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Sona Build Guide by Zetzuy

Support Support

Support Support

Updated on May 4, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zetzuy Build Guide By Zetzuy 0 7 4,196 Views 8 Comments
0 7 4,196 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zetzuy Sona Build Guide By Zetzuy Updated on May 4, 2013
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Sona is a strong DPS support. Sona has to be played aggressively to be played effectively. She has very low base health and can be killed rather easily. Positioning, safe play, and map awareness are a big part of every Sona player. If your micro is weak i suggest picking up a support role as your micro will improve as you lane against different bot lane match ups. Macro and Micro go hand-in-hand in this game.
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Sona Abilities

You always start Q with sona. The reasoning behind it: Allows for stronger level 1 fights and invades. Allows you and your adc to pick up double golems with ease. You can charge up your power chord before getting into lane & it gives you the ability to trade effectively on bot lane against your lane opponent. Your heal should be maxed first as it is your sustain in lane. I will get more into what "sustain" really is futher into the guide. When you activate any of sona's abilities you gain an aura around sona. Such as magic and armor resist, more ad and ap, or more movement speed. These aura's are a big difference in the early parts of the game. After three abilities have been used sona gains a power chord. Her q power chord deals double damage and can be used to zone effectively. Sona's heal power chord reduces damage and can be used to prevent counter harrass. Auto attacks matter, even if sona's auto attacks deal 67 damage they stack and they are effective to get one in... One free auto attack is free damage and its always accepted.. I will talk about sona's ult later in the guide. Sona's E is a delicate abiliity it gives you very little movement speed but this movement speed can be used to land one free auto attack on an adc thats about to CS or to try to gain some lane presence. But.. when you get the power chord.. its a 40% slow that's very strong. because that slow can turn into a bot lane exchange.. and can turn into you zoning the enemy or landing that ULT. Don't focus on the E so much until you have mastered lane presence.
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Lane Presence

Not just with Sona but with every support you must maintain lane presence. What does this mean exactly? It means don't stand behind your adc. Don't be a wimp and dont be afraid. Know what you can do to your enemy and what they can do to you.. give them respect and make sure they respect you. Now... when you have lane presence don't take free damage.. Don't eat ezreal mystic shots, dont take lulu glitterlances, dont take nunu ice blast's.. one you have this down.. your getting a bit better. Now we trade, and win our lane. when you trade you don't use an ability and walk away. your not dealing free harrass your trading and you will recieve damage also.. its called the enemy counter harrass. Since your harrass will be stronger than their counter harras you will push them back. Maintain a strong mana bar.. dont just heal your adc every time they take poke because you won't have mana left to trade. dont Q every time you have it up.. you need to auto attack.. and you need to do it effectively without taking free damage...Remember to keep track of your Passive because that's what makes sona... sona.
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Ahri, Soroka, Sona, Renekton, Irelia, etc. These champions have sustain. Now, sustain doesnt mean your going to win your lane.. it means after all the pots are gone. You now have another way of gaining health. In Sona's case.. yes, you have sustain.. but that doesnt mean you heal every time you take damage.. unless of course.. you have the mana for it. When the pots are gone.. your sustain starts to kick in and you will slowly start to win out on trades because you can heal small portions of the "mistakes". Supports with shields prevent the mistakes and supports with heals fix the mistakes. So try not to take damage so you have plenty of mana to fix those little mistakes that happen.
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Counter Play and counters

I don't normally reveal my secrets for bot lane match ups. But please.. you must know every single champion in the game and every single champions abilities. You must know every single item in the game and you must not be going to champion select to look for counters and how to counter champions. You just have to know the basic of every champion to know how to apply counter play. Now sona.
Sona has no escapes and can be engaged on with hard CC with gap closers and can be killed with burst damage. That counters Sona. So what supports do well against sona. lets name three strong ones.. Leona, Alistar, & Taric. Leona: Leona at level 1 will take her Q. Which means she can deny any ward you place in her brush so always try to bait out her ward denial by baiting her Q with an explorer ward or warding before she reaches the tip of the brush. Your job level 1 is to have massive lane presence and deal tons of damage to leona. Start Faire charm to get that mana back.. Q all day level 1 its worth it.. at level 2 if Leona has less than 3/4 health its going to be tricky for her to engage with zenith blade. have your damage reduction aura up. If you ever get zenith bladed on you must flash or you will take way too much damage and lose lane presence. You don't have to flash if your positioning is good.. but most likely just flash. you can goo 100% to 0 in no time with just 3 autos from enemy adc.. not counting abilities. yea you'll die. always maintain presence and use your damage reduction on the enemy adc if leona enagages on your adc. once your leve 6 and leona enagages on your adc you must position yourself quikcly to ULT both leona and her ad even if you have to flash to do it. you'll win the skirmish. If you have no presence leona wins the lane.. if leona misses zenith blades they lose the lane. Now lets talk about alistar: You both have sustain, so you will most likely be at high health most of the time.. now you have to have strong lane pressnec level 1 as well same with the leona lane. If you hit level 2 first go in for a heavy trade. Its worth it. Make sure to keep ali at low health with your auto attack and force him to waste mana healing. if he haslow mana he can engage all that well. if you ever get headbutt pulved by alistar your most likely going to die.. he enagages once to burn your flash and once more to kill you.. so please.. maintain yourself away from alistar.. and try to harras him levels one-3 and then switch focus to harrassing enemy adc. at level 6.. if he ever engages drop the CC on both him and the ad.. same as with leona burn flash if you have to. Positioning is key. Now lets talk about taric: In a taric lane you want to focus only one target.. and taht target is not taric.. By all means tho.. if the taric sucks and he is out of position just punish him with a power chord and a q.. he should back away.. but dont do that after first back because his shatter max just makes him too tanky. focus on auto attacking the adc every time they CS or trying to maintain your lane presence.. taric lands a good stun on you .. you will take tons of damage.. have your slow, or your damage reduction ready for when taric stuns your adc.. easy way to do this is to have 2 stacks on your passive when he stuns just E and auto him.. he should be slowed enough to not be able to walk up to your adc to shatter.. allowing your adc to recover from the CC and you can now quickly change aura's. Go to your W for that armor and MR you give your adc.. and then for the counter harras. auto attack and then q both taric and the enemy adc.. W again to get the passive for damage reduction and auto the enemy ad again. and back away from any further trading. I will tell you biggest secret on bot lane. Doesn't matter how well you know your champion.. Don't ever react to the enemy.. be pro-active. know what to do before it happens.. if your lulu, you know if taric lands a stun you have to do three things.. shield your adc, glitterlance taric so he can't walk up to shatter and poly morph the enemy adc. If your taric and sona slows your adc.. you need to stun enemy adc. If your alistar and taric stuns your adc.. you need to pulverize him so he can't shatter your adc and you need to headbutt the enemy adc away to he can't land DPS.. All of this is part of being a support. Every role and position in this game is important.. And all the positions teaches you something different.. so find the one you like the most.
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Sona's ult is very powerful and can turn team fights and bot lane skirmishes around.
in team fights you focus the DPS and drop CC on viable front lines targets. In bot lane you want the most burst damage from you and your bot lane ADC. Don't hesitate to use your ult.. if you think about it.. you'll fail. Just do it.. its better to die trying to make a play.. than not making one at all.
Flash-ulting is really good one your good at positioning. Always remember that in the first 10 minutes of the game before your ADC gets a BF sword.. It's all about the Support. I play support for "Division Zair" and I'll be glad to invite anyone for Mechanics training At any time during the day. Just comment with your summoner name, and bring your adc or support with you. Good luck on the fields of justice.

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