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Yasuo Build Guide by Synixer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Synixer

Yasuo You Cannot Escape The Wind top/mid

Synixer Last updated on December 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! so Im Synixer. i am a gold Elo player from EUW. i make this Yasuo guide on release date so ill update it further. i just want to get it out there for new Yasuo players who wants to play him. However i cant say i am more qualified than any other player to estimate how to build him. but ive had great success with him so far

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+Insane Mobility
+Nice sustain with passive shield and ranged poke
+High Kill Potential in almost every match up
+If your'e E correctly you can escape almost any gank
+your W can block Kata ult, ez,jinx,ahri charm and alot of other attacks
+Sexy lol... and animations are just awesome

-Ult is very skill dependent. its hard to land it right at least in teamfights
-its easy to miss use his E to screw yourself
-Skill dependent... he has a high skill cap
-Squishy mid/late if not build't correctly

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So i am running blues cdr, ad reds, armor yellows and lifesteal quints. cdr cause its nice to be able to Q early and gives a nice edge to the game. ad reds cause... we need ad ofc, armor yellows cause late game. ls quints for early game. with dorans you can basicly yourself from 50% hp to 100% in 1.5 minions wave. you might want to switch blues with Magic resist if you feel more comfertable with it.

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we go 21/9/0 taking some more cdr for more ability spamm(late game ur Q is really insane spammable) the rest if just for AD and is ordinary for almost all ad characters. we take 9 on def tree for more defense for sustain.

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ok so we start dorans blade. cause of the 6% lifesteal its a real nice item to start. i recommend it 100% in all situations. next we get boots. mobility and attack speed is key on Yasuo. our passive gives 2x crit. taking shiv next for the crit, attack speed AND the amazing is shiv passive works on our ranged attack(q) which does insane dmg. next we go for vamp scepter, for the lifesteal sustain. after that IE cause it stacks on passive and the dmg boost is just insane. now we need more attack speed and what isn't better than a botrk? well ofc a bt gives more lifesteal but mate attack speed + lifesteal + AD = WIN so botrk is a viable choice. after botrk we take Ravenous Hydra for more Lifesteal and again the passive works on your ranged attack which makes it nice to farm and in teamfight. last i recommend abit of situation. i ordinary go for a Frozen Mallet or GA mallet for hp but if u think GA is the best countering the enemy teamcomp take it instead.

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Skill Sequence

ok so we max Q ofcourse. its ur main harass and its the one skill to sett off your ult if you dont have malph,vi or any other knock-up champs on your team. you can combo your Q with your E by first E dashing and then Q to pull off a 360 winds slash kinda like katarina W .next i take E over W. mainly cause of the additional dmg is really nice to use to last hit minons and champions. last our W. its not bad and the passive is good 2. but we want to take it last cause its not much used. our ult we ofc take on 6-11-16

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i recommend Flash and Ignite. you don't need ghost cause you got insane chasing/escape with Dash on E. you might take smite if u jungle but this is top/mid guide. i dont have much else to say really. flash is nice for situations you need it and ingite is awsome for end kill. you might take barrier against heavy hitters like fizz or diana.