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Sona Build Guide by Greenops

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Greenops

Sona: How to Never Lose a Team Fight Again

Greenops Last updated on December 6, 2011
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This is my first guide for any champion. I don't play ranked matches I usually play 3's but have really started playing 5's a lot now. I would be grateful if you could comment on how to improve this guide and any thing that you would do different in this guide.

I'm going to start with what Sona is not so that you may get a feeling for whether you would like her or not. For this guide, Sona is not going to be doing Damage. She will not be getting kills. she will be (if the other team is smart) the focus for the other team and she wont be a strong early laner. Don't be afraid if you end up losing your first tower, you will make up for that with the aces your team will score in the late game.

What is Sona good at? whenever teams are preparing for a team fight you often have them poking each other with small damaging attacks to whittle their hp away so that when the team fight starts their team is already damaged. This is where Sona comes in handy every time they hit one of your team mates you pop heal and they are back to full HP. Entering a team fight with your entire team at 100% HP is a huge advantage. Comboed with all of Sona's buffs just her being in the fight gives a large advantage to your team.

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Pros / Cons


Teams HP can always be topped off.

Auras effect every friendly unit in range and provide a large amount of survivability to your team.

Very high sustain once you get Tear of the Goddess.

With Shurelya's Reverie and Song of Celerity you can completely escape from bad situations such as being ganked during baron.

Crescendo can be entire reason why your team wins a team fight or can be used to prevent a gank.

Aria of Perseverance has a low CD and heals yourself in addition to your target.

Aria of Perseverance automatically heals the lowest HP friendly in range. (you can't heal the wrong person by mistake because two players where standing next to each other and you clicked the wrong one.)


Sona can not fight alone.

Sona will not be doing much damage.

Sona will be focused in team fights.

If Sona is the last one left alive trying to defend base the enemy team can easily bully her.

Can't specify who Aria of Perseverance heals. (Such as a mage is running away with 5% hp and is already safe yet our tank with 9% hp is running in to get the last kill. The heal would heal the mage if in range.)

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Summoner Spells

: As with most support champions this is a valuable skills to have. It can prevent ganks, setup a baron steal, allow you to gank enemy jungler and can provide general whereabouts of the enemy team during a match. I get it every time.

: like most champions this is a good one to have allows you to escape ganks and to chase that enemy jungler over the wall that your team just surprised.

: I wouldn't suggest this as it's useless once you get your Tear of the Goddess take Clairvoyance instead as it's useful for the entire game.

: If someone else takes Clairvoyance this could be a viable 2nd choice if you believe the enemy team will try to focus you. However you already have strong escape abilities with Shurelya's Reverie, Randuin's Omen and Song of Celerity.

: Once again lairvoyance is better you really shouldn't need this.

: Don't take this this is for those times when they score an ace and try to push into your base. Sona is support and would never be able to defend. If you want a Revive on your team get the tank to get it.

: You shouldn't be the one trying to catch enemies and you shouldn't be going mono e mono with an enemy champ so the damage reduction isn't very helpful.

: You have enough speeds with onian Boots of Lucidity Shurelya's Reverie and Song of Celerity. The CD and speed boost on Shurelya's Reverie is so much better than Ghost that Ghost becomes pointless.

: .... God no.

: You are support your heal only gains 25% of AP power so the ap is useless and the attack speed increase is even more useless to you.

: Once again you are not a fighter and damage dealer.

: Kind of useless after team fights break out.

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Why get Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, Greater Mark of Armor, and Greater Quintessence of Health? Because if the other team is smart they will focus you in team fights and if they are stupid you wont need whatever runes would have taken their place. The extra survivability is great for team fights even if they do manage to focus you most of the time you still get out because of Song of Celerity and Shurelya's Reverie.

The Greater Seal of Replenishment is to help early game with sustain since Sona can often times need to stay in the lane with low mana for extended periods. If you never find yourself in trouble with mana this can be switched out for more survivability runes.

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L this is an item that you want to get the second you get the money for it. The only time you should hold off on this item is if your lane partner is low HP and you are out of mana or they are going to be hitting your tower. Once you have this item try to get as many stacks on it as possible. Late game you won't need to pay attention your mana even when you are spamming abilities on every CD.

