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Talon Build Guide by rakiri

Jungle Talon jg guide

Jungle Talon jg guide

Updated on February 19, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author rakiri Build Guide By rakiri 2,328 Views 0 Comments
2,328 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author rakiri Talon Build Guide By rakiri Updated on February 19, 2024
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Runes: Assasin

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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Unleashed Smite

Unleashed Smite

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Champion Build Guide

Talon jg guide

By rakiri
Default is rapors - red/krugs - red/krugs --> gank top/mid if possible --> wolves - gromp - blue --> gank mid/bot if possible
General gameplan
Talon requires a very self-centered playstyle. While early ganks can work, you should never go for any flip lvl3 ganks, unless they are guaranteed to work, as falling behind is equal to being worthless. Focus on gold income as much as possible, below high master just not dying is all you need to gain more gold than the enemy jungler.
In general, players below ~gm will be making A LOT of mistakes, so all you have to do it understanding what those are and punishing them. You will commonly run into situations where enemy jungler is just randomly starting an objective or is lvl3 at 4 minutes without ganking anything, so always watch out for this kind of things and act upon them, those “reactive” plays are honestly all you need in order to climb, there is no need to force anything that is not guaranteed ever.
Early game
Talon’s first big spike is dirk after the 1st recall, which you will obtain after doing a full clear + raptors and krugs or full clear + successful gank. At this point Talon is pretty strong, especially if you take ignite, so try to find an opportunity to use it – invade enemy jungler if you have prio and he isn’t stronger than you, gank an overpushing adc, take grubs or just continue farming if nothing else is viable. Also don’t waste your time on dragons early game unless you have NOTHING else to do (no camps up, no need to recall, no possible ganks) and your team is going to help with it – drakes take too much time early game, give no real benefits till soul and can easily lead to your death – they are really not worth it and you can also aim to invade enemy jungler or just kill him if he does try to take it himself.
Mid game
In mid game your gameplan is very simple – get a lead and start snowballing. At this point you have ½ items, which is your strongest point in most games. Aim to find picks and to find skirmish angles, especially those in which you have an advantage, if you play properly and enemy team doesn’t have braindead champs (eg. Maokai) or even stronger skimishers (eg. Belveth) then you can carry every fight, especially if you find an opportunity to one shot a squishy. Also don’t forget that farming is still important – you can get camps very quickly and invading enemy camps is very easy with talon e so don’t underestimate the benefits of hitting camps. You can also start looking for free gold on sidelanes, as your teammates will often just aram for no reason or ruin the wave states for no reason, so keep it in mind. At this point drakes also aren’t that bad and they are a way of easily baiting the enemy team to take a bad fight, so try to utilize it.
Late game
Late game your plan is very similar to mid game, except you should start focusing on getting picks. When you have ~4 items doing camps stops being as important (though you should still 1 shot a camp on your way to get a free ms boost from the pet), and getting picks is the only reason Talon has a positive wr (sometimes). Enemy team WILL misposition, they WILL randomly overextend and they WILL forget that you exist. Always look at the map to see if there’s a juicy kill available and try to find good flanks before fights, even if the objective is spawning in 30 seconds (not surprisingly enemy team will most likely not even think about the objective at that time, not to mention making vision). Sit at bushes and always watch out for a random redditior adc facechecking you, coz they will be in most of your games and they will be the reason you will win.
Crazy elo hack
The easiest way to quickly improve is... watching good players and analysing what they are doing differently than you and why. You should also watch your vods and look at which point the game becomes hard, as this will often show you what's the problem in your gameplay (following bad plays of your teammates is also your fault, not theirs!).

Also those "good players" are not random youtubers with "coach" in their name - instead watch actual chall players who have a clue about the game (eg. Agurin, Kaostanza, Veigarv2)
Just press button according to vibes etc. and play more, there is nothing complicated in Talon's combos lol
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League of Legends Build Guide Author rakiri
rakiri Talon Guide
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Talon jg guide

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