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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Dlin274

Assassin Steal The World As The VoidReaver (Also In-depth xD)

Assassin Steal The World As The VoidReaver (Also In-depth xD)

Updated on July 18, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dlin274 Build Guide By Dlin274 11,182 Views 1 Comments
11,182 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dlin274 Kha'Zix Build Guide By Dlin274 Updated on July 18, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

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Who Am I?

Hi, I am a summoner from the NA Server named "dlin274". I am currently a Silver IV but I play a lot of Kha'Zix and soon on I started to try to play Kha'Zix every game. I have been with Kha'Zix for a pretty long time so I guess I have more experience than regular Kha'Zix players. This is why I am here for this guide.
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Summoner Spells, Runes, and Masteries

Taking flash is like a required thing since it gives you more mobility to gain an extra distance when the extra distance can create a limitless possibilities.
Taking smite is a need to do thing since it gives your team an advantage on neutral objectives like Baron Nashor and Dragon. It also helps you clear and etc.
This is the usual to go way since he bonus dmaage it provides can help clear camps faster and deal more damage to any neutral/ enemy targets.

This is pretty plain an normal. The greater seal of armor is there so you can have a flat amount of armor to start off so you don't take as much damage from neutral targets like jungle camps. This also can help reduce enemy physical damage.

This was the unusual part. The 3x Scaling Armor was added since Kha'Zix is really squishy doing late where Attack Damage Carries can easy one shot him, so this can soak up a bit of the damage. At level 18 this gives a total of 9 armor with is basically your regular flat armor meanwhile with the 6 flat armors that gives you 6 armor. This gives you a total of 15 bonus armor from just your runes.

This is really good since Kha'Zix's base cooldown on his "Q, Taste Their Fear" is at a constant of 3.5 Seconds (Which is 4 Seconds).

Since you are not running flat Magic Resistance, fighting Magic Damage champions are going to a problem but scaling Magic Resistance can at least give you the most Magic Resistance at level 18 while having the CDR.

The reason behind this is just like the reason with the full attack damage marks.

I don't really feel like I need to explain the Masteries since they seem pretty simple and normal to me. Maybe the only thing I need to explain is that I didn't take Blade and Spell Weaving because we won't be don't much Spells > Autos > Spells > Autos, but we are trying to go for the one shot potential.
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Why These Items?

Rush Items

I went with this jungle item instead of the others because of the extra farm speed it gives you. This is really because you aren't going to rush Ravenous Hydra but you don't have to have it. The Warrior's Enchantment gives 10% CDR (Cooldown Reduction) which with your runes and masteries, it will total out to 20% CDR which makes your "Q, Taste Their Fear" 3 Seconds instead of 4.

You want to rush this item right after your jungle item since it will increase you CDR to 40%. This will make your "Q, Taste Their Fear" CD (Cooldown) to exactly 2.1 Seconds, in other words 2 Second CD. This also provides health so you won't go down as easily to Magic Damage Mages.

Your really want this item right after your Black Cleaver since your over all armor penetration will increase which means more Physical damage and that this synergies with your "Q".

Situation Offensive Items

This item can be the most important one since you only have 3x scaling magic resistance. This might be an item you get every game. Against heavy AP teams, it is the best to rush this after black cleaver.

If you are against a team with High CC, you would lose easily. This is the reason why Mercurial Scimitar is very common in Kha'Zix builds. Rush QSS after black cleaver then to Last Whisper and probably go back to it. This is probably the most preferable way since the Mercurial Scimitar costs a lot.

This item is probably the best snowball item if you are dominating. With it's spell blade passive you Autos do an extra 200% of your bonus physical damage which is crazy. The best thing about it is the spell blade's CD is 1.5 seconds (2 Seconds) and you "Q" is 2.1 Seconds (2 Seconds), this means you can basically spam you "Q" > Auto > "Q" > Auto. Then the other stats are pretty good as well, since you are a Backline Assassin, you need to extra mobility and that extra health to survive. Usually when you get this item, you can "Q" and Auto their Attack Damage Carry or Ability Power Carry and easily one shot them. On the otherhand, the price for this is that you are giving in a lot of time for this item (It's really expensive) and it doesn't have much defensive stats where you can buy a defensive item.

