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Syndra Build Guide by anvil_os16

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League of Legends Build Guide Author anvil_os16

Suck my BALLS : Syndra Guide

anvil_os16 Last updated on September 25, 2012
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Im anvil_os16 and this is my first guide on mobafire
This guide is about a new character in the League of Legends, Syndra
Syndra is a new heroe in the league of legends and most people have no clue how to play with her

Before upvoting or downvoting my guide i urge you to try it first
I'm open to critisism regarding my guide, and restructive comments are welcome

for some reason i cant add more than one rune in the ''recomended runes'' section, help me out if you can

If you try this build please send pics to show me how well you are doing with it

This guide will soon be updated

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Pros n Cons


- great range
- great harassment
- snowballs well
- can cast spells while moving
- has some nice CC
- great farmer post level 4
- escape mechanisms (mostly her W + E combination)
- great mid/late game character


- squishy
- REALLY mana hungry
- low movement
- weak early game
- escape mechanisms rely on skillshots
- picked on by champions with gape closers
- needs a good player to reach her full potential

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About this guide

Syndra is an ap caster. She is placed mid.She doent have some insane burst damage, but she has a good poke. Problem is, her spells cost ALOT of mana to be spammable ( in lvl 18 she has just 1000 mana, meaning casting just 10 spells before youre out, go b, miss gold, exp, etc).
Even if you try maximazing her mana pool, its useless, because you lose alot of ability power, and still run out of mana if you spam your spells. And syndra is a natural spammer
This champion is also extremely weak early game, so you cant expect to get a kill in early game, unless your oppoment is a noob

So, i try to make her a monster of sustain, able to stay in fight after fight after fight, until you get killed

The way i build syndra, is making her able to sustain the lane FOREVER (even if you dont do any kills, the exp and gold you get from farming are just as equal)

Thats why the first item i get is Chalice of Harmony, which passive is really great, and then Hextech Revolver. Once you get these two, you stay in lane forever
(yes, no boots until you get chalice of harmony)

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transcedent Urges you to maximize an ability prior to others.

Dark Sphere A spammable spell with low cooldown. Its the core syndra spell. With the dark sheres you do small AOE damage.With it you farm, harass, even last hit someone running behind a wall.Dark sheres are used in all the other spells, so you ought to have always at least one on the ground. Combine sheres with W and you have AOE slow, combine it with E and you have stun. Combine it with your ULTI and you maximize your damage. Max this first

Force of Willtakes a dark shhere, (or an enemy/neutral minion) and throws it away to do AOE damage and slowRemember, when you are out oh spheres nearby, you can take hold of minion, or even the blue/red buff monsters. does not work with dragon/baron/enemy champions

Scatter the WeakI just love this spell.AOE damage and pushes away enemies.Pushing a dark sphere onto an enemy and you stun him. Use it to harass, stun enemies, last hit minions and just to push away enemies coming in meelee distance to you or your allies.Only drawback is its relatively long cooldown.

Unleashed PowerSyndras ulti. Huge damage ouput (even without a bunch of spheres on the ground) Relatively short cooldown.Remember, when you use this spell, 4 aditional spheres stay onto the ground for a short time, which you can combo with the E spell

---depending on your playstyle max Force of Will or Scatter the Weak second. Maxing Dark Sphere first is priority---

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Item Explanation

Chalice of Harmony
The most important item!. Resolves all your mana problems. Has some nice magic penetration, and is updated to Athene's Unholy Grail. Get this first

Hextech Revolver
Ablity power, and spell vamp. Updates into Will of the Ancients. Get this as soon as you can

Will of the Ancients
Relatively cheap, Good AP boost.I mostly take it for the spell vamp. A must, take this as soon as you can

Sorcerer's Shoes
The standard AP casters boots.

