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Vi Build Guide by Blackfog24

Support Support Vi For real men and ladies who support

Support Support Vi For real men and ladies who support

Updated on January 16, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blackfog24 Build Guide By Blackfog24 33,952 Views 0 Comments
33,952 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Blackfog24 Vi Build Guide By Blackfog24 Updated on January 16, 2013
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Reasoning and format.

I have had time to work with vi during this free week and I was able to actually play some games as support with her. Now at first she doesn't sound that special compared to conventional supports, but believe me she has her place. Her level 6 cc and damage output is actually higher than your adc and you can literally melt the enemy adc before they can even flash. She also has good gap closers, but as everyone knows it is essential that vi gets frozen mallet otherwise she cannot stick to targets. Once she does attain this though she will be a pretty tanky support who deals a lot of damage. As vi support you hold one role and one role murder the adc or whichever squishy is fed. And the shocking is she can do just that quite efficiently. The only problem you will have with vi is her early game. She has no sustain abilities and you have to be good at positioning your e. Now the goal of this support guide is to move away from the idea of support aura kill laners and just go for a straight up assassin support. So before you decide to go away from this page I would like you to think about this. As a support you are usually targeted last (in most cases) this plays into your advantage because you will constantly stack denting blows on the fed enemy you are targeting. And because you are tanky enough you will still provide a meat shield for your carries and go down usually with an enemy or two (if they indeed decide to focus you).
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Team build

This is pretty simple to explain so I won't take long to discuss this section. You are highly dependent on having a jungler/top laner who has really hard cc, that would cause the team to split up (i.e. nunu ult/ amumu ult). Which will give you an opening to murder something. Remember you can also create an initiate with your ultimate, but you are more prone to die that way. If you do initiate try to keep your q handy for an escape if need be.
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Try this build out and try to get used to her playstyle and tricks. Most importantly be patient guides don't mean YOU ARE going to win it is just something I noticed that works if performed correctly.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blackfog24
Blackfog24 Vi Guide
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Support Vi For real men and ladies who support

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