on your teammates on Mid lane and Bottom lane

The WHITE circle is OPTIONAL but usually i never put it there

The YELLOW circle is the place where you put ward during the mid game or if your feeling tells you that they are going to after Baron

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence i have already post it on the skills table above

But during the first game, you could ask your teammate which is in the same lane as you.. does he/she wants an attack aura ( Hymn of Valor) or a defensive aura ( Aria of Perseverance)
SO it's either both of it.
why not speed aura ( Song of Celerity)? because speed aura only increase a slight and not really useful during the early game but you will leveled it up eventually on lv 5. So no worries, you will learn all of the skills in the end

And the rest just look at the table above =)

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Summoner Spells

For the spells and is the best..
because with Teleport u can go support your teammate faster compared than walking to the lane

With Clairvoyance u can support all of your teammates on different lanes in the early games.. and in the mid game game you can support your teammates from getting raped by the enemy team

No Heal WHY?! it's obvious that Sona already have a healing skill so it's not really an effective skill.. besides Sona already have Summoner's Insight and heal isn't included on it

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Unique Skills IMPORTANT!!

Remember that Sona's passive skill the Power Chord
During the 3rd time you cast the aura skills, The Power Chord will be ACTIVE

Power Chord will gives different effects depends on your active aura
IF your Hymn of Valor is active you will deal EXTRA DAMAGE
IF your Aria of Perseverance is active the next damage the enemy attack will deal less damage
IF your Song of Celerity is active THE ENEMY DAMAGED WILL BE SLOWED

You need to adapt and learn about the skills to become the perfect Sona!!

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Well that is the end of my guide hope you guys will like it..
If you guys won a match with this guide, become OP or the other way around.. could you email me with your match status because i wanna know how effective and good is my guide =D

anyway thank you for your time reading my guide
Have Fun and Good Luck ;)