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Syndra Build Guide by Anuq

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anuq

Syndra - Carry yourself up

Anuq Last updated on December 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone, welcome to my Syndra guide.

In this guide I will try to show you how to build, play and master this awesome champ -> Syndra. Going through the guide you will get every information you need about her as well as some bonus tipps. Syndra is defenetly one of the strongest mid champs in the game since she is not only dealing high dmg as well as having four awesome ablities, she is also very hard to counter and to play against. So, have some fun going through here and if there are any questions left or if you want to give me a feedback, feel free to comment my guide !


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Pro's and Con's

Lets go on with Pro's and Con's

+ Very high burst damage
+ Individual stun every few seconds
+ High carry potential
+ Easy lane pushing/farming
+ Ability to one-shot enemies
+ Especially in ranked almost never played/banned
+ Really hard to counter

- Squishy
- No real escape ability
- Hard to master
- Abilities can be avoided

-> Although she is one of the best midlaners in the game, she has got some weaknesses. She deals high dmg and with her abilities she can do a lot of cool stuff, but never the less she is very hard to master and especially in lategame-teamfights, you really have to pay attention on what your doing, because you can loose control over this champ really easy and just click somewhere with loosing sight for your targets. Since she is kinda squishy, you should also look where you stand in a fight. You will find more information about teamfighting and positioning later on.

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Runes & Masteries

They basically explain themselves. Masteries are not very special, just going through the offensive tree and picking up some points into defense.

The runes are for my playstyle the best one's I would say. They give you some mr for the early game as well as some good amount of AP and Magic-Pen. Armor could be added if your up against heavy Ad champs. Keep in mind that you don't have any armor if u take the one's I showed you, so don't get harrassed by auto attacks to much. A more detailed explanation will follow later on in this guide.

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Syndra got four fantastic abilities to make the lane really tough for your opponent. Let's go through them and see what you can do with them.

First one is Dark Sphere Dark Sphere This is your main ability with Syndra. It has got a low cooldown and still deals a good amount of dmg. But there are two special effects this ability got. First you can cast it while moving which is defenetly usefull if your have to run away or chase. Second you can manipulate Syndra's spheres with her other abilites.

Going on with Force of Will Force of Will With her W we can take either a neutral monster (minion/jungle monster) or one of her Spheres. You will mainly use it to throw her spheres around, either dealing dmg or preparing for a combo to stun you enemy with you third ability Scatter the Weak.

Her third ability is Scatter the weak Scatter the Weak With this ability Syndra can knock back her enemies and her spheres. If an enemy gets hit by on of her spheres he gets stunned. You can use it either to escape or to make a nice comco to get you enemies stunned or even killed if you can follow up with her other abilities.

Lets talk about ther Ultimate Unleashed Power Unleashed Power Really a great ultimate to burst you enemy down. It deals dmg depending on the number of spheres you have. Syndra has got thress spheres around her all the time and her q spheres will also count for her ultimate. The max. number of spheres you can use is seven, but it's still enough to get an insame burst.

Burst combo - ability combo's

With your Dark Sphere you mainly poke the enemy. You can use either a Dark Sphere+ Scatter the Weak combo to stun your enemies or get your spheres into position with Force of Will to aim your stun.
Past lvl.6 your should always try to stun your enemy before you use Unleashed Power to get your full burst out. At max. Cdr you can have seven spheres at the same time, try to get a feeling how to time it to get max. dmg.

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They should explain themselves, read notes as well. It is important to get a feeling how the game will go on. Don't rush Deathfire Grasp if you realize your not totally winning your lane. The good thing about Syndra is, that you always deal a lot of dmg. For defense I prefer Zhonya's Hourglass if you need to survive a burst, but pick up Rylai's Crystal Scepter if u need more sustain. You can also take both and leave Void Staff out since you'll have a good amount of Ap anyways. If you have an easy game you should make use of it and rush offensive items like Deathfire Grasp and Rabadon's Deathcap.

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Lane phase and Teamfights


Syndra has a very strong laning phase because she is very hard to play against. You can poke constantly with your Dark Sphere and even ganks are hard against her if you manage to lane your Scatter the Weak properly. If your up against very squishy champs like Karthus, Nidalee and so on, you should try to autoattack minions and get lvl 2 as fast as you can. Take Scatter the Weak at lvl 2 and try to stun your enemy. Follow up with Ignite and another Dark Sphere to get an easy kill. If your loosing your lane, stay back and farm with your Dark Sphere and Force of Will. You can also push your lane up to the enemy turret and go bot or top to maybe get some kills there. Think about rushing shoes to roam faster if you realize you won't get kills in mid.


In teamfights you really have to look out what to do. With a full burst you can normally easy kill the enemy adc or ap. Stay back and let the tanks take the first burst of dmg. When you see your chance land a good stun and take down one enemy. Never the less there are still four enemies after you killed one. Support your team with good stuns and try to land as many Dark Sphere's as you can. Remember to get your spheres into position with Force of Will.

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Revision - What should I do now?

This is just a little revision of the guide. I hope I was able to show you why I love Syndra so much and why she's such a strong champion. So let's summ up what we've talked about.

Syndra is a really strong Mid-Laner because she is very hard to counter and got tons of dmg. You can poke your enemy all the time with your Dark Sphere and every couple of seconds you have a stun. Once you reached lvl. 6 you're a kill-monster. Her huge burst if very good to controll your lane as well as taking important tatgets down in teamfights. But always remember: If you have a hard game, take some defensive items and try to get kills somewhere, always try to farm as much as you can and turn around games with your high teamfight potentioal.

With this being said I hope you enjoyed my first but not last little guide here on mobafire.
Special thanks and regards also to my friends from "The Jesters"

Have some good games and enjoy this awesome champ -> Syndra