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Sona Build Guide by SwelteringMuffin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SwelteringMuffin

Support Sona - Dropping Beats On Your Enemies [7.23]

SwelteringMuffin Last updated on November 29, 2017
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Sona Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Waterwalking

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Unflinching
LoL Rune: Revitalize

+6 Attack Damage or +10 Ability Power, Adaptive and +15-135 Health (at levels 1-18)

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Support Role
Ranked #1 in
Support Role
Win 55%
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

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Support your teammates by dropping mad beats on your enemies!

Check masteries above.
Check tips & tricks below for useful information on Sona gameplay and chapter items for reasonings.

You start by buying Spellthief's Edge and Faerie Charm which both are used for your first item Eye of the Watchers.

The mp regen from Faerie Charm makes you not have to waste your gold on potions, for Sona it's totally great because her mp converts to hp when using your W. Mid and late game it's so amazing, many enemies don't expect such hard heals by building full AP with the right cooldown reduction items, the AP build makes you poke very hard and heal a whole bunch.

The key is to outsustain your opponents by healing your teammates frequently, know your positioning, poke alot with your Q, use basic attacks to activate your passive, proc Tribute on Spellthief's Edge and it's upgrades, and most important have fun playing Sona and make everyone dance to your beats.

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Sona is a champion based on healing other allies, therefore you opt for the keystone mastery Summon Aery.

  • We choose Summon Aery because it further helps your protect your allies with the shield it provides aswell as poke enemies harder when you damage them.
  • We choose The Ultimate Hat because you will further decrease your cooldown on your ult giving more opportunities for cross map plays.
  • We choose Celerity because the movement speed will help you with your positioning in teamfights, you also get some AP based on bonus movement speed which is pretty useful.
  • We choose Waterwalking because the movement speed will help you when warding in/around the river, plus you'll get some scaling AP which is always nice.

The remaining points are put in the Resolve tree, this will grant you alot more healing and safety.
  • We choose Unflinching because this will give you more safety when your summoner spells are down by granting you tenacity and slow resistance, even more so after directly using a summoner spell.
  • We choose Revitalize because your heals/shields will be stronger, even more so when allies are below 40% hp.

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START items:
Spellthief's Edge -> Gold, Mp regen, AP and extra poke dmg
Faerie Charm -> Extra Mp regen early game, very useful
Warding Totem -> Vision*
*Swap to Oracle Lens at Lv9 -> great for vision denial preventing tp flanks, keep track of cooldown to use it directly when available try to cover as much map as possible whilst it's active

FIRST item: Eye of the Watchers
SECOND item: Ionian Boots of Lucidity
THIRD and FOURTH items: Ardent Censer Athene's Unholy Grail

- CHEAP and most effective way to max cooldown reduction
- AP, working on your AP pretty early gives you epic heals and poke
- EXTRA POKE damage for your allies
- GREAT gold income
- WARDS four of them, vision of dark places to get knowledge where enemies hide giving you safety or surprising the lonely enemy with your team
- QUICKEST in combat boots so your health bar stays safe, can't touch this
- GREAT sustain (mp and hp) early game, even better hp sustain later in game

Watchers: 10% cooldown reduction
Lucidity: 10% cooldown reduction
Ardent: 10% cooldown reduction
Athene's: 10% cooldown reduction
Total cooldown reduction: 40%
Useful because: reduces your ult and you can spam Aria of Perseverance much faster during teamfights
This is the max cooldown reduction you can get with items in game.

After the first four items you mainly focus on AP.

FIFTH and SIXTH items: Rabadon's Deathcap Seraph's Embrace*
*This item is transformed from Archangel's Staff

- Highest AP per one item slot
- All your abilities are purely based on AP (thus OP heals/shields, OP damage from Q/passive, and epic speed boosts)
- The shield active can save you if you get jumped on in teamfights

Whenever over 1.25k gold get a Needlessly Large Rod unless finishing a big item:
Rabadon's Deathcap Seraph's Embrace*
*This item is transformed from Archangel's Staff

When building these items get the AP things first.

