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Sona Build Guide by Star928

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Star928

Sona - Maven of the Jungle (S5)

Star928 Last updated on January 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Sona with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Irelia Anyone bursty like Irelia will melt you. (And just about anyone.) However, you shouldn't be alone in range of any bursty melee's in the first place anyways so WTF are you doing?
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♫ Sona Jungle - YES, it IS a thing.

I've spent a lot of time trying to make this fit into Season V. Although the massive damage on the (buffed?) jungle minions make it seem like squishy Sona will die instantly,


You are wrong.

Sona is not only an unique jungler, she actually has strong team synergy as well as sustain, burst (go full AP.), and poke. Flash + Crescendo gives that guaranteed botlane double kill. (If you land it.) There's a lot of fun in playing Sona Jungle, so let's get into the basic rotations.

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♫ Why Sona Jungle kind of sucks

You have to buddy system with your top/mid laner. It's really fun for a duoqueue, but this isnt really meant for a soloqueue or even ranked because of the sheer amount of communication involved.

Plus, you're always on edge for "omg is my W up will I die" and "shet my Q is on CD... again" thing, but that just comes from playing Sona.

Rotations can also get tricky. If you mess up, you'll die/lack gold for your items and will have to waste time backing and maybe lose buffs.

Your reaction time to dragon steals MUST be fast, but this applies to all junglers out there too.
Also, watch out for the counterjungle and be sure to ward up.

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♫ Why Sona Jungle is A M A Z I N G

First of all - The overwhelming team synergy. A 5-man shield and constant heal on W as well as extra damage buff from Q passive is INSANELY strong in a teamfight or a push down mid. E's speed boost is a great engage/disengage. Crescendo is a powerful stun, and with maxed CDR, it should be up extremely quickly (ranging from 60-80 seconds based on CDR). E, Flash, Crescndo, and your team can quickly ace and win the game (assuming that you land your R.)

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♫ How to play this (and not feed.) FRIEND PLAYING TOP/MID

Buddy up. Find a duo who is willing to instalock mid or top, preferably an ADC or ranged-mage type Champ.

Champions that have been tried and work well:
ADC: Ezreal, Lucian, Vayne
APC: Ahri
AD Person man: Zed
Not Ranged so dont take red but still good: Darius

What you do is get a full leash from your team. If your friend is top, DO NOT HAVE THEM LEASH RED. ONLY GET A LEASH FROM YOUR FRIEND IF THEY ARE MID. Instead, either let ADC take red or take red yourself. (They also take the EXP.)
MAKE SURE BOTLANE WILL LEASH YOU, AS WELL AS MID. The situational red take is if:

1. Your top/mid friend is AP skill based (no AA). So you would either take red, or give it to ADC.
2. Your ADC is rito-rded and won't last hit (Ur probably bronze for being queued with these people)
3. You're below 50% health (Smite to gain health back!)
Otherwise, try to give red to your friend or the ADC (especially a Vayne that won't feed it.)

Make sure that YOU take BOTH of the small minions at redcamp. You need this gold.

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♫ Basic Camp Rotations

After either taking red or giving red, start your rotations with your friend. If your friend called mid, have them IMMEDIATELY go lane as to not lose CS.

At level 2, level up W. Heal up a bit. You shouldn't have to use a red pot yet. For power chords, try to land a Q power chord as this increases your AD. However, W power chord isn't bad as it reduces damage.

Start going to Blue, and start attacking. At this stage, your friend should start roaming down from top or up from mid to help you take blue. Smite won't be up. They'll leash you blue, and back off when it's 500HP because you should be high enough health to finish it off with a Q-W-Q-W combo. However, if you feel really low, you can pop a red at about 45% health. This way, you get the full EXP and buff from Blue. With mana regen from Blue, you can take wolves, alternating between Q and W. (Follow the skill maxup list) What works the best for Sona JG is to kill the small wolves first, then strafe the large wolf's AA's until it keeps running back and forth. Finish it off, and then head down to the rockthings by botlane.

If your mid friend/random is suffering a lot, be sure to pop in and W for him/her. Not only could it potentially save your midlaner, it also charges up your Power chord.

Watch your botlane. If they are also suffering, you should pop in to W the ADC and perhaps linger a little more to give presence to the lane. An occasional Q for free poke is nice too. Your blue buff should still be running, and you should be around 75% health.

At the siderocks, start AA'ing the smaller rock. Smite should be up, so smite the larger rock for the passive stun, and finish off the two rocks, alternating your Q-W-Q combo. You should have approximately 720G~900G. Buy tear of the goddess, and if possible, 2 faerie charms.

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♫ After first back

Pretty much, it's up to your discretion on what to do now. You shouldn't be having trouble with jungling, and for exp, dip into other lanes, heal them, and push. If they tell you to GTFO, show them your OP'ness by getting a triple kill or something. Nobody can say no to a free heal and push.

If you're really struggling to jungle, repeat what you did at the beginning. Until Red/Blue respawns, camp your friend. When red is up, give it to ADC, when Blue is up, solo take it and smite. Rotate between wolves and rocks for small camps.

You'll proably have trouble taking Gromp (I personally call him Groggywall) and the bird-things until level 7-9 because of the INSANE damage they do to squishy Sona, so I recommend NOT trying to take those unless smite is up and you have enough mana to constantly sustain.

Once you hit 6, gank your team and take some dragons. The only times you NEED to back is when you have enough gold to buy Chalice, Hextech Revolver, and Archangel's Staff. Chalice for regen, Hextech for spellvamp, and Archangel's for the extra AP and mana shield it gives you.

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♫ Overview

If you're looking for a fun, new, and bursty Jungler, Sona is great. Although she may be quishy and have a fairly slow reaction time to Camps and Dragon rushes, her OVERWHELMINGLY STRONG TEAM SYNERGY assures a strong game overall, a great K/D/A, and a victory.

Have Fun!