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Yuumi Build Guide by Daarkie

Support - still magical, still cat

Support - still magical, still cat

Updated on October 25, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daarkie Build Guide By Daarkie 1,210 Views 0 Comments
1,210 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Daarkie Yuumi Build Guide By Daarkie Updated on October 25, 2020
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Runes: Aery, definitelly aery

Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Presence of Mind
Cut Down

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Best pick
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

- still magical, still cat

By Daarkie
I am noone important, but I love playing supports, and I main Yuumi (yeah, still). As I got over 7 KDA in clash, she is banned too much in these cases :(

And I am not taking her to solo que, that's like death wish. Janna, Zyra, Leona or Swain are much more reliable.

Anyway, since discovering my "skills" with Yuumi are more than average, although I am not OTP at all, at all, I thought about sharing my insights. Also good for beginning supports.

    Yuumi excels at late games. The longer the game, the higher chance to win.
    She is a cat
    Good deal of heal
    Great at poking
    Her passive scales, more shield, more Adidas
    Surprise, she deals damage (mainly with her Q)

Alas, that's not all...

    High mana costs
    Pretty much noone uses her passive (LOOK IT UP)
    Everyone expect you to be perfect little decoration, even you teammates
    There will be people wanting you to keep them company all game long. Vrr- I mean Grr...
    Squishy when unattached

Yuumi is a great asset. But! If I catch you AFK playing her (A.K.A. looking at mobile and pressing E), I will find you, and I will... I don't know yet, but something terrible. For sure.
I think some explanation is an asset, so...

Why I am taking Summon Aery instead of Arcane Comet/ Guardian/whatever?

Because it is meant to. Because when jumping on another ally, it procs shield, which might procs ardent/athene's. Because it deals extra damage. I cannot imagine better rune on her atm.

Why Absolute Focus?

Mainly since you are either sitting on someone, or you can heal your self (and shield your self by AA) it is rather nice free AP, mainly in the beginning, where the Transcendence wouldn't give you as much. Unless you are going to be pure enchanter, depending on others as much as you can, there is no reason to take transcendence over absolute focus.

Why Scorch?

Well, as I said before, Yuumi excels at mid/late game. She needs nudge in the early game though, and scorch is loads better for early game poking. Only time I can imagine taking Gathering Storm is when playing with champion on line with a very good early game, so you can carry him to the mid/late.

Why runes from Precision?

That's a good question. Font of Life + Revitalize is also possible choice, but it is, again, heavily depending on the player you are playing with, and your play style. As I am going a bit more aggressive, I am going for precision, because Cut Down get triggered almost always on Yuumi, and extra mana from Presence of Mind never hurts.
Ok, so, with me so far? Good for you, I suppose.

Next up are items.

Spellthief's Edge is a must. You want to poke, and you have to poke, if you really want to play Yuumi. Procs on your passive are important.

The big question I already hear from you: Why am I taking Luden's Tempest instead of the other "core" item? Well, that's relatively easy. Since I am wish to have some mana to keep spellcasting, and since I want to be helpful to my team mates, I, of course, am building support item first. One of them, at least. But when I have mana regen, when I have the ability to make my carry survive, now I only need to deal some damage, to heal better (more AP) and to still keep some mana edge. The best item from my experience for this is Luden's echo. It also scales well with Athene's Unholy Grail, Morellonomicon, and it charges by being carried.

Rabadon's Deathcap scales great in late game with W.

Morellonomicon is great against overhealing (says Yuumi :3)

Mikael's Blessing is almost must have item when your carry cannot dodge CC. It has it's uses also when CC is on Yuumi. It still prevents her from casting W, but she has higher chance of survival. Great items for beginners and those that are hard stuck.

Everfrost and Twin Shadows... I like Twin shadows more, since it gives you some extra vision, but both items are good on Yuumi, they can be cast while attached, are good when being chased, and you should abuse them as much as possible (mainly said Twin shadows)

Mejai's Soulstealer/ Dark Seal are great items on Yuumi since she doesn't die as much.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter adds extra slow, but should not be built unless you have at least 4 items and you need slow.