When the game you're in doesn't want to end: get Elixir of Iron or Elixir of Sorcery, also if you've finished all six items you may consider selling your boots straight into Rylai's Crystal Scepter to get the extra spicy burst and extra tankyness, you won't be lacking movement speed because late game your E will be much more effective

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Skill Sequence

Max out skills in this order: R>Q>W>E

Start with Q, poke enemies, lowest mp usage
At lv 2 go W, heal yourself and teammates, gives shield for 1.5secs
At lv 4 go E, movement speed for yourself and all teammates
Ult at lv 6, 11 and 16 as usual, lower cooldown and stronger damage

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Get Exhaust and Flash, no discussion. Both can get you out of sticky situations but can also get your teammates to kill the exhausted person really easy as it reduces their movement speed, attack speed, armor, magic resist and damage dealt for a good 2.5 seconds

Ionian Boots of Lucidity will provide 10% cooldown on summoner spells.

10% summoner spell cooldown reduction gives you room to play a bit more aggressive
Flash has a cooldown of 300secs. -> 270secs.
Exhaust has a cooldown of 210secs. -> 189secs.

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Pros / Cons

- Very strong long range double poke
- Huge long range line aoe stun to turn around fights
- High healing sustain to siege towers and get objectives done easier
- Great movement speed aoe to chase enemies, bail out or out rotate enemies
- Nice special effect with basic attack after every third cast skill, suitable to last skill used

- Squishy: no biggie Ionian Boots of Lucidity Song of Celerity Exhaust Flash all your (deep) wards and your masteries make it easy to escape

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Vision & General Gameplay

Before I start talking about where you should exactly place your wards as a support or any role you're playing as, I want to give insight about certain topics that alot players forget or are not aware of.

First of all, what is vision?
Vision is information of the map that your enemy team may not know about, basically you're talking about advantages.

Two examples are:
- You have a ward placed in the river. What does this mean? This means you can spot an enemy champion, most likely the enemy jungler but also the rest of the enemy team, since anyone may roam to other lanes at almost any point.
- You have a ward placed between the blue buff and gromp of the enemy jungle. What does this mean? Not only can you spot the enemy jungler/rest of their team, but you have vision of the enemies jungle camps aswell. Meaning you may know the route or where the enemy jungler may be/has been.

Once you have your vision you need MAP AWARENESS. What is map awareness and what is the important factor that goes with it?

Why do we want map awareness?
- Knowing in what situation you are in
- Where your champion is located
- In what kind of dangers you may be
- What you're risking

You want to know in what situation you are in because you don't want to die from a gank or a roam. Therefore the other important factor is being aware of what the enemies team composition is (aswell as your own team). This means you should know what the enemies are capable of doing.

For example the enemy jungler is Kindred or Nidalee. You should know these champions have a wall hop. This means your wards that give you protection from being ganked may get bypassed and giving you false hope of not dying. You should not only be aware of the enemy jungler because roams, spells and champion skills that have teleports may get you in trouble too.

So how do we get good at knowing in what situations you are currently in?
- You get map awareness by looking frequently at the minimap
- Frequently is like once every 10 or so seconds

I never look at the minimap, is this a disadvantage for me?
Yes, this is definitely a big factor. You can train yourself by looking more frequently at the minimap. You don't have to look every 10 seconds at it if you find it too distracting. Try looking at it atleast once every 30 seconds, then start lowering it for yourself.

When you've checked your minimap you must immediately think about certain things and inform your teammates in an efficient way.

When do I inform my teammates?
- You inform your teammates when enemies are missing for about 10secs

How do I inform my teammates quick and safe?
- Use your ping functions on the minimap
- In options when you press esc, hotkeys, communication you have Alert Ping and Retreat Ping
- When you press your hotkey for either Alert or Retreat, aim it at the location on the minimap, hold your mousebutton on the minimap, you may drag it around and release it for more ping options such as On My Way, Missing Enemy, Danger, Assist Me.

