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Garen Build Guide by cheezar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cheezar

Splitpush Lord Garen, The Everlasting

cheezar Last updated on November 29, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow LoL-player! Do you like splitpushing? Do you like being a tank and not giving a damn about your opponents? And do you like troll-ish not that serious builds? If yes, this is the guide you have been looking for! Don't look at my guide as a set guideline that will get you you that freelo shower, because I'm not that good of a player and I'm just desperately trying to have some fun. In my guide I'll show you how to exploit the new Hp/5 regen and push to victory. My build focuses mostly on lots of hp and hp regen to maximize sustain and splitpush power.

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Since the items and masteries are more defensively orientated, I chose very standard, aggressive runes for this guide. Since we only have a little AD from the masteries the goal with the runes is to deal damage and be able to clear/last-hit better. You might be wondering why I chose the normal armor/mr runes instead of hp regen if I am already trolling. It is right that you will regen INSANE amounts of hp but if you dont have enough armor or mr you will get blown apart later in the game.

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I chose regular 9/21/0 masteries focusing on hp, hp/5 and tenacity/slow resistence. The tenacity is realy helpfull since Garen has no initiation tool, other than charging at his opponents. Being cc'ed sucks, so you want less of that and more spinning.

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Ok, here comes the interesting part of this build. With the glorious new patch 4.20 Riot introduced a new way of regen, thus enhancing the base regen of the champs. So Garen just came right into my mind, since his passive was buffed a short while ago, and I thought about a way to combine these new interesting factors. So here are the items:

Normal start: --> Cloth armor and 5 Hp potions
-Great sustain, able to stay in lane very long, works well with passive
and cloth armor is needed for more essential items

1st to buy: -->Raptor's cloak, maybe a reju bead, potions or a ward
-First regen item, armor and regen will work with passive/keep you alive

2nd buy: --> Crystalline bracer
-Needed for Warmogs and gives you another chunk of hp

From here on the path can vary:
Vs. heavy AD: --> Get Ohmwrecker fast
-Gives armor/hp/regen, acitve usefull for split pushing

Vs. heavy AP --> Get Spirit Visage fast
-You are going to get this item anyways, great stats plus even more regen

Vs. mixed --> Get Warmogs fast
-Star item of this build, absolut must have, gives nasty out-of-combat regen

If your team lacks damage or you are vs. a squishy or u want to push:
--> Get sunfire cape fast
-Passive usefull since you have low dmg, good for pushing, extra hp/armor
--> Get black cleaver fast
-Works great with E, More cdr, usefull in teamfights (if they come top)
--> Get Yomuu's fast
-Speed for chasing/running, crit with E

A full build will give you more than 4k hp, armor and mr, a faster split push, and of course INSANE regen (did I mention it is insane yet? It truly is), you can get a regen of 600 hp/5sec easily and since you are so tanky they can't kill without chasing for days, which means you can sit in a bush, wait and come out with full hp again YAY!

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Skill Sequence

Max your E first to push fast and trade effectively. Get a point in W early for 20% more tankiness. Max Q second, good for speed and silence aswell as killing towers, DO NOT max it first, because if you do you cannot push, cannot trade and you don't have dps only that one Q.

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Pros / Cons

- No CC (only 1 man silence)
- Low damage
- No Initiation
- Not that great in teamfights
- Little chase potential
- No scaling on ult/low scaling on skills
- Strength lies in retreating and entering a fight again with more health
- Inexperienced team can lead into 5 enemies collapsing on you
- Not easy to gank for

- very FUN (main point of this build)
- high sustain
- Very tanky
- No scaling on ult (since this is a tank build)
- Great split pusher
- Q works on towers
- High kill pressure at level 6
- Ult deals a lot of dmg despite not going for dmg

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Team Work

Not recommended. Build focuses on splitpushing. Pro's in teamfights: Ohwrecker, silence, execution ult, meat shield

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Laning Phase

In the laning phase you want to focus on trading early, be careful though. Since you are stacking hp and regen you can easily out-sustain your opponent. Be careful about farming too long and not buying, since you will be behind in items and can be killed easily, dspite being ahead in gold and exp. When trading, try to open up with your q, do not use to run over a long distance, thats to obvious and you will get kited. When your enemy is silenced you have 2 options: run away, so they cannt retaliate with spells, or follow up with your E. Follow up with E if you know you will outdamage your opponent and win the trade. After trading, sit back and wait for your passive to kick in, so you can regenerate a portion of health which most opposing champs cannot do. Be extremely careful with hy hp% dmg or hight burst champs, since your regen can't do sh*t when your already dead. Use the time the enemy is absent and push to their tower and use your q to damage it. Teleport in combination with your ult can lead to an easy kill.

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This is a very fun and relaxing way to play Garen. Although this build has a lot of weaknesses, there are still some very strong positive things. Since the main focus is on split pushing you will need to have a basic understanding when to split, when not to split and when you have to retreat, but I'm sure anyone can learn that after a couple of games.
Remember that you play a game to have fun and I hope I can make you happier indirectly when you are having fun playing this way :)

Have fun and spin to win,

PS: Sry for bad Englando, im no native
Edit about matchups still in work