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Akali Build Guide by UnArchPriesT

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnArchPriesT

Spiderhunter Akali [Treeline Build]

UnArchPriesT Last updated on November 19, 2013
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Few weeks ago I found this tier list, noticed that Akali is one of the worst champs for Treeline... And agreed, because I wasnt able to remember any good Akali in all my games on this map since map rework.

But yesterday I got an idea - change her classic full AP build to tanky build, depended on her insane spellvamp.
After testing on bots, I tried to test build in normal game... And got gold team vs 3 premades - two Diamond and one Silver players. But build worked nicely and I was enough tanky to Smite Vilemaw through 3 enemy ulties(Lux, Fiora and Fiddle) and escape alive.

Hope, you will enjoy this build even with my terrifying English ^_^

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Pros / Cons


+ High mobility
+ High survavibility
+ Still good damage
+ Can restore health fast and return to fight before it ends
+ Can duel vs Singed without hp loss :)

- Cant burst down full tanks unlike classic Akali
- Cant be used as primary tank
- Ignite's weakens her survivability
- You must fight near minions and monsters to release potential

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The build
For faster and easier clearing camps perfect start is Spirit Stone + 3 or 4 Health Pots. For taking camps 2 pots is enough - spellvamp + smite enables you to keep stable health since lvl 3.

After clearing camps, few ganks and maybe stealing enemy forest (depends on game) you can go to base and build Spirit of the Spectral Wraith. After that your Smite will transform to a nice combat spell with 54 sec cooldown and amount of heal about 200(at level 6).

Now you must get tankier and build Spirit Visage.
You can build boots, but its not necessary for your comfort - you have your ulti, some slow from shroud and great base movement speed.
So, with Visage you will achieve max cooldown reduction, increase your spellvamp to 34% and become tanky.

Upgrade (or buy and upgrade) boots to Ninja Tabi/Mercury Threads/Boots of Swiftness/Sorcrecers Shoes, depending on your needs.

Last core item is The Ravenous Hydra. In addition to its great AD and burst from active part you will get 16% Spellvamp and 20 bonus magic damage on AA. Now your Smite can restore 450 hp (at level 15) with still low cooldown.

Now you have good damage, great sustain and can go different ways, depending on your team needs:
[*] increase survivability with Moonflair Spellblade, Rylais Scepter or even Warlords Bloodmail.
[*] increase damage with Wooglets Deathcap/ Blackfire Torch or Void Staff.
[*] increase healing to insane amounts with Gunblade, Guinsoo Rageblade or Will of Ancients.
[*] negate enemy healing reduction effects with Quicksilver Sash and gain 12% spellvamp by building it to Mercurial Scimitar

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The first spell you need is Smite.

[*] Its great spell for clearing first jungle rotation fast. So, you can roam earlier.
[*] Its great spell for stealing Vilemaw, using your ulti and shroud.
[*] Its great spell for stealing enemy's Big Wolf or Big Golem.
[*] Its great spell because of its cooldown - 54 seconds after building Spirit of Spectral Wraith
[*] Its great spell vs Annie, Heimerdinger or Zac.
But the main reason - it procs spellvamp.
In late game with core build you can heal yourself for 500 health with creep, minion or enemy pet, so its way more effective than heal or barrier. In full build its up to 1000 health instantly.

Second spell depends on your team.

[*] Sometimes its better to pick Barrier and tank a bit more
[*] Sometimes - Flash for better mobility in teamfights and better escapes from enemy ganks.

IMO, Ignite is the best choice for second spell because of its passive (5 AP and 5 AD, while spell on CD) and its damage during ganks sometimes is crucial.

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Its quite standard hybrid runes:

Marks for flat Attack Damage - to increase camp clearing speed and gain little bonus to Spellvamp
Seals for Armor - to decrease health loss at camps. And because you rush mres, you really need to cover lack of armor.
Glyphs for Scaling CDR - to achieve 40% cooldowns with Spirit Visage and Spirit of the spectral Wraith
Instead, you can pick Glyphs for Scaling AP or Scaling Mres.
Flat runes are worse since level 9, but your kills and assists during low levels usually depends on strategy and your mates damage.
Quintessences of Flat AP
But, 0 AP at start will slow down your jungling and Quints are better for Flat AP than Glyphs, so I'd recoomend this pick.

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Small tips for Jungling

[*] Start jungling from defending your wolves - dont start taking it until all enemies are invisible. If enemy jungler solo stealed your Big Wolf with smite, you can wait few seconds, go and Smite his Big Wolf.
[*] If enemies havent jungler, you can farm their wolves and do easy ganks at top.
[*] When your team had killed enemy champion at early game and lines are outpushed you can take their jungle - it will steal exp from their jungler.
[*] Gank only when you are sure, that you can fight 2v2 vs enemy laner and jungler.
[*] If enemies, that can do a spider are lost - ping your team and RUN. Fail run is better than dead spider instead of free kills.
[*] Karthus, Cassiopeia, Heimer, AD Malzahar, Aatrox, Udyr, Nunu, Fiddlesticks and Sion can do a solo spider very fast.

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Few test results :)
Last game we got fail pick - 3 melee champs vs tons of AoE damage (Darius, Lee and Ahri), but it was really nice game :)

Enjoy build =)

If I missed something or make a mistake - write in comments, pls.