For example, your top laner has placed a ward in the top river. The enemy jungler goes through the top river and you notice this. What should you do as a support in the bottom lane? You can ping Danger at the location where you spot the enemy jungler so that the rest of your team notices this too. Once you know this information of the enemy jungler being in the top river, you also know that you're most likely not going to be ganked. Unless there's some kind of teleport factor that you should be aware of.

If there are 3 enemies in the top lane that means there can only be 2 enemies in the rest of the map. Therefore you may make plays in other lanes, play more aggressive, try to push out waves, get a tower and take jungle camps on the way back if you're in the position to do so. Otherwise your team should rotate to other lanes to save towers in the top lane.

Now that we have a better understanding of how it all works. Let's talk more about vision, wards and how to use your wards efficiently.

Possible options:
- Stealth Ward -> from Sightstone or the upgrades from it
- Vision Ward -> 75 gold in the shop
- Farsight Alteration -> at Lv9 from Warding Totem
- Rift Scuttler

All of these options are used in a different way.

- Stealth wards have a limited use. Per champion you can only have a maximum of 3 on the map at the same time. Therefore you should use them wisely and efficiently. Don't place 2 wards on the same location or near each other, try to spread them around and place them in bushes so that if an enemy goes in a bush you or your team can still attack them. Place the wards for protection if you're being pushed in, or try to place them in the enemy jungle for deeper vision, without risking to die, around the OBJECTIVES that you're going for (towers/dragon/baron).

- Vision wards are wards that give vision, but are visible to enemies if they spot them. They last forever until poked down by the enemies, they give vision of enemy stealth wards and stealthed enemy champions. You can only have one of these on the map per champion. They aren't free so try to protect them by attacking the enemy. They are used to deny vision of a certain spot, so if the enemy team wards nearby you can clear out that ward. The best use for it is to place them in bushes where they will last long but give good information.

- Farsight Alteration are wards that give vision but are visible to enemies if they spot them. Don't waste them by putting them in a bush where there is already a ward. Keep track of the cooldown and spam these in any bush for deep vision. It is also effective to place them in bushes of your own jungle, they are more likely to last longer but can still give vision of enemies invading your jungle.

- Rift Scuttler, take these with your team whenever dragon or baron is a possible objective for either team. This vision cannot be removed using Vision Wards or anything, so enemies that are about to do dragon or baron will be spotted either way. Also it gives a nice movement speed buff that may help you win teamfights that break out.

When you ward be careful, it is not worth dying to place a ward. It is also not worth going halfway across the map to place a Vision Ward, you lose too much time running around and you'll fall behind on xp/levels/gold. However it is worth if your team is about to make plays on that side of the map.

Placing Vision Wards when on blue side:

Placing Vision Wards when on red side:

Recommended Stealth Wards when doing dragon:
*Blue squares are Stealth Wards placed by blue team, red squares for red team

Recommended Stealth Wards when doing baron:
*Blue squares are Stealth Wards placed by blue team, red squares for red team
*The darker coloured squares are optional

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Tips & Tricks

- You got a huge long range line aoe ult which stuns all enemies in it for 1.5secs it's a great tool to initiate fights or get enemies off yourself/teammates to get to safety

- Your Q has a very long range, targeting 2 nearest enemies, prioritizing champions, use it alot to harass your enemies, if the positioning allows you, try to get both of your Q bolts on champions

- Your Q won't damage enemies if you have no vision of them (in bushes), but will damage them if you activate Q before enemies go in a bush without vision

- Your W heals yourself and the most wounded teammate in range, gives yourself and teammates a shield for 1.5secs, the shield size is about as much as your heal, try to time the shields before taking damage for maximum effect

- If the enemy team has atleast 3 magic damage champions you may wanna suggest Spirit Visage to your top lane and/or jungler because the person with the item now receives more healing from anyone in the team

- Your great mp regen masteries makes you able to sustain and help your team when needed, even when low on health you simply spam some W

- Use your E for movement speed aoe, you can tag teammates to activate it for them, great tool to catch up on enemies, get quickly away or out rotate your enemies