Redemption is good choice, but... Extra heal and shield power neve goes amiss, yet the stats are not that useful on Yuumi. Btw, UNIQUE passives without name can be stacked, unless you have the same item twice. So Redemption and Mikael's are actually good to build on top of Ardent, if you want to go for heal and shield power.

Liandry's Anguish is also good choice. It gives AP, HP and it goes well with Scorch.

Any other questions? Yes? Well, too bad.

I don't care if you are dunderhead and are going to take Flash, because "I am sure my jungler won't gank us and our ADC cannot play with Yuumi, so..." (no idea why are you taking Yuumi then, but your choice). But always remember to...


I cannot stress this enough. Exhaust is your friend (unless used on your carry). It is good for chasing, scrimishes, teamfights (on carry, not tank, mind you), while being chased,... Well, I think you got it. If you have time to read this, you have time to read what summoner spells do.

Ignite is good for poking and healing reduction, and Heal is... Well, if you must, take it.
How to play supports
Ok, now, this is getting deep. If you never played support, or if you just want to focus on playing support more, don't skip this part.

Picking a champion

Unlike AD carry (who is still better of knowing who he is against), as Support you are better of picking some counterpick to your oponent. I heard of a rule, that tank supports are great against bust damage/mage supports, who are best against squishy enchanters, who are in turn mercylessly poking tank supports. ( Yuumi is clasified as enchanter, but is better of as a mix of enchanter and a mage)

> > >

Well, as a general rule of thumb, why not. There is also one good (I hope) advice from me. Unless you are Grandmaster, Challenger, or pro player (or both), there is not only win rate and some counter picks (which are everywhere, everyone is talking abot them) but there is also one very important factor the stats are not aware of. How comfortable you are playing that champion and how well you play it.

That may sound... Superficial? Or just dumb. Or super genius, who knows, but... It works for me. Just getting from stupid silver to gold took me more time than I am about to share, simply because I forced myself into favourable picks, not really thinking about who I want to play. I mean, yeah, taking for example Nami when your top is Akali, mid Yasuo, jungle Kha'Zix, and ADC is APC Lux, when enemy has tanks and lots of cc... Well that sounds like suicide. But if you take your time to get to know two or three enchanters, two or three tank supports, and two or three bust dmg supports, just getting to know their skills, their weaknesses and strenghts, what they like, what is their favourite food, even! (Yuumi would like some fish, btw)

That's when you start winning. That will be the moment you start breaking from silver (bronz?) to gold, and maybe more. By the time you can play these six champions, you will be much more proficient at warding, and just playing and having fun, and other supports will be easier to learn for you.

Easy, huh? Not so much. You just have to start somewhere.


Warding is one of the most important things in game. There is a lot of guides on how to ward, so I won't be going into too much details, but let me tell you few things.

First of all, all warding is situational. Deep warding is great, if your lane is pushed? Yes! But if you haven't seen their jungler last three minutes, maybe it would be a really bad idea to go there, all by yourself. Just ward the river near the dragon pit. You see their jungler on top lane? Go deep ward. Are you in fight? Ward bushes around. In early game you might like to have one control ward on Dragon , simply because your jungler might not notice, since he is preoccupied with top.

Second, never ever sit on ward, meaning you should never find your self in situation where you have 2 charges on your yellow trinket. Ward in your jungle if you must, it might keep you safe, and your jungler will appreciate it.

And last advice. Warding might be mainly support's job, but it is not only support's job, no matter what they tell you. Everyone has a trinket, they better start using it.

Laning phase

As a support on bot lane, your goal is to zone enemy from the minions, and to poke. That means you want to be either ahead of your ADC (if you have vision), or around them. There is no need to poke support (unless it is burst damage support), more or less you just want to make enemy ADC miss minions, and make sure your ADC is able to last hit minions. Of course, go full in when you can get some kill, or at least flash on lane.


