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Talon Build Guide by iShinku

Talon - No Mercy For The Weak

Talon - No Mercy For The Weak

Updated on February 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iShinku Build Guide By iShinku 6,179 Views 1 Comments
6,179 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author iShinku Talon Build Guide By iShinku Updated on February 18, 2012
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Thank you for taking the time for reading my second build on Mobafire.This time,the guide is for Talon,The Blades Shadow.
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Greater Mark Of Desolation x9 - Perfect throughout the game.The carries that get armor JUST FOR YOU will now be rendered useless,and this helps throughout the game

x9 - Perfect for early game sustainability.Solo top is usually tanky dps,so having some armor is never a bad idea.

x9 - You will have low Magic Resist before or even if you get to Banshees Veil,so having some Magic Resistence throughout the game is,again,perfect.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3 - Look at Greater Mark Of Desolation Greater Mark Of Desolation.
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Mercy Mercy - Mercy is a great passive that works well with Rake,and also works extremely well with Trinity Force if the slow is proc'd.

Noxian Diplomacy - This is going to be your main damaging spell later on in the game.The damage is amazing if it crits and uses the Trinity Force proc.The bleed is awesome aswell,so if people manage to get away with 30hp,your bleed will finish them off.

Rake - Rake is your bread and butter skill throughout the game.The harrass is excellent,and the fact that its AoE will improve your farming ability.

Cutthroat Cutthroat - Your initiation spell for the carry.Having amplified damage and slowed from rake then using Noxian Diplomacy will give you the maximum damage output (not including items).

Shadow Assault - Amazing ultimate,not only does it give stealth,but the damage from the blades are huge.It also gives the Movement Speed that gives you some nice survivability.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - Self Explanatory.Flash can save you from many possible situations,its just a must take for Talon.

Exhaust - This is mostly for early game to assure kills.Late game their carries wont last a second and your ulti and Trinity Force will give you enough movement speed to get the hell out of there.
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Skill Sequence

I max Rake Rake first.This gives me an easier time farming and harassing the enemy.Second is Noxian Diplomacy Noxian Diplomacy.The damage is needed to take down any carry,so you want to max this second for more kills.I max Cutthroat last.Even though the amplified damage and silence is nice,you want the damage from Noxian Dimplomacy for fast killing and not auto attacking your way out.

1. Shadow Assault Shadow Assault
2. Rake Rake
3. Noxian Diplomacy Noxian Diplomacy
4. Cutthroat Cutthroat
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Start the game with a Dorans Shield Dorans Shield.Most top are tanky dps,therefore the armor and the health regen is greatly needed,aswell as the extra hp boost makes the perfect starting item.

As Talon,you should be able to get a kill once u hit lvl 6.If your tanky dps solo top opponent is at most 500 hp at around lvl 5,,GO FOR IT.Cutthroat-Rake-INSTANTLY Noxian Diplomacy,and bam,theres your kill.If not,just continue farming.

You want to farm atleast 2200 gold,including your kills and farming lvl 6+.Buy The Brutalizer The Bruitalizer,some Boots lvl 1 boots and a Dorans Blade Dorans Blade.Yes,a Dorans Blade Dorans Blade.This will give you even MORE lane sustainability,especially for ganks.The extra 10 damage is nice aswell.

This part is pretty easy.again,Cutthroat-Rake-INSTANTLY Noxian Diplomacy,Shadow Assault,run infront of him,R and Noxian Diplomacy,bam another kill.You should be able to farm another 2k gold from the excessive amount of kills you got,or more.Go back,buy a Youmuu's GhostbladeYoumuus Ghostblade and a Null-Magic Mantle Null-Magic Mantle,or the Mercury's Treads Mercury's Treads if you have enough.

For the teamfights,its pretty easy.You either focus the ap carry,or the ad carry.Do the normal combo,if you dont kill him,DONT chase.The WORST idea for talon is to CHASE.Even if you flash kill,your still dieing.ITS NOT WORTH IT.(Summoner spells furhter onto the post)

Getting gold should be self-explanatory now.Items.After your Youmuu's Ghostblade Yomuus Ghostblade,you want to get an Infinity Edge Infinity Edge.Its just rediculous.Your critting 700 with your Q on,without the amplified damage from your passive or the amplified damage from Cutthroat.The increased damage is all the best,and the extra damage for crit is just huge.

After Infinity,you want to buy a Zeal Zeal first, then finish off Trinity Force Triforce.I buy a zeal first because it gives the neccessary running running speed to get close to a carry,incase they flash when they see you in sight (yes,your THAT frightening). Trinity ForceTrinity Force.AMAZING.Just what we needed.The combo Cutthroat-Rake and then Noxian Diplomacy will now do 1500 damage.Huge.HUGE.

After here,its up to you.the last 2 slots are for you to choose.need to go tanky because ur getting focused a bit TOO much? Banshee's VeilBanshees Veil and Guardian's Angel Guardians Angel.Job done.Want own their carries a overkill? Bloodthirster Bloodthirster and a Black Cleaver Black Cleaver.DONE.
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Overall,Talon is a very fun champion and can be completely devastating if played right and using the CORRECT combo.He is one of the most balanced champions in this game and i believe that he should not get a nerf.Thanks for reading the guide,comment and rate,NO TROLL VOTES PLEASE.

Thank You,

League of Legends Build Guide Author iShinku
iShinku Talon Guide
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Talon - No Mercy For The Weak

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