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Heimerdinger Build Guide by pikachu8100

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pikachu8100

STOP......... itz heimer time

pikachu8100 Last updated on February 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to Pikachu8100's Heimerdinger guide. Be patient as this guide is my first guide on mobafire. This guide will show you all the tips and tricks I have picked up while playing Heimerdinger, how to effectivaly use his abilities, and how to build him. Heimerdinger is a very rare champion to find other people to play.

Please read whole guide before voting i worked really hard on this and give me feedback or improvements you think could be made thanks

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Pros / Cons

  • good abilities
  • very underestimated
  • fun to play
  • super scary when fed
  • easy to farm with
  • good burst
  • very good mid-late game
  • unique


  • very slow movement speed
  • very squishy
  • hard to learn and master
  • can be mana hungry
  • weak ap ratios
  • hard to poke with
  • a little weak and squishy early game

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I do21-9-0 because this gives Heimerdinger the most ability power and overall damage and helps him get a little bit more mana and speed which can really help in early-and late game. the increased buff will also help if you need to grab blue. If you end up not using buffs much you can put that extra point in Vampirism to help sustian.

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in every field I usually always go for flat runes over scaling runes because runes help mostly in the early game so the flat runes will help alot more

This extra 15 ability power with the quintessence of ability power will give heimy a good start in damage and maybe will let him get a few more early game kills

Same thing with the mark of magic penetration exept this one will also help later game to cut through the build up resistance to heimy's power

I chose the seal of mana regeneration to help fix Heimerdinger's mana problem in the early game.

This extra magic resist from the glyphs of magic resist will help Heimerdinger sustain longer and not get melted as easily in team fights or in any fight

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summoner abilities

For Heimerdinger either Flash or Ghost is a must to compensate for his lack of movement speed and escape abilities.( i personally prefer the Flash)

The next ability could be several abilities. Heal or Barrier can help Heimerdinger sustain longer. Exhaust can also help keep enemies in heimy's turrets range. and of course ,my personal favorite, there is the classic Ignite to help secure those kills that just got away from you.

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skill sequence

I always level every ability up to level 1 then work on leveling them up further. since the 28g evolution turrets are your main source of damage it is important to level them to 5 as soon as possible the AOE effect they get on level 5 really help farm minions.

Then mix between the CH-1 CONCUSSION GRENADE and Hextech Micro-Rockets because they both give reliable damage. the order in which to level these two up is situational, if the enemy is pushing alot get the CH-1 CONCUSSION GRENADE to stun them so you can backup or have your turrets do more damage, if the enemy is staying back more get the HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKET any try to get their health a bit down before you go in for the kill

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skills and how to use them

Heimerdinger has many unique spells but they take a bit to figure out and master

This ability doesnt require any skill at all, its just a passive that increases the health regen of Heimerdinger his friendly allies his H-28G Evolution Turrets and the big turrets

These are what really defines Heimerdinger. This skill is all about placement. if the enemy has any AOE effects you need to place them apart from eachother otherwise it will be easy for the enemy to kill them otherwise it is nice to place them close together to have a more concentrated and reliable damage output. These turrets are gonna be your biggest source of damage and will scare of some enemies so they dont run in and nuke you down. The H-28G Evolution Turrets target the closes enemy at the start then they focus on another enemy champion if a ally champion was damaged in the range of the turrets, however this is only after it kills its current target. the turrets will immidiatly switch targets if any source damages Heimerdinger. The turrets will also prioritize other champs minions like Yoricks ghouls or even another Heimerdingers turrets. try to stay behind your turrets so that enemies take damage when coming to you and while retreating. take advantage if a enemy is attacking your turrets to do some damage to him and then lay another after the first turret dies.These H-28G EVOLUTION TURRETs are stockpiled every 25 seconds with a maximum of two (if they are at level 3 or higher). The H-28G Evolution Turret have half damage to towers and inhibulators but this can be made up by their attack speeds. Also your H-28G Evolution Turrets have +50% attack damage for the first 6 seconds they are alive so try not to place them until the enemy is up to you.
* note that the H-28G Evolution Turrets dissapear if Heimerdinger dies
* also note that if you place a H-28G Evolution Turret while you already have the max amount out the oldest turret will be destroyed to make room for the new one.

