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Jax Build Guide by Tubgirl666

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tubgirl666

Super Spooky Haunted House Jungle Jax

Tubgirl666 Last updated on July 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Haunted house known as the jungle

With revive smite spooky ghost jax, you will become an unkillable spooky ghoul that does **** all of the time because of your 40% CDR. You also have 2 movespeed items on top of your boots, so you can scare them by moving really fast. If that's not enough, you can throw spooky ghosts and they wont have a place to hide.

Revive also synergises with moving really fast and being really spooky because they will think they killed you....but spooky jax will just come back faster than ever. At this point the enemy will probably be scared and run away from their computer.

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How much will my ranked rating go up?

It varies from player to player, but on average... a Bronze V player should hit about Diamond III to Diamond I within about 10 games with this build, varying on skill. This build was so scary in season 2 that most of the items didn't even exist.

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The most OP items in the game.

Welcome to the Jax haunted house, featuring a 40% CDR Jax. The enemy might as well surrender, because they will be too scared of your spooky ghosts and movespeed.

Your attacks also set them on fire, and as a child I was really scared of being set on fire. This kit synergises well because 4 of the items have ghosts in them. Twin shadows is EXTREMELY gold efficient because it has 2 ghosts. Ghostblade also has the word ghost in it and makes you fast and spooky.

With 40% cooldown you can also jump to them more and press e to turn into an untargetable scary ghost that scares them so badly they stop moving.

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How to gank

Step 1 - Go into bush.
Step 2 - Prepare startling message in allchat, something like "BOO".
Step 3 - While message is typed out in chat, left click your counterstrike
Step 4 - Press enter and press q immediately to jump on the enemy, They will more than likely run away from you because you're so scary.
Step 5 - Activate the spooky ghosts to slow them, and chase them. Always tower dive, because ghosts aren't scared of anything, but anything is scared of ghosts.
Step 6 - Call 911 because your enemies in real life may have had a heart attack, and it's good to look out for your community.
Step 7 - If you died, revive and gank the exact same lane immediately, to demoralise them. If your allies ask to report you for feeding, respond by reporting their mothers for feeding themselves ALL of the burgers.

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Thank you, I know how to be pro at league of legends now

You are welcome.