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Talon Build Guide by Remixt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Remixt

Talon, the highly volitile super assassin.(Work in progress)

Remixt Last updated on July 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Talon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lux Dodge Q and collect your kill. No seriously, if she misses spell binding engage.
Twisted Fate wait for him to use blue card on a minion then pop him out of existence.
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When and why should you pick talon?

Talon is a very strong mid laner. His ability to all in a target rivals any other assassin, especially late game. His mechanics are easy to learn, but the decision making required to get kills without getting killed is hard to master.

I don't advise picking Talon before the enemy team picks a mid lane. He is easy to counter-pick with a bruiser or an ap caster with a lot of escape potential such as Orianna.

Usually it's a good idea to Talon if you have an AP TOP or AP Jungle AND the enemy team has picked a squishy/op mid laner such as Twisted Fate.

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Pros / Cons

Talons is at his strongest when given the room to roam. He turns team fights just as quickly as a jungler, and his rake ability makes pushing lanes very quick. The idea is to snowball your lane quickly and roam, or roam early and try to catch bot/top lane out of position.

With all of that being said, wards are extremely important when playing talon. He is a master at 1v1 mid-late game, but in order to get kills without trading you need to have an idea of where the enemy team is at all times.

If you find yourself against Talon as an AP caster early game is extremely important. Pre level 3 he is super weak, and you should punish him as much as possible. Forcing him out of lane early is the best way to counter his level 6 all in ability. Poke as much as possible without taking any damage yourself, and make sure you are always above 75% hp while laning against him.

Talon is at his weakest right after his combo, which involves using all of his spells. If you manage to live after his burst damage and still have cool downs, that is the best time to attack. His gap closer has a 15 second cooldown, so keep that in mind.

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Farming early game is tough if against a ranged opponent, but don't panic and don't worry about missing farm early game. Use rake to CS and simultaneously harass the enemy player. When you are low play safe, and wait for the right moment to all in them. Just work to brutalizer as fast as possible and only go for kills you know you can get.

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Team Work

Late game is where Talon can truly shine if played well. At the 30 min + mark you should have at least finished last whisper and the black cleaver. With just these items you can take out an ADC or APC without much effort, and its your job to **** either of them down. Wait for your front line to engage and find a safe route to gap close and combo them before they can react. Use ult to escape if you are caught, it has a low cool down and will most likely be up before the enemy teams.

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How to combo correctly.

I've seen quite a few players incorrectly use Talons abilities.

His Q resets your auto attack, and you shouldn't activate it before engaging on an enemy.

A full combo if given the best circumstances should look like this:

E in auto attack, Q right after auto attack hits, Rake, Ult, Auto attack.