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Sona Build Guide by holyshockzz

Support Sona, Marvin Of The Strings

Support Sona, Marvin Of The Strings

Updated on December 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author holyshockzz Build Guide By holyshockzz 1,529 Views 0 Comments
1,529 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author holyshockzz Sona Build Guide By holyshockzz Updated on December 9, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hai guys, i'm holyshockkzz and this is my guide to Sona The Marvin Of The Strings. Sona is an amazing support with amazing poke a sustainable quick heal and one of the most powerful game changing ultimates. So in this guide i'm going to talk about some of the things i do that might seem a little weird of different from other guides. This is my first guide so please bear with me if i did some stuff wrong please mention it to me and i will try my best to fix it not really sure how to use this creator to its limit yet. :/
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So first off is your summoner spells. currently you need flash like this is not an option. your second spell can be exhaust which i prefer to help confirm kills and stop important damage dealers in team fights. However if you so choose you can replace this CV. I have not done testing on it but with some major buffs and the buff to the eleisa's miracle this spell may be a very good substitute. i would not really recommend any other spells in this category.
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Skill Sequence

The build that i recommend here is a offensive poke build. This should if done right allow you to poke at the enemy adc every time he comes in to cs. if you are losing your lane or the lane is very close you many want to consider putting more points into your heal over your poke and just swap your heal and poke points past l v l 4.
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The build i do may seem a little weird. you might be all like hey holy wtf no pots ??? but no with the setup i use you get a health regen / mana regen item and 2 wards. this means your philosophers stones is 340 gold and you can get it extremely early. other things to note may be that your first major item should be a shard of true ice because it still gives you the 4 gold per 10 after the upgrade. something i have also done but not on a regular basis ( primarily if you are losing your lane) you can get a emblem of valor after your mana manipulator to give a AoE health and mana aura.
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So for masteries there is a bit of leeway here. summoner insight is an option in tier 1 if you do not want improved recall. i do not take it personally because i take Mastermind in tier 2. the gold per 10 and the bonus gold masteries are very good and are needed for this build. pickpocket and awareness are just amazing you need these. nimble can be dropped if you would like to and replaced with summoners wrath in offensive tree. i do not take biscuiteer and explorer because in my opinion the healing you get is not worth a point and a 60 second ward is not worth a point when you are going to have 2 to start off with anyways. now into defense i take the health per level and Veterans Scar's because if you have played sona before you know she is one of if not the squishiest character in the game. i take 3 into the armor because it helps you get in and poke at the enemy adc more and not get punished as bad.
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Now, onto runes. your reds should be armor to help you go in and poke and take as much damage. your quints should be the gold generation. your blues can be whatever you like i prefer AP blues because at lower levels it helps your poke feel more dangerous. your yellows are where it gets a little weird, i take 4 of the .25 gold per 10 seals to make 1 gold per 1. then i take 5 mana regen seals that = ~ 2.0 mana per 5. this from what i personally feel is the most effective setup because it gives you 1 gold per 10 and also gives you a good bit of mana regen to let you keep your poke going. keep in mind this is for early game once you have a chalice of harmony and a philosophers stone and a shard of true ice these don't really matter.
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Pros / Cons

Amazing Poke
Good heal
movement speed boost
ultimate that can change team fights

    Very squishy
    can go oom fast if you spam
    Ap ratio on heal is trash
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don't really try to do this but if your adc goes back and you are forced to hold a lane position yourself so that your q is hitting the 2 closest minions that will get killed by it to help you last hit.
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Unique Skills

This is the hardest part of sona to master remembering what auras you have and when to use what. in laning phase you want to keep your damage aura up as much as possible to help your adc farm and make your harass stronger. if your are playing passive you want your defensive aura up obviously. escaping a gank you want to keep the movement speed aura up. in a team fight this gets alot more complex. you want to maximize the damage from your q's aura while still healing as it comes off cool down. what you want to do is start out with a w into a instant q and then spam w once your q is ` 1 second or less from coming off cooldown.
League of Legends Build Guide Author holyshockzz
holyshockzz Sona Guide
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Sona, Marvin Of The Strings

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