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Sona Build Guide by BlazeB89

Support SonaSupaSupp - Work In Progress

By BlazeB89 | Updated on April 20, 2014

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Pros / Cons

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Hey. I am a Silver 1 EUNE Player (not saying that I'm a pro) i have found myself playing a lot of support games because it is very easy and relaxing and my favorite support being Sona i decided to make a guide on her. In season 3 i was in Bronze 1 when they were giving out rewards but at the very end of the season i got into silver 1 and now that is where i am as of now. My name is BlazeB89 if you want any additional details or have found an error please don't hesitate to tell me.

I am a 16 Year old student studying Computer Technology and Media i have been playing games since that age of 9 and i love games there is no bad game and no good game ( well that was until i found league of course ) I am a Male and i live in London since i was 11 years old.
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- Hitting more with your spells
- To not get busted down my their AP carry
Quint of Gold - MONEY (Could be changed out for quint of movement speed (bonus 4.5%))
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Sorcery - Cooldown OP
Mental Force - Scaling AP for free, i don't mind
Enchanted Armor - 5% armor and magic resist bonus well, i don't mind
Fleet Of Foot - MS OP
Phasewalker - 1 second faster recall can save your life
Summoners Inslight - reducing Summoners cooldown OP
Alchemist - Bonus Health mana from potions i don't mind and increased elixirs i don't mind
Greed - MONEY
Culinary master - 20 instant health and 10 instant mana for free, i don't mind
scavenger - FREE MONEY
Expanded mind - Free mana , i don't mind
intelligence - More cooldowns , i don't mind
wanderer - Speed for free, i don't mind
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This is a life saving item because it removes all stuns and snares that the champion had.
Amazing for checking objective areas like baron/Dragon without going there.
Cooldown, Gold, Mana, Ap what else do you want plus you deal 15 damage to turrets which is amazing for pushing and the active ability is a AoE slow which is amazing to engage a team fight or to help someone get away.
Cooldown is a must for Sona because she is based on how fast you can mash the buttons and how fast can you heal.
Q + Linch + Passive = Burst
amazing item if your team does not have many slows
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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence will give you most lane power and teamfight power because of the heals.
When you start off you want stack 2 power cords to be able to help the jungle is he starts red (BLUE TEAM) or blue of starts in (RED TEAM).
League of Legends Build Guide Author BlazeB89
BlazeB89 Sona Guide

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SonaSupaSupp - Work In Progress
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