Contrary to popular belief, supports are not here just for ADC on bot lane. As long as your ADC can safely farm and is not in immediate danger, and better yet if you have boots, you can appear on mid lane and help with either killing an enemy, or sometimes just to scare and enemy/heal or shiel your ally.

Support should be aware of both junglers, since 3v1 on mid is usually kill, and since 1v3 on bot side on your ADC can end badly for them. So, don't forget to ward.

Mid/late game

It is good to protect your ADC from the start, because ADC is pretty much late game lethal weapon, but what to do afterwards? Well, if your ADC needs some solo EXP or if they are unable to carry, you are going to stick most to someone who can carry the game. Usually, if unsure, just ask your self - if I were Yuumi, who would I attach to?

Also, always carry Control Ward in your inventory, mainly for securing vision around objectives.


You need to protect your carry, but at the same time deal damage to enemies, and CC them if possible. Your positioning heavily depends on positioning of your carry, just as much as your role. As enchanter, you will be around carry, protecting them and enhancing them ( Tidecaller's Blessing/ Eye Of The Storm/...). As a burst damage support you need to deal as much damage as possible, possibly setting up kills for carry. Tank support, on the other hand, might be starting a team fight ( Zenith Blade/ Death Sentence/...) and zoning, or just be a damage sponge so your carry might survive and still deal damage.


Unless you are really new at this, you should be able to tell where junglers are, and as such, you need to react to that. Is dragon in dragon pit, their jungler just died, and you have line priority on mid and bot? Call for the dragon. Take the dragon while you can. You should make sure you are watching the map now and then, to make sure your decisions are right. You will be mostly making calls around jungler, so be sure to pay attention to him.
How to play Yuumi
I will not be going through the abilites, just a frindly reminder to read it your self.

Picking Yuumi

Yuumi is good with AP on bot, like Neeko, Vladimir, or even Lux and Veigar, but she is also great with ADC who can appreciate attack speed bonus and some extra AD (e.g. Sivir, Ezreal). Not a bad idea is to play with something like Jinx or Ashe, if you are confident, because when rooted/stunned/heavily slowed the enemies are easier to AA.


Yuumi has usually a bit lesser vision score than other supports, but not by much. And not if your friend is playing in the jungle. Ward when you can, where you are supposed to, don't be disccouradged if at the beggining you feel like you are not going to place wards anywhere but in the river. It's still something, and much better than not ward at all. You are not only one who has wards.

Laning phase

You don't want to be sitting on your carry all the time. Make sure to proc your passive Bop 'n' Block when you can, but don't go into danger unnecessarily. Keep an eye on your mana pool, and poke with your Q Prowling Projectile to get gold from Spellthief's Edge. When having a good game, you can upgrade your support item around 9th minute, but don't go into unfavourable trades just for the sake of it. Also, don't abuse your Zoomies, the heal and extra attack speed are great, but costly.

Did you know that you can use your Q even when not attached? You might miss a lot, but you can still use it to zone enemies from minions. Use it.


It might sound like an advice from another planet to some of you, but you actually can roam. The best situation would be to go with your jungler while he is in bot jungle, or you might also attach to mid or top laner when in fountain, if they are behind.

You don't want to go into jungle by yourself, unless you know where the enemies are. You also might want to have your ultimate ability up anyway.

Mid/late game

You will not be hopping of as much as in early game, but sometimes it is better to get your shield, which is pumped up by the time, up. It might turn fights in your favour. Don't jump between champions if they have many unused CC which can catch you. Use your Q and use your ultimate, just be smart about it. You want to position well for using your ult. Don't forget, you can use Zoomies and You and Me! while casting Final Chapter.
As you probably came to understand, Yuumi is more than just a seventh item. Treat her with respect, even after RIOT nerfs, she deserves it.

Ok, that's it from me. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, I will try to answer.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Daarkie
Daarkie Yuumi Guide
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- still magical, still cat

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