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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by voidflame

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author voidflame

Support Fiddles.

voidflame Last updated on February 28, 2012
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Anyways, hey I'm voidscythe, a lvl 30 player who primarily jungles. I do play support somtimes, but I found the role so boring, I wanted to spice it up a bit. I mean really all you do is stand and heal. Or if you're Leona just stun 24/7. Henceforth support Fiddlesticks.

I came to share this with the MOBA community because its my best working ******ED IDEA. At any rate, DO NOT play this in ranked (otherwise you'll probably be reported). Play support fiddles for some solo queue fun. I do not condone or support playing him as a main in any way, shape, or fashion. Keep in mind, that he supports AP better than AD, but no one puts AP bot. Unless you're Team Crs and put Annie on bot...

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Pros / Cons

-Can still deal good damage with your ultimate, Crowstorm. In other words, you still deal damage during teamfights unlike other supports.
-Has two long range CCs to let your bottom lane partner get kills easier.
-Reduces enemy MR. Counter Soraka's passive anyone?
-Can use various support items well and has a degree of synergy with some of them, such as Abyssal Mask or Will of the Ancients.
-Fun imo.
-Strong early game harass.
-Can solo dragon without Smite. (Not recommended).

-Can't sustain your bottom partner.
-Slow move speed.
-Will get flamed for trolling. May be reported. I am not held accountable for anythin that happens to you. HUE HUE HUE HUE.
-Get focused. Get focused. Get focused.
-Passive not great with an AD bottom partner until you have teamfights.
-Will get downvoted if making a guide on him. D:

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Why not lane fiddles? Why not jungle?

You might be wondering, "Why can't I just solo top/ mid Fiddlesticks or jungle him?" First things first, SOLO TOP FIDDLES? BLASPHEMY! Just kidding. Let's face it, Fiddlesticks isn't a great farmer in lane although he has great sustain. But compared to other AP carries like Ahri, Malzahar, Swain, Anivia, etc. his farm looks pretty bad. They'll earn more gold than him. Deal with it. So if you're not going to earn gold may as well play support an let a better champ AP mid for you. In solo top, again not a great farmer and his pathetic movement speed won't save him from ganks with a raging Udyr running at you with speeds faster that Usain Bolt.

Now, why can't we jungle Fiddlesticks? Simple. He sucks in season 2 new jungle.He went from like tier 1 to tier 4, because he's slow in this new jungle. Not only is he slow, but this slow clearing means he ganks later than the other junglers. He doesn't earn gold in jungle as well as other junglers either an can get counterjungled like mad. And he can't counterjungle them either. Trust me, you are not stopping that mad fed Olaf anytime soon.

In other words, imo he's a subpar laner and a subpar jungler. Let someone else jungle and mid. Let him be a subpar support if you have no supports on your team.

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I go 9/0/21. 0/9/21 works too. You need 21 in utility for Scout , extra gold, and extra mp regen an XP. Supports tend to love utility. I just go 9 in offense for CDR, AP, and more MPen for Crowstorm.

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I take Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for more Magic Pen for early game harass and later on, crowstorm damage.

I get greater seal of replenishment and Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration for early and late game mp regen. Depending on how much you spam spells early on, get more greater seal of replenishment. If you're good at managing then 9 Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration is fine. You can go 9 of any of them in just about any combination if you ask me. Your preference. You can also get Greater Seal of Armor to keep yourself alive against the enemy AD carry.

I like Greater Glyph of Ability Power for some AP, which you don't get a lot of in the build. You can also get the scaling AP ones, but again, I like to capitalize on Fiddlesticks strong early harass with Dark Wind. Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction is alright, but you get tons of CDR anyways and these are expensive runes, so let's not.

Finally, I get Greater Quintessence of Ability Power. Greater Quintessence of Health works too. Or Greater Quintessence of Gold for more gold. Even though you have tons of gold items...

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Summoner Spells

Good summoner spells

Flash is good for escapes and chasing. It can go over walls. Great spell.

I take Heal because Fiddlesticks is not a sustained support, so this is helpful. It's good in teamfights an can save you and your carry.

I like Clairvoyance too since it gives vision, can't be destroyed, and saves money on wards. But with enough common sense, wards, and map awareness, I feel Heal is better.

Average summoner spells
Exhaust can help by weakening the opposing AD carry or keeping someone in Crowstorm.

Ignite deals more damage, but you do not want to KS your carry.

Teleport is ok, but much better for solo top and mid champs.

Ghost if you don't have Flash unlocked yet. Otherwise, why get this? you already have shurelya's reverie.

Bad summoner spells
Revive is a big no no.
Smite is bad since you're not jungling.
Promote = borderline useless. Only AI gets this. And even they know its not good.
Surge isn't that good. WOW some free AP for like 3 seconds. Wait forever to use again.

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Ranked Play

Don't play ranked with this. End discussion. (Unless you're platinum elo and you're so good we can't even begin to comprehend your strategies.)

