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Braum Build Guide by whybother34

Support Stand Behind Me

Support Stand Behind Me

Updated on January 30, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author whybother34 Build Guide By whybother34 43,212 Views 4 Comments
43,212 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author whybother34 Braum Build Guide By whybother34 Updated on January 30, 2020
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Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Hi I'm Whybother34 a support main who loves tanks like Leona( again my other guide on her cough cough shameless advertising) and Braum who I have 95000 mastery score on. Now braum is a tank support just like my sun girl but boy are they different. Leona is a diver, braum is a protector. You need to be with your adc keeping them alive and triggering Caitlyns everywhere. Since this isn't being done on my personal computer I can't save this so I will be posting whatever I finish as of now so updates to this will come soon. Sorry about not updating this guide for a year or so.
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Pros / Cons

Braum overall is a great champion but even such a nice guy as he has some cons

BEST PASSIVE IN THE GAME(up for debate but for supports i think it's definitely him)
Nice Q damage that scales with your health(keeping you doing damage as you build tank)
W can go to minions for a decent amount of mobility for a tank and a nice engage/escape
W E combo protects ADC
E stops everything besides Lux and Vel'Koz ult (Damn lasers)
You trigger caitlyn's everywhere with your E
Ult is great to start/disengage teamfight with nice peel
Works well with a lot of adc's
Best personality of all time ever
Melee support making him get poked
Without a wit's end ( My favorite final braum item when they are heavy AP) very hard to get your stun unless you have a minion to jump to
Low damage output due to 2 damaging abilities
Unlike almost every support his ganks for mages are absolute garbage (they don't attack fast and sometimes don't even know your passive leading to the final point)
When your team doesn't auto the person with 3 stacks because they are a mage you get triggered
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Bot Lane Pairs

Braum works well with
LUCIAN( his passive)
Xayah (her passive works perfectly with your stun and then she pulls the 3 feathers from the autos back to root. Very very good if pulled off, but i haven't played braum with her i've been playing rakan)
Vayne(same reason as Xayah with 3 autos)
Ashe( Frozen bot lane, Secures your stun goes off due to her slow)
MF(for nice ult combo and that q applying on hit)
Ezreal (because taric is tired of going with him and again q applies on hit and if he builds blue it also slows like ashe)
Jinx (minigun is good for attack speed)
Kalista ( she attacks fast and her ult let's you engage well)
Kai'Sa (She needs CC but she has damage for days, land a q and she can take care of it)
If you haven't gotten the trend it's attack speed or on hit champs therfore braum does not work well with high damage low attack speed ADC's like
Caitlyn (you counter her so hard that being on her team will make her sad. She's the only adc on the not work well side I could say is decent with him)
Graves (don't play graves adc please)
Jhin (I swear to god if i have to explain this one)
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How To Play Early Game

Braum's early game is dependent on you're adc's early game. If you are with twitch let him sneak up and then drop your q so you might get an early stun and damage. If not with twitch don't do anything level 1. Level 2 if you are with lucian get w second like I said in the ability notes. Stay safe until level 2 then jump to a minion that's far up and hit your q. Lucian can follow up and you guys could get a level 2 kill if you do it right.
IF NOT WITH A TWITCH OR A LUCIAN IGNORE THE TOP PARAGRAPH. Early game do not I repeat do not spam your q for poke. You max it first so until you start building your iceborn gauntlet/Frozen Heart you don't have the mana pool to spam. stay safe and only use your q when you want to do a trade don't poke. If enemy adc or support has a high damage skillshot (cait/sivir/ulted karma Q) use your e to stop it. Don't use it too often since it has a high cooldown until you max it.
When you hit 6 you need to ult only for good engage or disengage. If a sivir ults to come for you ult her and the support away. If you get dived on by the jungler and you aren't close to your tower ult and w to escape. If you have followed this guide you are probably 0/0/3 by level 9 and you are officially out of lanning phase. You don't gank mid. I will update mid and late game later.
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Mid/Late Game

