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Soraka Build Guide by MrEnder

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrEnder

Soraka - The Sniping Healer

MrEnder Last updated on May 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is an AP Support Soraka Build

The goal of this is to be able to do very big heals to keep your team in the fight and lots of damage to assist your team.

Many people think Soraka though be a walking buff giving things like life regen. Now sure this is fine and grand. If you were able to stand near all 5 players at all times. But on average most that will get that buff is 3 people. So if you put your points into big heals and damage you will be far more effective then assuming your team will walk in tight groups the entire game. With enough AP your ultimate will be able to give everyone 50% health so the enemy team is suddenly fighting 1 and a half teams. Not to mention if you go with buffs you do almost no damage. AP soraka however does a lot of AoE damage to all enemies around her as well as a large snipe silence. Not to mention demolishes their magic resistance.

These are a few of the reasons this guide works the way it does.

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The Game Begins

Quickly purchase your starting items and go assist your jungler. Give anyone mana who might need it and stay till the end to make sure everything is okay.

Then quickly rush to your lane.

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Laning Phase

Play smart and aggressive if you can. Hit anyone who you can safely get into range with your silence. It forces them to back off or gives you the opportunity to poke them down. If they rush you fall back and hang around well behind your ADC.

At level 2 you have a decision to make. Do we need heals or should I harass more. If you and your ADC are good on health you will level up starfal. If either of you are hurting you will level up your heal.

Warding: with your regular wards, ward the bushes the enemy hides in a lot. If they are pushed back far then save your wards and just ward where the jungler could possible come from. If you see the enemy support ward for incoming jungle put your vision ward near it and take out their ward so your jungler can safely gank.

In the case you have to switch from harass to heals. And you are hurt a lot and your ADC is hurt a little. Heal your ADC and just stay back. Your health will come up slowly and use them as a shield put all your mana into your ADC and keep them full of mana. If your ADC dies very often you will as well so it is more important to keep them healed then yourself. Only heal yourself when you are positive your ADC is safe or you are still in harass mode.

Once you get your Ult make sure you watch your entire team if you see their health start dropping ult. You might save them or get an assist. If you see a gank ult aswell. Get an assist for it. But don't ult if they havn't lost any life. This is how you can get some easy early game gold.

As for leveling abilities. If you get the chance to go all harasse. Make sure you put most of your points in your silence. And only 3 points in starfal. Once your silence is maxed and starfal is 3 you are going to be in team fights and they will need your heal.

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Team Fights

First I want to say NEVER go off on your own EVER not even to ward. Ask someone to escort you if you have to.

In a team fight make sure you keep your Mid and ADC healed. If there is another healer on the team example a nid make sure they have a tun of mana.

Once fight starts your position should be way back just in range to heal. If you are being attacked run away you don't want to die. If you are safe silence their mid. It will greatly effect the team fight if they are silenced. In the case the enemy totally leaves you alone run into the group of them all and start blasting starfal. This will lower their resistance so your team can eat through them easier. But remember staying alive and healing your team mates is key.

Your ultimate should be saved for if at least 3 people are low on health or after a big AoE hits your team once team fighting begins. Don't use it just to save one person as half the time it wont save them anyways. The only exception is if your mid and adc are both low on health and no one else. They need to survive.