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Let your AD carry on bot take all the creeps. Do not auto attack. You do not want to push your lane up. Don't last hit minions unless your carry is dead or recalled. Again, try not to auto attack too much, to prevent pushing.

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Dread is a great passive as it reduces MR of nearby enemies. Handy during teamfights for your AP carry. It also makes Soraka's consecratoin less useful. Too bad consecration gives 6 more MR than you reduce...But I digress. Good passive and really fun if bottom lane with an AP.

Terrify is a long range, single target fear for 3 seconds when maxed. This is enough time for your carry to kill the enemy or at last put in tons of harass. It essentially makes a teamfight a 4v5 for 3 seconds. Max this first to increase the duration of the fear.

This lets you sustain yourself. Keep in mind you can't move or use other skills without cancelling Drain. But that's the neat part ;) You can Drain minions for HP and cancel the spell to prevent last hitting. This does push the lane, so use it sparingly. If you terffiy and enemy, you can Drain them for free damage on them and health for you. Max this 2nd for more damage and sustain.

More like Dark Win. Anyways, long range CC again. The range on it is huge an early game against the enemy squishy, this along with your AP runes creates a powerful early game harass.

AoE damage. DO NOT initiate teamfights with this. Wait till it starts and head on in. This is powerful and with Heal, shurelya's reverie and Randuin's Omen, your teamfight will be amazing.

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Keep in mind, you should always ward up your side of the map. Buy two wrds at the beginning of the round and ward these bushes.

Also ward the dragon with a pink ward after your first recall.

Here's to show where you should ward as you earn more gold. Circled in pink areas require a Vision Ward and areas circled in green need a sight ward. If your wards are dying prematurely, your enemies have either a Vision Ward or Oracle's Elixir. In either case, kill whatever it is. You too can grab Oracle's Elixir to kill enmy wards.

(Mirror the jungle wards for other side of map. You can ward enemy jungle if you wish and have extra gold).

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Starting off is pretty standard support stuff. Ditch the two potions and sight wards if they have roaming Evelynn , Twitch ,or jungle Shaco or Twitch. You get 3 gp/5 items an you upgrade two of them. Just sell your Frostfang later as it is beneficial early on for gold and AP. We won't build this into anything. Get Glacial Shroud early on for armor against the enemy AD carry. You might notice I ahve Frozen Heart and ranuin's omen, creating a very armor heavy build. But most team comps these days in this meta are primarily AD, so it's fine. Plus Spirit Visage and Abyssal Mask provide a sufficient amount of MR.

Keep in mind, this is a general order but can be changed depending on the scenario. As support, get wahatever will help your team the most at the time.

I'll be going over the main core build. Understand that as a support, your core build is not set in stone and you can use the situational items (dependin on the scenario an what your team needs) instead to replace a lot of the items (or all of them). This core build is simply a build I use a lot as it is balanced and is good for most team comps and enemy team comps. It provides good utility, support, and survivability (lets you be tankier).

Good boots for early CDR letting you spam spells more. Sorcerer's Shoes aren't great I think because you don't deal tons of damage.

Good item early on for survivability, more sustain, and early on CDR to spam spells more.

shurelya's reverie
Good support item, more sustain, nice active for chasing with Crowstorm or escaping.

Good item for AP, MR, an nice passive. The passive synergizes well with Dread. Helps your AP carry deal more damage.

Here's some armor at long last. The active plus Crowstorm is very disruptive during teamfights. Can be replaced with locket of the iron solaris or Frozen Heart (explained in greater detail next section).

Frozen Heart is one of my favorite items. This gives some nice CDR and mana. Build a Glacial Shroud early on to help survive against the enemy AD carry. Good against attack speed heavy teams.

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Situational items

Remember, if your teammates want an item, then get the item. The core build is in no way set in stone and you can get a lot of the following items if it benefits your team.

Locket of the Iron Solari builds from Heart of Gold. The active I feel is only good in earlier teamfights and isn't great later on. It is however cheaper than Randuin's Omen. This is a must if the enemy has a Karthus as this can save you from Requiem.

zeke's herald is good for supporting your AD carry. Get it if your AD carry needs it, or your team is pretty AD heavy. It won't benefit you much, but you're support so you can't be selfish.

Zhonya's Hourglass is alright as you can Crowstorm an survive. Just keep in mind you won't do anything during the active so you can't help your team.

Aegis of the Legion is a very good support item as well. Get it if your team is squishy and needs some more resists. It also gives your team more AD. Very nice item. It's better to get this early on as thee stats aren't as good toward late game. Probably my favorite non core support item.

Soul Shroud is alright. More health, mp rgen, and CDR. Get it if your team is pretty AP heavy.

Will of the Ancients lets you support your AP carry and lets you sustain and deal more damage. Great item. You can use this in your core build if you want.

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Some scores/items

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Overall, support Fiddlesticks is fun, but not a great pick on bottom lane. I hope you enjoyed this guide! Upvote if youe like it, downvote if you don't. (But please read lol).