Ravenous Hydra is probably one of the best items to rush if you are doing a farm mode Kha'Zix, but we want a kill mode, snowballing Kha'Zix. This item is still good late game if you need some AoE and lifesteal. This is probably one of the best items against invisible champions like Leblanc since you can go all in and if you pop her passive, then just use this item and you can get a potential kill.

Defensive Items

This item is a really good game finishing item because of it's armor and magic resistance stats with it's amazing passive. Whenever you pop this passive try to sell it for a different item and wait for its CD to be over and re-buy it.

If there team is AD Heavy, this is away an item to go for. This item should be good since if you jump in on someone, you can active it so they can't really escape. The health from this item is also good for Ability Power Mages.

Many of you might think this is a troll item on Kha'Zix but no.. no... no. This item is really good if you are faces Attack Damage tanks that have lower DPS than you. This is because this item gives you armor and Ability Power. So Why the ability power? Well isn't it obvious? The ability power increase the health you gain from you "W, Void Spikes" and since the tanks have low DPS this can help. The Zhonya's activation is also really important since "Most" tanks have a lot or High CC, they can easily catch you out but the active can save you :)

This item is one of those ideal items against champions with one shot potential with CC like Annie for example. The Magic resistance is a pretty good amount compared with most items.

This item is good if you are deciding to sell your jungle item during the late. Since this item gives 10% CDR your "Q" CDR won't change and this item gives a more Magic Resistance than you can ever think of.
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Skill Sequence

You should always max this for maximum damage output and for possible one shots.

You should max this second so you can get enough sustain early game and for ranged pokes.

You Should max this last since most of it's Cooldown will depend on you resets that you get from kills and assists.

You should max this anytime it is available since it allows you to evolve on your your abilities and that this ability is really good to reduce damage dealt to you and is also good for escapes and kiting/chasing.


You want to evolve your "Q" first so you can get maximum damage output then your "E" for it's amazing resets and your ultimate last so you can survive longer. I don't prefer to evolve your "W" since evolving your Ultimate can make you last longer than you "W".
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Pros / Cons


-High Mobility
-Heavy DPS
-Low Cooldown Spells
- One Shot Potential


-No Heavy CC
-Depends on Resets
-Hard Early Clears
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How I usually start a game as Kha'Zix.

So basically when you start a game as Kha'Zix you want to put a point in you "Q" and go for gromp since it should be the easiest (Since it is already isolated). Then put a point in your "W" and spam you it at blue. Take the small monsters first a blue (Tip : When you gromp buff you just need to Auto > Q > Auto and then gromp buff should be able to kill it). Then move to wolves. Recall after wolves since you should give you about like 447 gold and when you recall you can buy you jungle item. The rest is all about creativity :).
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Tips & Mechanics.


#1 - You can cancel your Auto Attack Animation with your "Q" and "W".
#2 - You can search for wards if you used your passive and walk into a bush. If your passive comes back up, that means there is no ward but if it doesn't then there is a ward it in.
#3 - When you have trailblazer's, you can almost instantly clear the raptors by walking into the middle of all the raptors > W > Trailblazer's Smite. This should take down all of the small raptors and do a lot of damage to the larger raptor.
#4 - Items such as Yomuu's and Champion Abilities can cancel your Stealth.

Mechanics [/1]

#1 - You can cast your "Q" when you are in mid-air (when you are leaping)
#2 - There is this really hard to pull off trick. E > Q(Mid-air and gets a kill) > E. (Some people can do this without fall/stopping and most professionals can even do that.)
#3 - A really common combo is Auto (Passive) > R > Auto (Passive) > R > Auto (Passive)

Here are some Videos that displays Mechanic #2

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I hope you guys like this guide and please send any type of feedback or questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. I hope you guys can try this Godlike Bug soon. If you don't get a reply anytime soon, you can always add me on League (for those NA players). And this is the end of the guide, Have a nice time! :D
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