Philosopher's Stone and : These two items help early to get a little extra cash you need since you wont be getting as much money since you are not scoring any kills. Plus the HP and mana regen is great also.

: You want these boots for the cool down reduction mainly however the speed is nice too.

Shurelya's Reverie: This item has cool down reduction which means more heals during a team fight. Then the active speed boost is amazing for when they try to gank/escape.

: Around this time team fights will start breaking out so an AOE magic resist, armor and ad buff is very useful.

: This item provides a bit of AP which isn't really the greatest thing in the world for us. What it does have is a very large amount of magic resistance and a very nice Magic resist debuff for the enemy team. However if are dieing everytime they focus you think about trading this out for a Banshee's Veil.

: This item is great for when an enemy tries to dive in for you during a team fight. also helpful for general team fights. With an armor buff, health and HP5 whats not to like?

: since all of our slots are taken up not it's not a bad idea to upgrade your Tear of the Goddess the ability power is always nice.

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Skill Sequence

: Pay attention to when this is up, if there are champions around don't waste it on minions. Also great for hitting towers with as the extra damage is applied to the tower.

While this ability is up in team fights use your heal first then attack the enemy teams hardest hitter to lower his damage output. When early laneing use this ability after Hymn of Valor on a enemy champion or if chasing an enemy champion possibly after casting Song of Celerity.

: This is used to harass and get minion kills when laneing but don't use it much before you get Tear of the Goddess. Once you get Tear of the Goddess feel free to use it a lot as it will increase your maximum mana. Don't use this to steal kills (minion or champion) from your lane partner especially if they are a tanky fighter. You want your tanky fighter to be fed as possible when team fights start.

When in team fights this ability should not be a priority. it should only be used after a heal in cases where a speed buff would have not help. Another case you would use it in a team fight is near the end when the enemy team is retreating with just a small amount of health left use Flash to get close enough to cast Hymn of Valor and take another one out.

When Chasing enemies that run at the end of a team fight it is a good idea to cast this every cooldown that Song of Celerity isn't up.

: This spell is the bread ( Crescendo is the butter) of your champion. for the most part after you get Tear of the Goddess you will be casting it every time someone around you does not have 100% health (including yourself).

You will cast this every time you can during team fights. as it helps keep both yourself and your team alive while providing bonus armor and magic resist. It has a fairly long range, take advantage of that don't wait until you are really close to a friendly unit to heal them.

: After you get Tear of the Goddess cast this every time you are moving forward or backwards in a lane and another spell does not need to be cast. Whenever champions use AOE abilities that enemy champions often run from like Garen's Judgment or Fiddlesticks Crowstorm cast Song of Celerity as soon as possible.

It's also good to keep up during team fights so that when someone with low health on your team tries to run away they get out faster. It also helps keep any enemies from running by allowing your team to catch them faster.

If Aria of Perseverance is the bread then Crescendo is the butter of this champion. It can save a gank when your team is fighting baron. It can pretty much mess up any advantage that the enemy team can get from surprising your team. During laneing phase use it whenever it can prevent a gank on your lane or allow you (or better your lane partner) to get the killing blow on the enemy.

During team fights this should be your opener if they are grouped together (even if it's only 3 of them) use it only after your tankiest champ starts to go in. I'll explain some specific champion combos that go well with this ultimate in the next section of this guide.

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The Rest of the Team

One player should pick a tanky fighter like Garen, Nunu, Renekton and others like them. The rest of the team should be whatever they are comfortable with with a nice balance between AD and AP. Anyone with a strong AOE ultimate will pair well with Sona's ultimate Crescendo, champions like Miss Fortune Gangplank Fiddlesticks Nunu and others like them.

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v 0.1.1 Added heart of gold earlier in the build, changed description of Sona's Q ability
v 0.1 - Guide created

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Closing Comments and Wins

I'm by no means the best player but if you would like to add me my LoL name is Greenops.

Thank you for reading my guide.
Danke für liest mein artikel.