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Syndra Build Guide by DeathDealer 879

AP Carry STOP! PUT YOUR BALLS IN THE AIR!!-Quick and easy guide.

AP Carry STOP! PUT YOUR BALLS IN THE AIR!!-Quick and easy guide.

Updated on May 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathDealer 879 Build Guide By DeathDealer 879 1 6 4,814 Views 29 Comments
1 6 4,814 Views 29 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathDealer 879 Syndra Build Guide By DeathDealer 879 Updated on May 5, 2013
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how is this build good?

Well for starters when you get Tear of the Goddess you have to play defensively until you get to Rabodon's Deathcap so you will have alot of mana in the start of the game, so when you get Tear Of The Goddess too full charge and when you can do that then buy muramana if not just follow the order purchase, because muramana stacks on your your ultimate. I always get elixirs because i fine them very helpful for cd reduction and more ability power. When you get archangles first you wanna check if you are able to get muramana cause when i bought archangles when i bought manamune when it wasn't full charged it maxed out archangles instead so i don't why though but you wanna max out the first Tear of the Goddess so you can get muramana and the reason why you should get archangles is because its like muramana but different because of each 3% of your maxed mana increases your ability power and also increases muramana which means muramana will do more damage and thats why you also got rod of ages plus archangles gives you a shield when you get it to the maxed so when ur about to die you can use that shield and hopefuly have enough time to stun the person that is chasing you or wait for a teamate to come rescue you. When you get Meja's soulstealer you wanna try to get the 20 stacks so you can get the 15% cool down reduction for your Dark Sphere but if you are getting fed early you can buy the soulstealer first and get to 20 stacks, so you probably can be able to get to easily cast 3 balls down without the combo that i gave you down below plus it gives alot of aility power and its quicker to nuke the enemies adc or support than the combo.

Combo: Q+Q+W+Q+E+R cast your q then cast it again then cast your W on your first ball that you put down then cast your Q again then put down your ball that your holding with your W and use your E and stun them and very quickly use your ultimate if they are half health if not just keep hitting them to half health.

well i think thats about all hope you have fun nuking tanks including squishys!!! have fun hope you like the build! good luck syndra players!!...look up 91DeathDealer91 and Warcrafts on league of legends too look at the scores and how good it is cause i can't get the scores up on here for some reason it won't let me :/

and if you have any tips or anything u want to add please comment it and i will try it out or add it to my guide and say that i got this idea from this person :) and don't forget to upvote or downvote. thanks for having a look at my build
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathDealer 879
DeathDealer 879 Syndra Guide
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