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Build Guide by nebrakaneizzar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nebrakaneizzar

Suddenly, AD Carry Ezreal

nebrakaneizzar Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 15

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This is my AD Carry Ezreal build, Ezreal has been kinda in the shadows latelly, and many people QQ a lot about him, but honesly i think he is just fine, you just gotta play him right

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Pros / Cons

+Great Damage
+Ulti can be a great asset
+can farm nicely
+easy buff with wriggle's
+people will underestimate you
+his Dance

-Kinda squishy
-Ulti does require some skill, and a bit of luck
-No sexy ezreal skin as of today

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Ok, The runes,
for Red: Greater Mark of DesolationArmor Penetration is really obvious as an AD carry
for Yellow: I prefer mp5/lvl, this helps u have a nice mana reserve without much items
for Blue: CDR/lvl, this allows greater spamming
for Quintessences: either do 3x 26 health(Flat Health)
or 3x 3.33 Armor Penetration Greater Quintessence of Desolation

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For masteries I use 15/0/15

It may seem weird, but in offense i get some AD, magic pen, armor pen, crit, and such to help with damage.

In utility i grab mana regen, extra EXP, extra gold, improved flash and a bit of movespeed, all these synergize beautifully with ezreal.

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For items, i always start with a Doran's blade

do wriggle's lantern as soon as possible, it gives survival, damage, free ward, etc
its just awesome, and it gives great sustainbility

Follow up with Berserker Greaves(These can be changed acording to opposite team setup of course

build an Infinity Edge right after, this will give you great damage to get the kills you need(I Choose this over Bloodthirster at this stage because of the crit and its passive, it gives you unexpected damage.

next Build trinity force , start with sheen , then phage , then zeal .

after build Banshee's veil , this one is self explanatory, you can do it before trinity if you need

here ends your core build, the next items are the ones i bought but you can alternate depending on enemy team setup

Next build Last Whisper , 40AD + 40% armor Pen, is great to break those armor items, combine this with mastery and runes and its so great


Build Madred's Bloodrazor instead of big HP chars with low Magic Resist are bugging you

by now you probably sold you doran's blade

at the end sell you wriggle's and do a Bloodthirster , this will give you the nice lifesteal and extra damage.

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Skill Sequence and How to use your Skills

Skill Sequence:

This one is pretty straight forward by i'll clear it up here

Level up Q First
Then level you E
Then finally lvl up your W

Ultimate as always does have priority

How to Use them:

Your Q spell: Use to last hit, to harras, to simply do damage or even to help bring your cooldowns down with it's passive

Your W spell: this one doesn't have much, try to hit either your team to boost their attack speed or the enemy team to lower theirs, does have a plus, which is it gives you one stack of your passive per target hit

Your E spell: basically an Instant flash, use it wisely to position yourself either to run, attack,or even bait and dodge skill shots

your R spell: this one is great, you can finish a running enemy, use it in clusters of enemys for great damage, farm minions from anywhere in the map, steal dragon, steal baron, etc

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Summoner Spells

I always take flash and ignite

flash is great by itself, add your E spell here and u can teleport a ******* MILE

ignite is great for most damage dealing oriented champions, helps u cut of regen and deals true damage

Ghost is also an option, so u be extra hard to catch

Cleanse is also not a bad choice, if u get locked on, just cleanse and use E and flash

Teleport i don't see that much use for ezreal over other spells but some may prefer it

all the other are out of question to me, but as always this is very subjective for some people do prefer other spells

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Farming and Killing

Use your Q to Last hit, and your normal attacks, after u get wriggle you can easily do Blue Golem, Red Lizard, and farm lanes, the passive is great and it can be activated with your Q because its an On-Hit Effect

Also your ultimate is nice to get some extra gold

Take Advantage of your mobility to gank wisely, steal enemy jungle, by mid game be careful of ganks and continue ganking with team, Stay back in team fights, use you Flash+ E combo to dodge enemy carrys and anti.carrys

use your ultimate to initiate team fights to kill running enemys and such

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Ezreal is really underestimated, you can use that to your advantage to kill many enemys

you can easily mid or side lane, although the second option does require more carefulness of your part because your are kinda squishy, but you have great harass so take advantage of that

When you learn your positioning, how much damage you deal, and how to use your skillshots properly you will be a great asset to any team, and you will carry them all to victory

Thank you For Reading, please comment, give your opinion,vote the build
and above all experiment this build and have fun Playing Ezreal.

(this is actually my first build so sorry if its not flashy)