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Soraka Humor Guide by Saphinara

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saphinara

Soraka Jungle, Yes that was a Banana

Saphinara Last updated on April 26, 2013
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Before we begin I want to put it out there that this isn't that serious just something I thought I'd share since I've been playing it allot recently and doing pretty well as it too. The thing about Soraka jungle is it's a joke, nobody expects it, at best she has pretty mediocre clear times and unfortunately no gap closers or hard CC to bring much benefit to a lane gank however she's pretty fun to play this way and it is rare you will ever die due to that massive armour buff on the heal.

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Pros / Cons

+ Can't Really Die in the Jungle
+ When she gets going she can Clear pretty well with Starcall
+ Gives Sustain to any lane she ganks
+ Global Heal the bane of any Karthus
+ So blooming Adorable

- Not a fast Jungler
- Only has a Silence for CC
- Can not really gank without Red Buff
- Pretty squishy armour-wise usually
- People will think you're crazy

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Creeping / Jungling

When Jungling it's important to remember that starcall stacks, after you hit that level 4 and pick up your Infuse it's best to keep it until you've at least starcalled 4 times, likewise Astral Blessing is best kept to a minimum because it drains allot of mana so if you didn't get blue buff you're forced to return allot.

Once she gets going though provided you maybe have a spirit stone, you can conserve mana well sticking to a particular combo you might find easy to play with and have plenty to go into a lane and start messing with your enemies.

Always start blue, if you are invaded because people don't feel you're a threat, go wraiths get some help with it, then take red, then immediately gank mid. 9/10 times have I ran up to their ap carry doing nothing at all and they run away like a little chicken it's hilarious however should you manage to catch them off guard with that silence and those bananas powered by burning lizards and your mid is on the effing ball then you'll find first blood or at least a flash to be more than likely I can't tell you how many times red buff has killed the mid lane from an early gank like this it's hilarious.

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Team Work

Teamwork is a must with Soraka Jungle, she doesn't bring much gap closing or gank-a-bility to the team so coordination is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (I don't reccomend playing this in Solo queue) however her mere presence in lane can be either annoying or even frightening to your enemies.

Depending on how they perceive you they will either run or jump into you which at that point is a perfect opportunity for your team members to jump them.

The key is that you go to each lane at least once and give them all the sustain you can afford, Soraka passing by a lane should always stop to top someone's mana bar off or heal the adc just a little this makes them last in lane longer not to mention Wish for when you're not there but there's a fight can be a life saver especially for bot/mid lane.

Having some friends to play some hyper disruptive characters with lots of CC eg Nautilus or Zac is good to make up for the lack she has which is why playing as a team with this might be better.

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Playstyle & Ganking

Soraka ganking a lane can be pretty fricken hilarious, nobody expects it and few know what to do when it happens, early game it isn't going to be that much effective unless of course you can catch them off guard. Even if she only has a Silence it can stop things such as Elastic Slingshot or other annoying dashes and jumps or even stop that Lux from throwing out Light Binding or Lucent Singularity.

When playing you need to give off the aura that you are not afraid of anything, and so you shouldn't be, you can heal off quite allot of damage thrown towards you. A Soraka that is advancing up a lane with Boots of Mobility and avoiding any skill you throw at her is quite scary as you don't know if you're going to be jumped on by someone else. Not to mention with red buff you could be running up to them slowing and silencing with starcall stacking each moment then suddenly in comes Malzahar or Kassadin for the kill.

Point is even if she lacks initiation, gap closer or hard CC, playing really aggressive when you come in for a gank can catch them off guard or just harass them away from the minions, I have made mid lane on my team feel like their having a gentle massage, getting health and mana back while they can farm to their hearts content because the enemy is cowering behind the tower in fear of Soraka, which is also amusing trust me.

After Rylai's is built this is achieved much easier, especially should you have Liandry's because you slow, you burn, you make enemies curse you because you just healed the team for like 700 hp during a team fight while they tried to kill them.

If you do manage this, keep aggressive, top off people's lanes with more sustain, just keep farming, there's no reason why you can't be an effective bully as a jungler, you might not get kills but you'll definitely get assists however unfortunately late game unless you have those high AP items you're not going to bring much other than super heals so getting a particular carry on your team fed would be a good idea as well as pushing turrets with them as many times as you can.

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Fun as hell to play this way, you'll get some laughs out of people's reactions not to mention of course "Nobody expects the Banana" especially not with red buff.

She can provide good harassment and good sustain to any lane she just of course lacks those crucial gap closers and stuns etc which other junglers have an edge over her with.

I really hope you try it and have fun!

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So someone asked for some "proof" that this wasn't just a troll build, well depending on which way you look at it the term could apply but to prove that myself and my friends have put it in action and done well from it or at least had a few laughs I'll collate a few pics here I'll also post updates, I need to format the guide a bit better etc.

For now:


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