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Soraka Build Guide by Grinden

Support Soraka, keeping the team alive.

Support Soraka, keeping the team alive.

Updated on March 30, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grinden Build Guide By Grinden 2,329 Views 0 Comments
2,329 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Grinden Soraka Build Guide By Grinden Updated on March 30, 2013
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Chapter 1

Hello everybody! This is my first guide, and mostly for my own sake. But if you like it, then you are welcome!

My aim is to play a completely full support. My job is to keep everyone on my team alive and to get many assists. I'll leave the killing for my teammates and assist them when necessary.

I play by the rules:
*Don't farm (let your carry farm, you get money from other things)
*Don't try to get kills (your job is to keep the carry alive, restore mana and silence the enemy)
*Play defensive (stay behind your carry or in the bushes, coming out only to help. This way you wont get hurt so much and don't need to use health potions.)
*Your life is less important than the carry (if one of you have to die, die and let the carry get away)
*There are NO ks in team fights! (Every kill is a kill for the team, don't take kills and don't argue if someone "steals" your kill, be glad you got him)
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The reasons I have these runes for Soraka is because I only have 2 rune pages when I play and I'm lazy. So I build two rune pages that I can use for many champions. These runes help Soraka with mana and a bit of armor and for me it works. Later when I have more runes I might change it a bit.
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Since I don't farm or try to get any kills it's important to get money from other actions. That's why I take 4 points in "Greed". In offense I take points for ability power and cooldown reduction so that my abilities will be stronger and so I can use them more often.
I take one point in the defense bracket to increase how much I heal with my summoner spell and then I take the remaining points to increase my mana and mana regeneration, increase the vision of my wards, get more experience and get better cooldown reduction. All so that I can be the most efficient support on the field.
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I start with a "Faerie charm", 3 wards and 2 health potions. Then I continue with "Philosopher's Stone", "Heart of Gold" and "Kage's Lucky Pick" to get money as well as ability power, health and regenerations. I will use my abilities to heal my teammates and the health potions to heal myself. I will under the game buy health potions and wards when needed but try to get philosopher's stone on hot key 1, heart of gold on hot key 2 and kage's lucky pick on hot key 3. This because the item's I buy later in the game have active affects and I play faster when I know what will happen when I press the various keys. To speed things up a bit and increase my magic resist I buy "Mercury's Treads". Then it's "Aegis of the Legion", "Shurelya's Reverie", "Randuin's Omen", "Deathfire Grasp" and end with "Will of the Ancients".
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Skill Sequence

Begin with "Astral blessing" and stay at the back of your teammate, healing him/her when needed. Use the skill MOSTLY for others and health potions for yourself. Take the second point in "Infuse". Now you can play a bit further on, on the field because you want to be able to silence the enemy. If your carry uses mana, decide whether it's more useful to silence the enemy or restore the carry's mana. Continue taking every second point on "Astral Blessing" and "Infuse" until you reach lvl 6. Then you take a point in Wish. By now your carry will be nearly immortal. You will be ably to heal her/him with astral blessing, wish and your summoner spell, silencing the enemy as you flee. This will make your carry extremely hard to kill, unless he's a fool or if you're unlucky.
Take a point in "starcall" preferably only when you have to. But if you are alone in the lane (due to a death or your carry is of helping someone else) take starcall to be able to get rid of many minions fast. Also if the enemy push you very much early game you can take a starcall to help keeping the minions off the turret. Otherwise you can leave it until you have to take a point for it.
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Summoner Spells

I use flash to get out of trouble and heal to be able to heal my carry as well as myself.
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Play a support, keep your team alive and get many assists. Play carefully, don't farm and don't try to get kills. As a support your "perfect score" should be 0/0/36 and not 20/0/10.

Leave a comment if you like and hope you liked my first attempt on a guide!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grinden
Grinden Soraka Guide
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Soraka, keeping the team alive.

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