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Talon Build Guide by elnino9

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author elnino9

Talon - assassin's creed.

elnino9 Last updated on September 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My experience in League Of Legends with Talon

Talon no doubt is one of my favourite champions on the league, it's been some time now since he's been around and I think some of us should get back to him because he can be quite a reliable champion to have in a team and he is an awesome assassin. Assassin is by far my favourite role because I like the role of stealth, going in there, quickly getting your kills and come out of there safely. This is Talon.. the shadow blade :) I hope you find this build interesting and I wish you would do great in games just as much as I have won in games with Talon ^^

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Talon hides in the shadows.. and attacks with suprise, Just like Altair.

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The assassin's might.. Tips and Tricks with Talon.

Talon no doubt is a killer, a very strong assassin who has some crazy damage output on the enemy. His job is to gank, control his lane without a problem using Rake to his advantage. His job is to kill and save allies with rake or silence the enemies to stop them from doing anything. Talon relies on all his skills. If he focuses on one champion, that champion is long gone, he would be chopped to pieces if you play Talon correctly. With these masteries.. runes.. and items, you as an assassin, would do some crazy damage. This build mainly focuses on damage output and survivability.

IMPORTANT ---- Talon should NEVER enter a fight first, he is not the one who should start a fight and I HIGHLY recommend you stay behind your team. let them go in first, only attack first when you know you're going to win the fight. come in there with all your skills and rip your enemy to shreds. I explain how you do this in the next chapter "So how do you fight your enemy..? (Laning and ganking)

It is very important you don't miss your W, as part of Talon's passive, your W is very important to slow the enemy and his passive gives him more damage to kill the enemy, don't miss your W in the team fights, use it wisley. If you do miss it don't panic, stay back and don't fight unless you get CC'ed by Leona's ult, Malzahar's ult, warwick's ult .. these kind of ultimates that makes you stay in your place .. then you're in trouble. use your ultimate or cuthroat to escape. Remember to try not to miss Rake as it is important to land it correctly.

Here is an awesome Penta kill with Talon, notice how he uses rake and the amazing damage he deals, Talon is a magnificent champion :)

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-He can do alot of damage if he focuses on one enemy.
-His abilities are super awesome.
-He's a reliable teammate to have as an assassin for great ganking and laning.
-His farm is amazing, using Rake to your advantage.
-He looks like altair from assassin's creed, awesome.
-He has lovable skins.
- You can use your E on their minions to escape enemies, similar to Katarina's shunpo, but you can't do it on your own minions.
-You can use your ultimate to escape.

-He can be a bit squishy at times.
-If he gets focused, suppresed, imoblized, there would be a problem.
-He relies on all his abilities all the time, but that's not necessarily a bad thing and is a small complain because you do have the cooldown boots and brutilizer to do the most damage you can.

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So how do you fight your enemy..? (Laning and Ganking)

First off, Talon can deal so much damage to one enemy like you would not believe. his skills are magnificent, he is a true killer. Rush in with your Q activated, then press E on your enemy, this will automatically hit the enemy with Q when you press E on them doing so much damage, then press R for your ultimate ability and walk towards where he's running away, if he isn't running away, spin around him and wait for cooldown, you can reactivate R to bring the blades back to you if he's low hp.. but you can easily use your W after your first activation on R. and that would bring the blades back to you and you would hit Rake and destroy your enemy, slowing him and giving him no chance.

So here is how you do it:
Activate Q (It's better if they don't see that you activated it, activate it inside a bush) after you activate Q, E, then R, and then W, then hit him with basic attacks and by then he should be dead. if not then you have focused a champion you shouldn't focus such as a tank, this is mainly a good combination of using these skills on AP carries and AD carries or even AD bruisers, it could rip them to pieces easily.

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Masteries and Runes.. So why do I pick those specific ones?

I like to use attack damage runes mainly because I want to have a good early game.. I get armour penetration a little early, mainly because I have already so much damage and lifesteal from my Hydra. I know some people prefer armour penetration as marks but this is mainly focusing on how I play Talon, you can go with the runes you wish to go with, having a bad early game is also not a good thing, you want to have good early damage so you can become a huge threat later on, armour penetration for quintences. attack damage marks are the way to go guys :)

Seals I pick armour, it's important to have good defense against your enemy, buying warmogs at the end does help increase that little gap of survivability that you need.

Glyphs I pick magic resist per lv, it's always the good choice to use those instead of just flat MR glyphs, they're just not as effective as this, late game MR is highly needed.

Okay, so for masteries...

Why do I pick these masteries? well, first off, Talon needs the armour penetration in offense from attack speed and also to put cooldown 2/4, this is because you would want to use his abilities fast as he clearly relies on his abilities to win a fight. you need your abilities ALL the time, Buying brutilizer and boots of lucidity does help since they both give you cooldown which is awesome. you could dominate right in the beggining of the game, especially with that early tiamat. the rest are armour penetration masteries and increase attack damage dealt, which is essential for Talon.

You are playing a balanced talon with amazing attack damage, amazing speed, and amazing survivability ^^

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Items Order, why I pick the Items I choose.


An excellent starting item for Talon, gives great sustain, great damage and you can stay in lane longer. I go two Rejuvenation Bead for early sustain with a ward and a Health Potion --- I get Ravenous Hydra after I get my The Brutalizer

I just freaking LOVE these boots. they are excellent on talon since you always need your abilities up, follow this up with The Brutalizer and you get tons of CD and damage.

Okay so Black cleaver is an incredibly amazing item for Talon, it's everything that talon needs which is why I buy this item right after last whisper, It has Attack damage, armour penetration, cooldown, health, and the same old passive and it works brilliantly!


Last Whisper is an incredibly great item, you need armour penetration, if you see that the enemy is not building armour you can go The Bloodthirster and destroy with your Ravenous Hydra combination. you would have tons of lifesteal from both items which is why I like to get last whisper. your choice though.

Alot of you might be tilting your head right now.. why Infinity Edge
Infinity edge is incredibly amazing on talon, you can burst down enemies rapidly in quick succession and do lots of damage in teamfights. there is no reason not to get this, with your Last Whisper and with your other items, you are guranteed decent damage.

I love Warmog's Armor on Talon, it just gives out so much survivability and you can do so much in teamfights without having to be worried about dropping low health. your Ravenous Hydra will keep you alive with the lifesteal, Infinity Edge and Last Whisper will destroy anyone with armour and crit enemies with an insane amount of damage, and your Ionian Boots of Lucidity and The Black Cleaver gives you great Cooldown to keep spamming your abilities!

Can't get anymore perfect.

HOWEVER, you can always go Youmuu's Ghostblade by end game and buy it instead of warmog's armour if you believe that the additional Cooldown, damage, active and crit is needed. I highly prefer it because of it's incredibly decent damage. Worth grabbing this item. It's all about your personal choice by the end and how you choose to play with your items.

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Thank you guys for watching over my build I hope this helps in a way to really do awesome with the amazing Talon, I hope you win many games with this build, glad I could help ^^ It would mean alot if you could give me feedback on this build and rate it, means alot, thank you :)

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The Legendary Talon.

Truly one of the best assassins in the league, Talon is a beast :)