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Talon General Guide by Synixer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Synixer

Talon Jungle Why? Beacuse he can

Synixer Last updated on February 4, 2013
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Hello guys. Im Synixer. a avrage ELO uene player(eune... yes the server were you will have to carry your team 90% of the time) i made this guide. cause i usually play solo top. but i got forced to jungle once(i alrdy locked in as talon...) and well... it went really great. i got fed and we won. so i tought id share how to do it.

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Talon Jungle?

well Talon jungle... must be one of the most unplayed junglers. well he is a great jungler. your E alows you to make superior ganks. W will slow then and your Q will do massive damage. you are fast. and a assassin. you can stand ready to gank. and BOM assassinate like you schould silence them(so theey wont scream hehe ;) ) Q (THE DAMAGE) then W(hey there. dont run ;) ) chase them (they will 90% of the time be low) and just wait for another W to finish him/her.

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21 points in offense is obvious; we're an assassin, so we want to kill things, not get more survivability.

Fury is a bad mastery for Talon. He doesn't benefit at all from attack speed, so I choose not to take any. 4% cooldown reduction isn't much, but it helps more than the attack speed would, so I take that. Summoner's Wrath helps with last-hitting and your damage in general, and I take Butcher just for the last-hitting help. Deadliness provides a small boost to our level 18 AD and is necessary to take for Weapon Expertise . Havoc isn't a terribly good mastery still, but it's been buffed since season 2 and is now more viable, and now you pretty much HAVE to take it to advance the mastery tree as an AD caster, so I put points into that too. Brute Force , Sunder and Executioner are all obvious choices; more damage, while Brute Force and Executioner are both great help with last-hitting too.

In the utility tree, I take Meditation to help with Rake harassment. Wanderer isn't as good as the season 2 equivalent Swiftness was, but it can still help you at times, especially during ganks. Summoner's Insight could very well save your life with a reduced cooldown flash; it's unlikely, but the only other option is Improved Recall , which is even less likely to save your life. Mastermind will decrease your Flash's cooldown by another 12 seconds and your Ignite's cooldown by 8 seconds. Not terribly good either, but the only alternative is Expanded Mind , which only gives you 4 extra mana each level... Yeah, I'd rather have a lower cooldown on my summoners, thanks. Next you have two choices; Runic Affinity , or Biscuiteer . I leave this down to personal preference, and personally, I prefer Runic Affinity . My reasoning is that Biscuiteer is a small boost to your very very early-game, which may or may not be necessary. If it doesn't end up being necessary, you just wasted a mastery point. Whereas Runic Affinity is useful throughout the whole game, and you should usually be getting all the blue buffs.

credits for mastery desciption goes to Vapora Dark

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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration. By far the best marks you can take on Talon. ArPen deals more damage than flat AD both early-game and late-game, and the fact that they now synergize with Last Whisper makes them even better now than they were in season 2. The only down-side to these marks is you will have weak last-hitting, which I make up for with Butcher .
Greater Seal of Armor. To an inexperienced player, these may seem like a weird choice to bring into mid lane, but more experienced players will recognize why I recommend these. Any good ranged opponent will constantly harass you with auto-attacks. 1 auto-attack may not seem like much, but I've seen meelees with no armor in mid lane get brought to 60% HP in 10 seconds with nothing but auto-attack harass. Armor is necessary on any champion who is susceptible to receiving auto-attack harass.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. The enemy mid is most probably going to be a magic damage based champion, so it makes sense to bring more magic resist to help dominate the lane. CDR glyphs are also viable, but these are the most optimal choice.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. These are godlike on Talon. Along with boots, these bring you to 392 movement speed at level 1, 399 if you take Wanderer . It makes harassment with Rake and initiation with Cutthroat much easier, and also scale best into late-game than any other quintessence. However, if you know you're going mid against a meelee champ, for example, Diana, then mobility becomes less important, and winning trades becomes more important than ever, due to her tankiness. In this match-up I personally prefer to take ArPen quintessences, for crushing the lane extremely early on. Another viable option are flat AD quintessences. They don't deal as much damage as ArPen, and don't scale as well as movement speed, but it helps with last-hitting. I personally make up for this with Butcher , but for beginners who need more help than that these aren't a bad choice.

credit for description goes to Vapora Dark

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now to the jungle part

start at blue buff. ask for a hard pull (you will need some help) proceed to wolfs. then go to wraiths, last will be red. you will be lvl 3 now. and quess what... you can alrdy gank! here is how xD :

you are fast. and a assassin. you can stand ready to gank. and BOM assassinate like you schould silence them(so theey wont scream hehe ;) ) Q (THE DAMAGE) then W(hey there. dont run ;) ) chase them (they will 90% of the time be low) and just wait for another W to finish him/her.

ok so later game just go gank when needed. try to take the buffs. give away red to adc if asked BUT dont give away blue. you are veary dependent on it!

mid game you will do the same as first gank. just after combo ULT if needed and they will go down(remember speed boost when ult so dont be afraid to chase)

remember to sell the machete. late game. and why dont upgrade it you ask? to a madreds? or a wiggles lantern? you dont need it. thats why ;) the blood tirster is 10x better for you.


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