This is your best poke ability. they can end up dealing near 700 damage maybe even more. It is tricky to learn how to use these because they target the closest 3 enemies including minions and neutral monsters.(ugh always wasteing this abilites while standing in front of the golems) try not to spam this ability too much until you get the Chalice of Harmony because it will really eat away at your mana. DO NOT USE THIS ABILITY ON MINIONS IT IS A WASTE OF MANA. this can be good to scare off enemies while running away and to secure kills with enemies that are running from you (make sure the enemy is closer to you then the minions or golems!!!)


This ability is very useful but very hard to hit. the CH-1 CONCUSSION GRENADE does damage in a small radius and in an even smaller radius stuns enemies. In addition it also moves very slow so it is easy for the enemy to dodge it if aimed poorly. when throwing this aim behind the enemy because when they see this coming they will most likely try to run from it, hopefully right into its blast zone! Also try to use this while the enemy is in range of your H-28G Evolution Turrets to maximize damage. This can also help while running. click ahead then quickly aim in front of the enemy chasing you to stun him so its easier for you to get away.

Heimys ult. this ,to me could be better, but is still super useful. first off its passive gives some much needed cooldown reduction. it also gives your turrets max health, increases their rate of fire, and gives them a slow effect. it also shoots 5 Hextech Micro-Rockets instead of 3 and increases the speed of the CH-1 CONCUSSION GRENADE. This is best used in team fights and when defending from a gank. It is also good for saveing turrets that are almost dead. its best to place down your turrets then use this and then use your rockets and grenade to do as much damage as possible.

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Over the time i have played Heimerdinger i have picked up a good order in which to use your abilities to deal the most amount of damage with an ally or alone.

First get right up to the enemy and lay your first turret, then quickly use UPGRADE!!! and your stun to keep them in range, next lay your second turret and use your rockets. This will slow the enemy down, stun them, and deal massive amounts of damage to them. This works best in a bush that an enemy goes in often. Wait for them to enter the bush before you lay your turrets as the attack speed increase is helpful and the turrets will attack before the enemy gets there giving you away.

(video to come soon)

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Build 1:
This is the build that i have tested over and over again. it seems to work very well.

Staring items
catalyst the protector

First on spawn get a Doran's Ring to help survive in lane. On the first trip back get the Chalice of Harmony to fix Heimerdinger's mana problem. then get Boots of Speed if you can afford it. After that keep getting money until you can get catalyst the protector and Sorcerer's Shoes
core items

Rush the Rod of Ages to get its full affect as quickly as possible. this will give you alot more health and ability power. then go for Zhonya's Hourglass as this will save you many time and is very helpful. use this active when you are being bursted down or heavily focused. it is best to use near your turrets and after your rockets and grenades so they can cooldown while you are frozen. after that finish your athen's unholy grail to get the extra benefits.
late-game items

In late game Rabadon's Deathcap will greatly increase your AP and in turn your overall damage. it is one of the best AP items for Heimerdinger then get liandry's torment to pierce through enemy magic resist and do massive amounts of damage. lastly if everything else is done go ahead and enchant your sorcerer;'s shoes with whatever you like. The enchantments dont do much on Heimerdinger so i dont get them until last unless they are really needed.
Alternate items

If you dont like the play style of Athene's Unholy Grail it can replaced with Archangel's Staff. I havent tried this yet much but it will probably work. If you do chose to do this make sure when you get the tear of goodness keep building that constantly. This means if you are back at spawn throw your grenade and spam that and your rockets in your lane to get to Seraph's Embrace as soon as possible. Be sure not to over use them so you are out of mana when enemies come and dont spam your turrets, keep thm stockpiled. also Rod of Ages can be replaced by Rylai's Crystal Scepter if you want a bit more slow. I wouldnt recomend this because Rod of Ages gives more health and mana and AP. Rod of Ages seems alot more useful to me but its up to you for the final decision.

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Although the close-minded community of LoL says differnetly, Heimerdinger can side-lane effectivaly. He does mainly go mid but doesnt have to

As for support or jungle Heimerdinger, they might work but in all reality normal laning would be much better to fully utilize his abilities. but if you can find a good build and make it work go ahead and do it. As long as you have fun playing Heimerdinger thats all that matters.

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How to lane as Heimerdinger. due to Heimerdingers low movement speed, armor, health, and attack damage Heimerdinger is very tricky to play. Just remember lots of people think Heimerdinger is really underpowered, use this knowledge to your advantage.