Mejai's Soulstealer
This is a so-so item. Its cheap, and its ability power is nothing much. The great about it its is passive. If maxed out you ENORMOUS AP BOOST (even if you dont have 20 stacks), and if your are too good and a bit lucky, with 20 stacks you have 15%cooldown reduction.Just what syndra needs. if you die too much dont take it, instead replace it with Void Staff.Remember, you get stacks for both kills and assists, which means, the more you stay in team fights (and dont die) the sooner this is maxed

Athene's Unholy Grail
Upgrade it from Chalice of Harmony. It has the same passive as with chalice, but with 80AP, 15 CD reduction and dont forget; With each kill and assist you get 12% of your mana back.Sychronizes great with Mejai's Soulstealer

Rabadon's Deathcap
The standard AP item. MUST

Zhonya's Hourglass
The only defensive item on my list.Huge AP boost, nice armor. But i use it mostly for its active effect. Saved me countless times.

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Situational Items


Archangel's Staff
Too much gold, small ap boost. dont buy this NEVER. Some may buy it for the mana it gives, but in my experience no matter how big your mana pool is, its never enough if you spam your spell

Rod of Ages
Too expensive
The health is nice, the ability power is nice. But the mana it gives you is useless (worth about 5 or so spell) and even Catalyst the Protector and its mana and health regen passive is useless


Deathfire Grasp
Nice AP, cooldown reductin, etc.The amazing about this item is its active effect whitch makes your burst unbelieveable. Choose it to maximize your burst. I just like to be more of a spammer

Morello's Evil Tome
Nice item.Good AP, nice Cooldown reduction. I take it mostly for its active, against champions that rely on their healing capabilities, but for this, i choose ignite.again, a good pick

Abyssal Mask
Ability power and magic resistance. It even reduces the enemies magic resistance!Nice item to have, but i always prefer the void staff

Void Staff
If you want, replace it with Mejai's Soulstealer, or if your enemies stack too much magic resistance ( in most games only the tank has significant magic resistance, so i usually do not buy it)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Although i love this item (health, huge AP and SLOW), i find it useless in a champion like syndra who has CC. A viable item, replace it with Mejai's Soulstealer if you

Guardian Angel
A viable item. Nice resistances, but most take it for its amazing passive.Get this if you get ultra focused, intead of Zhonya's Hourglass. In AP casters like syndra if prefer the latter, because of the 100AP boost, but its your choice

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Summoner spells

Flash self explanatory
Ignite for those mother **** leaving with 10HP or so

Teleporta good spell IMO.Following this build though, you plan on staying in fights as long as you can, and not leaving and coming back.
Exhaust good for defence and offence
Heal can save you sometimes or your teamates.but again, with a champion like syndra, if you are found in need to use this spell, youre already dead and will just prolonge your death for about 1 second or so
Ghostpick this if you are going backdoor (with syndra you shouldnt) or if you dont know how to use flash

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Scratching your Balls

in my experience Syndra is a very similar champion to Karthus and Cassiopeia

Syndra being a late game champion and simply too weak in the early game, you play mostly defending. You simply cant have a kill without attempting suicide, or playing against some ultra noob.In ranked play, the latter is not on the plan, so, play defence.
What you try to do in the early stages is to rush for Chalice of Harmony. Once you get this, you stay close to the turret, or even in the midway, but never engage a fight.Stay and farm your way through mid game, when the teamfights start.
Dont forget to harrass the enemy from doing their farm!. In case you are sure they engage in a fight crawl back to your turret and cast your spell while you do.remember, syndra can cast spell without disrupting her movement!If your jungler allows you, take the blue buff, its always helpfull

Now, this is where syndra really shines Remember, when you are in a teamfight, your goal is to poke the enemy team to death.Use stuns to help your carries, deal damage and slows to the enemy, and if you see any of their squishy carries on low health, burst them to death.
your job is to stay behind your meelee allies and spam your spells throughout the enemies.once you stay out of this position, you are as good as dead.your range is your strenght,use it.
a lone syndra is a dead sundra.always be behing a meelee ally. You have good escape mechanisms, but they wont help you in a 1vs2 or a 1vs3 situation.
followin this build, try to stay in safe distance, staying in team fights as long as you can. Your job is not always to do the last hit, but to silently chop down their health.Rushing onto an escaping champion will mostly result in some Warwick going for the rescue. 2 hits k-o, back to base.remember, assists also grant you stacks for Mejai's Soulstealer and will grant you mana through Athene's Unholy Grail passive

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Thank you for reading my guide to syndra.

Soon to be updated