Ok braum you're 0/0/3 and you got your eye of equinox your mobility boots and are building/ finished your iceborn. What do you do? Well here' what you should do, roam. With your mobies you can do that easily and get a nice gank mid with your slow and stun ,as long as you mid knows how braum's passive works. If you are bronze/silver you honestly should put in chat to mid "auto attack when i put my q on them to stun them". you will be so surprised that mid laners have no idea what it is. Go in get you easy kill and get out. Once lane is officially over stick with your adc most of the time. q for engage and set up the stun then stay back until they can be stunned again and go in to kill this time. If you have anyone else on your team you can dive and tank for them on the first stun. In teamfights make sure you're staying as front line like all tanks should. Use Q to poke people back and ult for disengage/ engage based on situation. If you have a flanking assassin jg (graves kah rengar) drop your ult just before they go in. Use a minion to get closer they don't expect it. Make sure to auto/ q everyone so your team can finish off the stun.
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Wits end on Braum (aka your damage)

A Wit's End is my favorite item to build on Braum and just hear me out because its incredible. Here's the explanation. You can out damage your tank jungler by building this and even your ****ty top lane talon. Wits end gives you 40 MR 40% attack speed which is great on Braum since it's tank stats and lets you apply your passive faster and easier. But the 2 passives is what makes this item become Braum's best friend. The first is you do 50 bonus magic damage on hit making you honestly kind of scary. You also steal 5 mr on hit up to 5 times giving you up to 65 mr from this item and reducing the enemy's mr. Now why does this matter with Braum? Your passive does a good amount of damage at level 18 at 196 when you stun. But that's only the start. When they can't get stacks for the next couple seconds your autos does bonus magic damage to them instead which is equal to 20% of the stun damage which is 39 damage on hit. Thats 89 bonus magic damage on hit. If you think Braum doesn't have the attack speed to do damage you don't know braum. Do you believe that he has the 12th highest attack speed in the game at max rank? He is the 4th highest for a melee character and is one of only 25 characters that naturally get to 1 or higher attack speed. So take braum at 1.4 attack speed whacking your *** for 89 magic damage every hit and thats not including his 109.6 AD at level 18 (Which is the same as YASUO) you will die. Its a 1 item power spike on a support only possibly rivaled by morgana getting a Zonays. So next time the enemy ori is being a ***** build a Wits end I'm sure you will have a good time and outdamage your ****ty top talon.
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Wow guys I have 421 views (just off guys). Even more than my leona guide (which you all should check out I have 2.5 times the mastery in her). Thank you.

550 views! Thank you guys so much. For the new items/reworked items I wouldn't go with the gargoyle like I said to for leona. Since braum doesn't dive he doesn't benefit from the bonus armor and mr. I would personally go for an abbysal against most mages since it makes your passive and q hit even harder and catch many people out by suprise. HOWEVER if the enemy team has a spell spammer (ryze cassiopea lissandra etc) get the adaptive helm, even though you get 10 less mr taking less damage from spells that are cast on you again in 4 seconds is so strong. Also this ***** on brands passive and teemo's poison so those are other people to buy it for. My choice to remove knights vow from the items seems odd since I preached it before. Look it's an item in a bad state. Even with the adjustments to other items not touching it the damage that you take for your adc makes no sense once they get life steal. It's a better to buy a locket in my honest opinion.

1000 Views! Number 4 Braum Guide! Wow thank you so much guys. I have had some people say that it's not a very good guide and it's average at best. That's true and tell me what I can do to make it better.

2000 Views! I hit level 7 on braum! Thank you so much guys.

1 6k Views thank you! 2 I'm so happy I made it to Silver playing only support. I know I haven't updated this in a while but thank you guys for reading.

Sorry I haven't touched this for a while. Heres the new runes welcome to season 8

Hey its been ages I just wanted to say thank you for almost 20k guys! I've updated this guide as well as my leona guid with a new build and some small edits

Hey I'm back and almost 25k views! Nice!

I'm gold boys!

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