- After every 3rd skill casted you gain Power Chord selfbuff from your passive, depending on which skill you used last you get a special basic attack effect, you can use another skill to change the effect, Power Chord selfbuff only removes itself upon doing a basic attack

- Try proc-ing your Tribute passive as much as you can from Spellthief's Edge and it's upgrades to gain more gold and complete your build faster

- Power Chord Q deals 40% more damage, Power Chord W reduces enemy damage by 25% (+4% per 100 AP) for 3secs, Power Chord E slows enemy by 40% (+4% per 100 AP) for 2secs

- Ask your jungler to duo dragon at lv 3, make sure your adc plays safe when you leave, your jungler and own hp is 90% or higher, have atleast like 30-40% mp and have two points into Q and one into W, use your Warding Totem (Trinket) before starting make sure you come from the top side/blue buff side so it's not obvious for the enemy team where you went, once started spam your Q onto the dragon and spam your W on your jungler (don't overheal), throw in some auto attacks while you don't heal and your Q is on cooldown, make sure to stand safe and don't get hit by the dragon, if you didn't get too low go back to lane

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About Swelteringmuffin

- General
This is my second guide, if it helped you in any way, like by voting or leave a comment for questions/feedback :D

I play on the NA server with the username SwelteringMuffin (previously X_Ploxinator_X)

I mainly play support. Beside the fact that it's the fastest to queue with, it's a really easy role. You don't really have to worry about last hitting minions. It is an easy role, but to be great at it you have to do alot for the team. I like playing unusual support champions, because people don't know what to expect when you change a champions standard role/lane/build which can be beneficial for your team.

I have also played alot of jungle. It gives a good knowledge on when to exactly gank and how to bait your enemies perfectly into death as a laner. Since I play alot of squishy supports I've learnt how to bait enemies very well, provoking them or sometimes showing that lv5 champion mastery is enough to get them greedy.

Because of how much I've played as a support I have a good understanding on how the bottom lane and synergy between AD and support works. This is one of the reasons I like to play AD aswell.

Aside of all that, maining support has taught me how to efficiently ward, bringing the most vision to your team. This is something that I've transferred to other roles aswell, warding efficiently, because vision is not only the supports job, it's a team job. Once you get the hang of warding efficiently you will automatically work on your map awareness. Having map awareness made me know very well how to rotate around the map and when to take turrets, dragons or barons.

If you like Sona you may also like Soraka and Kayle.

- My guides
Tahm Kench:

- Milestones
2 June 2015: Creation of guide (Soraka)
24 July 2015: 100k champion points on Soraka, wooooo!
28 August 2015: Creation of guide (Sona)
9 October 2015: Creation of guide (Tahm Kench)
14 November 2015: 100k views on Soraka guide, aww yeeaa!
14 November 2015: Creation of guide (Nunu)
2 December 2015: Creation of guide (Kayle)
6 December 2015: 100k views on Tahm Kench guide, woop woop!
6 December 2015: 100k views on Sona guide, double woop woop!
18 December 2015: 500k views on Soraka guide, keep on healin' keep on healin'!
24 January 2016: 500k views on Tahm Kench guide, don't stop licking :P
1 February 2016: Creation of guide (Jhin)
3 February 2016: 100k views on Nunu guide, let's build this snowman!
12 February 2016: 100k views on Kayle guide, keep on smackin' with your sword!
10 March 2016: 1M views on Soraka guide, a small loan of a million views.
13 March 2016: 100k views on Jhin guide, load, aim, headshot!
31 March 2016: 500k views on Sona Guide, heal, speed, burst, repeat!
16 May 2016: 2M views on Soraka guide, that's quite a bit, but we heal more with one W! >:D
9 July 2016: 500k views on Nunu guide, stay frosty.
16 August 2016: Creation of guide (Bard)
24 August 2016: 1M views on Tahm Kench guide, Lickitung would be proud of this.
3 September 2016: Lv7 mastery on Soraka!
29 September 2016: 500k views on Kayle guide.
29 September 2016: 100k champion points on Sona.

- Champions I like to play
Tahm Kench

Xin Zhao

AD bottom:
Miss Fortune