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Talon Build Guide by Code00

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Code00

Talon - Do not play with blades

Code00 Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey guys I don't have much to say here but I'll still say it. This is the first guide that I've ever made. I usually browse in mobafire for builds about champs but since Talon just got out there weren't really a lot of them.

So why did I choose to make a Talon guide? Well simply because I freaking love playing with him. He's a melee assassin with huge burst damage, a flash that silences enemies and a stealth skill that makes him go faster and shreds enemies apart. Those were the things I've always dreamed to have on a champion and now I got it.

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Pros / Cons

Nice harassing skill ( Rake)
Epic burst damage
Great ganker ( Cutthroat)
Good mana usage
Nice ult that deals very nice dmg and makes him invisible
The guy looks badass.

Vulnerable to CC
Item dependant
High cooldown on skills early game.
Going to be focused very fast if you do well.

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Greater Mark of Desolation: These runes are basically a need on any AD champion as it gives a good advantage during the whole game, especially early game where every point of damage counts.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration: Although Talon isn't a very mana costly champion, these are still nice so that you can keep spamming your skills non-stop without having to fear of running out of mana.

Greater Seal of Armor: These are very handy to have early game since Talon is very squishy. The reason why I pick mana regen over armor is because you will probably spam Rake during the whole laning phase and when you get hit it's because you are killing the enemy champion.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: Talon is mainly an AD melee caster. The only problem with that is that his cooldowns are pretty high early game. These runes will fix things up and will enable you to spam your skills more oftenly. Of course, if you have IP issues then Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction are also fine.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: These will help you deal even more damage early game and completely shred your enemies armor if combined with Greater Mark of Desolation.

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The usual masteries for AD champions, except archaic knowledge since Talon doesn't deal magic damage. Thanks Chazn2 for telling me that.

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Summoner Spells

This is my favorite. It's a great escape mechanism and it's great for ganks. Also, it is a killer if used right with Talon's ult.

Very useful skill. Very handy for making carries useless, catching that runner or slowing down your chaser. The slow from it is also works with you passive making allowing you to hit a little bit more on the target.

I don't usually pick this but it's useful for early game kills and to neutralize those annoying healing skills during the game.

Good for escaping with or without your ult or to chase someone which I don't think will happen a lot since they will die before they can even move.

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Any basic attack on a target that has a crowd control effect on it will deal 10% more damage. This passive isn't the greatest ever but the 10% bonus damage on your basic attacks is still handy. It's useful during the laning phase where you can hit minions or champions right after using for bonus damage.

It boosts the damage of your next hit, makes the target receive damage over time and grants vision of it. This deals a good amount of damage on hit and works naturally well with Cutthroat, , and. There is also the bleeding effect which is like an . The vision given by it also makes it hard for your target to run away.

This is your bread and butter skill. This thing attacks all units in a cone in front of you and slows them down (just like ). It's great for farming, harassing and slowing down runners. The cooldown early game is a bit high but it can still be spammed without a problem. It's damage is also very good and scales well.

Always use this to engage enemies or for ganks. It's basically a flash that silences the target which means more damage from your passive. The target also receives a little bit more damage from your attacks and skills which makes it all the better. It's the perfect gap closer and can also be used to juke if used well.

This is your ultimate. It throws out blades to make a circle when you activate it, damaging units it goes through and after a few seconds, the blades return to you, dealing damage to units it goes through again. Also, while it is on, you become stealth and gains bonus movement speed. The skill ends after a few seconds or when you attack an ennemy. This skill is incredible. You can use it for almost anything. The blades deal a good amount of damage just by going out so you can kill that annoying runner that has about 200 hp left. When you pull them in it will damage anything in it's path so if you are next to an enemy he will get hit pretty hard. The stealth and bonus movement allows you to escape or position yourself during a team fight. It also has a very, if not the shortest, ultimate cooldown in the whole game.

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Skill Sequence


The first thing you will want to max is . It is your main farming, harassing and damage skill (before you get your ult). The damage per level and cooldown reduction is significant while the mana cost doesn't go up by a lot. It is also your only ranged damage dealing skill apart from your ult.

