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Sona Build Guide by sockahcack

Support Support Sona Patch 8.1

By sockahcack | Updated on January 22, 2018

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The Ultimate Hat
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Adagio, summoner.
Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Sockahcack and this is my Sona guide. I started playing Sona shortly after the start of season 7 and she has quickly become my favorite champion. I played her to get into gold and you can too! I will provide all information needed to kick some butt in ranked with Sona. If you found this guide to be useful or terrible please leave a comment and share with your friends. Now let's do this!
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

+ High damage
+ Long range
+ Big heals and shields
+ Easy to learn and play
+ Amazing in team fights with her ult
+ Big personality

Sona is a very simple champion to play so it is easy to unlock her full potential. She is a massive lane bully while still providing sustain. She is the queen of team fights. All of her abilities buff allies and her ultimate can cc the entire enemy team. We cannot forget her amazing personality either!

- Squishy... less than 500 hp level 1
- Mana problems early game
- Only hard cc is ultimate
- Can only be played as support
- Ganked easily, no dashes.
- May become attached emotionally

Sona has some glaring flaws though. She is so squishy. In the early you die quickly if crowd controlled. Sona also has no hard cc abilities other than ultimate. Her e does provide move speed but she is still vulnerable to ganks. Most importantly, you might fall in love with a fictional character.
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Summoner Spells


Flash: This is required on Sona and 99% of champions... so yeah take it.

Ignite: I usually prefer exhaust but ignite is great for early kills and to reduce healing.

Exhaust: This is what you will be using most of the time to protect yourself and your silly adc.
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Kleptomancy abuser
  • Kleptomancy: This is my favorite rune for Sona for 1 reason, MONEY! Kleptomancy works so well with Sona for the same reasons it works well for Ezreal and Gangplank. It is easy to use with Sona due to her long range. Q, poke, repeat. You may be wondering if taking another rune like Summon Aery would be better. It does provide slightly higher damage and shielding but it's not worth it. Kleptomancy allows you to get Tear of the Goddess faster and you do a lot of damage anyways. The consumables gained from kleptomancy help you stay healthy in lane as well.
  • Biscuit Delivery: Who doesn't love the idea of free biscuits?
  • Magical Footwear: Gives you a free pair of shoes and increased move speed. Reduces the cost of upgrading as well.
  • Cosmic Insight: I love this rune because it gives more cdr and more cdr is always good on Sona. Reaching 45% cdr is extremely important so you can spam your keys as fast as possible. You may be wondering why I do not take Celestial Body to fix Sona's low hp problems. I do not take it because it lowers early game damage and limits my cdr to 40%.
  • The Ultimate Hat: Sona's ult is very important because it is her only hard cc ability and is crucial for team fights. Keeping it on a low cool down is a must.
  • Transcendence: This gives you free cdr and grants ap for excess cdr. Sometimes Sona will have excess cdr with her build so transcendence is very efficient.
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How the Magic Happens

  • Power chord: This is one of my favorite passives in the game because it gives the player 3 different choices. After Sona uses 3 basic abilities, her next basic attack will be granted a bonus based on the last ability she used. In lane, using your passive with your Q does M E G A damage. Her W can reduce burst from assassins and her E is similar to Wither. Make sure to use her passive wisely according to the situation.

League of Legends Build Guide Author sockahcack
sockahcack Sona Guide

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Support Sona Patch 8.1