In mid-heimy make sure you do not push to far like any other mid your turrets ahead probably at the other side of the river and stay back behind them at mid river. This will give your turrets a good farm, keep the enemy mid back, And let you escape if any junglers come. You can advance and attack the turrets but only if there is no jungler. If you do so WATCH THE MAP because if you are pushed up to the turret you are a prime target for any junglers or gankers. If you just killed the mid-champ or forced him to back you have three options.
    go back to spawn to heal and buy items
    keep pushing the lane
    gank other lanes

It is very easy to leash with Heimerdinger just place your turret right behind the ancient golem or elder lizard and go back to your lane. Your turrets will take the aggro of the buff holder and deal a bit of damage.
Side-lane Heimerdinger

If you are a solo top basically do the same you did for mid except maybe stand at the start of the river with your turrets at mid-river. Make sure you keep an eye on your enemies and know where both are at the same time. If you cant find one back to your big turret.

If you have a laning partner you can go ahead even more. Heimerdinger is a good pusher and can do lots of damage to turrets. When attacking a turret you have two options on how to do it.
    place your turrets outside the big towers range so they keep minions pushed, and gets your minions up to the tower ASAP
    have your minions attack the tower then run up place turrets so they will attack the tower and do alot of damage.

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difficult enemies and good laning partners

Difficult enemies to avoid
  • Any enemy with a pull like Blitzcrank, Darius or Skarner
    These guys can pull you away from your H-28G Evolution Turrets makeing your main damage output useless.Also people like Volibear and Gragas which can throw you away are also dangerous. Try to stay further back when fighting against these people.
  • Any enemy that can outrange your H-28G Evolution Turrets
    these guys like Ashe and Tristana can sit back and pick your turrets off from a distance without takeing any damage from them. Its really hard to deal with these people but the best you can do is keep pressure on the lane and spam your grenade to keep them back.

good Laning partners

Heimerdinger works best with a support. Anyone with a stun like cho gath can help keep the enemies in your H-28G Evolution Turrets range. Also people with pulls and throws like Blitzcrank Darius Volibear Gragas Skarner can push the enemies toward your H-28G Evolution Turrets. This along with a stun from you or the support can lead to massive amounts of damage.

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Ganking with Heimerdinger can be very rewarding. Usually dont gank unless you are in mid and the other mid just backed or died. The best way to gank is to run up the river when they are pushed, then go behind them and place turrets then run forward and use your grenade and rockets to make them back into your pre-placed turrets. This along with your allies should kill 1 or even 2 of the champs in that lane.

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Buffs for Heimerdinger are only used when he is at mid and there is no jungler. When you need and think you can run in the jungle and get either red or blue buff. These will last longer thanks to Runic Affinity from the masteries pages.


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team fights

Team fights are a very important part of games and can make or break a Heimerdinger. First rule of team fights Never go into a team fight without turrets stockpiled. Without your turrets Heimerdinger doesn't do much damage. Lay these as the team fight starts or before if you know where it will be happening. After you have turrets down use your UPGRADE!!! and then your grenade and try to stun the adc or apc, focus them. after that use your rockets right away to maybe hit all of them and do massive damage. Do not initiate with Heimerdinger there are many other champions better suited for this.

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So remember........

  • take advantage of people underestimating you
  • Do not place your turrets up to far
  • never go into a team fight without turrets
  • Heimerdinger is not an only mid champion
  • level your turrets first

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heimerdinger in the future

It has been confirmed that Riot is currently making a visual and a gameplay rework for Heimerdinger here's a link detailing all of the changes
or (not sure which one im thinking the top one but idk.
but in a nutshell its better AP ratio and general bass stats improvment, a different passive that every 4 minion kills the minion drops a scrap which restores mana and reduces cool down by 1 also - the CR from UPGRADE!!! and replace with extra armor for nearby turrets, a free spell, and increased movement speed. and finnally the turrets AI will be completely redone and Heimerdinger will finnaly be ablee to place a 3rd turret again!!!!!

I read up on this and it is currrently on hold but feral pony a riot employee will begin working on it(or give it to someone else) after he has finished the champ he is currently working on.

Hopefully thats soon cause i cant wait for it!!!!!!!!! =)

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Challenge me!!!

Hi i want to see how you use Heimerdinger in a game, just shoot me a friend request and a message on LoL or put up a post and we can see who wins in a 1v1 Heimerdinger battle. I am not saying i am the best Heimerdinger around but i know i am a decent one and just wanna see how you guys play him maybe give/get some tips. I am awaitng your challenge =)

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Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever moba fire guide. Please be fair in rating and leave feedback on how it helped you and what can be improved.


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Change log

guide created
added new chapter Heimerdinger in the future
added the "challenge me" chapter