Next is . The main reason is to reduce it's cooldown and have the bleeding effect deal more damage. This will have less than 2 seconds cooldown at level five so you can spam it all you want during a team fight. The cost also doesn't go up by a lot you don't have to worry about mana issues.

Last is Cuttroat. You will probably only use it to engage enemies so only one point in it is enough. The damage received and cooldown reduction per level are also not significant.

Also level your ult whenever you can for obvious reasons.

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This first item will give you some bonus damage output early game and a 100 health bonus so that you won't die too easily. The 3% life steal can also come in handy.

Boots as second item is mainly to help you harass in your lane. It can also save your life when being chased or help you get a kill if you're the one chasing.

Your attacks will start to really hurt when you have this item. Increases your damage output, gives you some cooldown reduction and shreds 15% of your opponent's armor.

It gives 10% cooldown reduction. Talon is an AD caster. That's all I have to say. You can also
pick Mercury Threads if the other team has a lot of crowd control.

This is probably the core for this item build. The reasons are pretty simple. It gives you bonus movement speed, a 25% chance to slow which works with your passive, some health to make you less squishy, mana for your mana needs, damage to make you hit harder, attack speed and critical chance in case and some mana regen. However, the real reason for this is the base attack damage increase by 150% for your next attack. It will make your
a freaking nuke which will deal about 600 damage on hit.

You already have so why not make a ? It gives you more armor penetration, cooldown reduction, damage and some crit. The active is also useful when you need to use basic attacks, run away or chase someone.

With this, you gain even more damage and 40% armor penetration, making a total of 60% armor penetration and 31 points of armor penetration from runes and masteries. Armor will almost mean nothing to you and you will shred everyone apart with this much armor penetration.

This is mainly for the life steal. It will allow you to stay longer in the field and return to the base less often. The damage bonus is also great so you will hurt even more.

By now you will probably be focused a lot and this will solve your problems. It will give you a good chunk of health and also some magic resist. The unique passive is also blocks a spell every 30 seconds, which could save your life.

This item could replace but I think the later one is more important. Talon isn't a critical hit champion so the critical chance and the passive won't be of much use. The life steal from is also pretty much a must for me because you won't be able to kill a lot of things before you have to go back and heal.

This could also replace but my reason is the same as above. The health bonus, attack bonus and passive are very useful but it doesn't change the fact that you need a way to heal without having to going back after every fight or jungle minion kills. also offers a chance to slow so that is why I don't pick this.

I would have picked this item to go in my build if the armor reduction from it's passive didn't reduce the effectiveness of the % of armor reduction.

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Playing as Talon

Early game all you will do is play defensive and try to farm and harass with . At level four, you will have Cutthroat which means that you can play more aggressively. However, just keep on harassing your lane opponents with until they start running low on health. Then try to find a chance and kill them by using Cutthroat>>. This combo will deal atleast a good 500 damage if done right. You can also add if you are level six after that combo.

Mid game you will start to roam and take part in team fights. There are a few things you should know during team fights. You should never ever ever initiate with Talon. The only thing you will accomplish is getting killed in a second and having your team rush in afterwards and also get killed.

In ganks and team fight you should do the same combo:
Get in the fight with Cutthroat, then use and on the same target and finally if your target isn't dead yet or you are trying to kill another target or you just need to run because you are being focused. You can also use whenever you are almost dead to save your live.

There is also a combo possible by using . After you activate your ult, use so that you are positioned at an angle where all the blades will pass through your desired target and then use to activate the second part of your ult and make all those blades stab your target to death.

If you are successful then you will completely dominate late game and everyone will start running once they see you.

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This is pretty much it for this guide of mine. I can put up some match history pictures if you want to and update it's content when needed.

Also note that this guide is meant to use Talon as an AD caster like and not like some auto-attackers like .

Please leave some comments below and have a fun time.

Okay so I had some free time and I added some pictures of my match history with this build