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Draven Build Guide by Egotistical Bad

Top Split-Pusher Draven Top [ 1.3 Million Mastery Draven Guide ] Still Equally as Good in Current Patch

Top Split-Pusher Draven Top [ 1.3 Million Mastery Draven Guide ] Still Equally as Good in Current Patch

Updated on May 2, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Egotistical Bad Build Guide By Egotistical Bad 19 4 25,319 Views 3 Comments
19 4 25,319 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Egotistical Bad Draven Build Guide By Egotistical Bad Updated on May 2, 2022
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Runes: Bruiser Draven Runes

Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Top-Lane Kingdom
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Ability Order Basic Draven Skill Order

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Split-Pusher Draven Top [ 1.3 Million Mastery Draven Guide ] Still Equally as Good in Current Patch

By Egotistical Bad
Pros and Cons of this Build


- Good Sustain
- Good Damage
- Good 1v1s
- Good Pushing Capiblities
- Good 1v2 Potential if you know how to kite well


- Vulnerable to CC and CC Ganks
- Very Hard to Play
- Not Noob Friendly at All
- Requires half-decent Team
- Takes practice in Match-ups
- Takes Good Draven Player
Why do we go for this build?
Well is just Fun as hell on Top-lane.
Champion is comfortable to play due to his Mobility and high early Damage.
You get alot of situations where you can win a 1v2 with Draven due to amount of Damage you can dash out with early game.
Your kitting capabilities are insane due to which gives you nice rush of Movement Speed and Attackspeed. It also helps you Push due to Attackspeed combined with Hullbreaker Rush.
Your is a great kiting and attacking tool as well. You can use it to disengage fights by simply pushing the enemies or their cancelling their abilities with it. You can also use it to force some Damage or kills in the laning phase due to it's slow.
is a great item. It gives you AD,HP,Armor,Magic Resist and Bonus 20% Damage to Towers + Siege Minion. With it you can take down Towers super fast.
is the Rune for you cause of Health stacking which helps you get higher Damage on . It also provides Nice Poking Damage entire laning phase.

This build also Allows your to Stack up a massive execute if you are left unchecked. Since the update for your ultimate can suprise your enemies beyond belief when you cut off half of their Health with it instantly.
Start of Laning Phase and Consumables
for Match-ups where enemy Toplaner is just poking you with Abilities Non-stop but you ain't confident that you can step-up.
for General Match-ups and Good in General cause of Draven's and Omni-vamp needs.
is good on First Back if you got Gold to Spare. It will help you Sustain annoying lanes.
Elixing of Iron for CC-Heavy Teams and for casual need of Healing and Damage.
Choice of Boots
Boots are picked based on Match-up and Enemy Team as a whole.
for Basic Attacking Top Laners if necessary to buy only for them, also good into alot of Basic-Attackers.
when needed for Tenacity vs CC-Heavy Team.
are here only if you are Overly Confident that you can roll the Game on your Shoulders. Do not buy generally.
First Back - If Going Well
If you are doing well in Lane and got some Gold Lead, grab up for Damage and for Mobility.
First Back - If not going well, getting babysat or poked out
is just nice in Combo with . If you are getting harrased it's more Sustain then you'll need.
First 3 Items Generally
is a Default First Item Rush it ALWAYS!
brings Damage and Sustain, Sheen is really nice to start with after Hullbreaker for the Damage since Draven has really high AD.
is good for a prock of slow, but most of all it's Percent HP Damage it's famous for. It also brings along nice chunk of Attack Speed and Lifesteal.
First 3 Items if Enemy has too much Armor
makes a nice addition for Armor Penetration and also Movement Speed combined with your Blood Rush.
Additional Choices for Third Item Depending on Enemy Comp
is good for Attackspeed, MR and Mobility from it's Passive. Heartbound Axe is super nice item on Draven combined with his Blood Rush. With it's scailing Bonus Magic Damage that goes from 15-80 Bonus Magic Damage and 20 Bonus Movement Speed for 2 Seconds it's a Perfect Pick-up as Third Item due to already scailed Bonus Damage.

is a really nice into Magic Damage and CC-Heavy Teams. It gives alot of Mobility as well with it's Active where once it Procks it gives you 40% Tenacity and 40% Slow Resistance for 3 Seconds with a Short Cooldown of 90 Seconds.

is a good pick up if you are afraid of a big burst of Damage. With it's 400 Health adding to your base Increasing Damage of your Demolish it also provides good 50-ish AD added up from your Base AD. Once you drop to 30% HP you will gain 75% Bonus HP Shield for 3.5 Seconds with 60 Second Cooldown. Bonus HP for it will be gained also from your Grasp of the Undying and Overgrowth.

gives you Survivability and some nice Ability Haste for Whirling Death and your Spining Axe. It gives nice chunk of 45 Armor and 55 Attack Damage with Ignore Pain passive where taken Damage stores up and gets taken from your HP slowly (10% for Draven since he's Ranged). Defy part of the passive Cleanses your Damage taken in Ignore Pain and restores 175% of your Bonus Attack Damage back to you as Health over 2 seconds.

is Really good for Wave Clearing if you are planning to just split most of the Game. It gives off shockwaves on your every basic sending Damage through enemy minions and champions. It provides healthy 30 Attack Damage and 500 Health, you also gain Bonus Attack Damage from it's passive Colossus equal to 2% of your Bonus Health. Attacks apply 5+1.5% of your Max Health on every basic attack that will deal to enemies behind the enemy you hit for 40+3% of your Max Health as Attack Damage.

is to be honest just there incase you have someone you can't survive if your life depended on it. It reduces your Nemesis's Damage by 30% after 60 Seconds of you being linked to a Champion. It also decreases their Tenacity by 20% for rest of your team if they have CC. It is alright item but extremely situational.

will be bought only if you purchase Titanic Hydra and only if you need that much wave-clear. It procks your Titanic Hydra in a bigger cone damaging bigger surface if you are defending base from multiple inhibitors being down. You only buy it once again if you own a Titanic Hydra otherwise don't bother.
Full Build Example

This is what your build should usually look like. This will tare down towers in Seconds. It feels nice with Damage as well being able to 3-4 Shot enemy ADC easily if you catch em off-guard. It provides bit of everything but most of all Damage for your Demolish.
Runes Additional Choices
for additional Lifesteal in the build if needed depending on enemy TeamComp if they do not require you to run Legend: Tenacity.
for additional Armor and MR if you are confident that you won't need Bone Plating for trades.
for Additional Damage if you are feeling it vs Squishy Teams and you don't require additional lifesteal from Legend: Bloodline or tenacity from Legend: Tenacity.
That would be it folks!
This was my rundown on my Draven Build for Toplane.
I really do hope you enjoy it and learn with my In-Depth Guide explaning every Little Pixel of the Build and way it's Played.
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