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Talon Build Guide by DeTantalus

Talon - You Should Have Killed me When you had the chance

By DeTantalus | Updated on August 28, 2011

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Welcome to my second build. This one is for Talon. Talon is a melee burst assassin, with high power and very good elusiveness! This build will show you how to play talon, and what I feel is the best way to build him.

I will publish this a bit unfinished so that people can look at it and tell me what they think of the build and such. I will clean it up as I go. So lets get started!
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Pros / Cons

- High damage
- Great escape potential
- can silence mages
- Can stick to a target fairly well

- Squishy
- cant use his blink to escape, (like or )
- Very susceptible to focus
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For runes, I take armor pen marks for more overall damage. Seals and glyphs I get defensive items, Flat armor and MR per level. This will make you a bit harder to kill when you dive into a fight to assassinate a carry. For Quints I also take armor pen.
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Masteries I go 21/9/0. Talon is a burst assassin, so you want to be doing as much damage as possible. I put 9 masteries into defense simply to help you stay alive when your in the middle of a fight.
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Summoner Spells

I take and so that nobody can every escape you, but you can escape them if needed.
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Talons Abilities

MercyPassive- Mercy: Talon deals 10% extra damage to units with a CC effect on them.

Very nice passive, adds to your overall damage and makes you powerful when you have your Mallet.

Noxian Diplomacy: On Talons next auto attack he will do bonus damage and cause the target to bleed, revealing them for a short period of time.

This ability is great once you have your Mallet and its maxed. It does good burst and reveals them, letting you track them with ease.

Rake: Talon sends out a wave of blades, damaging anyone in there way, and dealing damage on their return.

This, imo, is talons bread and butter. It lets you harass enemy champions safely, procs you passive, and can also be used to farm. Its damage is nice as well, making you burst add up.

CutthroatCutthroat: Talon blinks to enemy champion, silencing them, and dealing increased damage for a short time.

This is excellent for shutting up channelers (like or ). Its also what allows you jump into a fight and assassinate someone fast.

Shadow Assault: Talon sends out a ring of blades, damaging any nearby enemies, and stealths for 2.5 seconds, and gains a small movement boost. When he re appears, the blades return to him, dealing damage to any enemy they pass over.

This ult is AMAZING. Its damage is high, low cool down, and lets you dodge enemy spells with stealth. Always use this in a fight. It also works as an amazing escape tool.
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Skill Sequence

Max first, as its pretty much your only form of safe harass. Then max , followed by Cutthroat, with a point into whenever you can.
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These three items are the core of the build. They give damage, durability, and a guarenteed proc on your passive.

After those three, I like to build and . Helps you stay in lane or near a potential team fight, and also gives a HUGE amount of AD. If your playing right, you shouldn't be loosing those stacks often. Gives, AD, AS, and Armor pen, all of which we want. These two items can be switched out for whatever you feel necessary, like a Madred's Bloodrazer for an Healthy team.

The last item slot, is situational. I typically roll or If I need MR. But this item slot should always be situational.

Why I dont roll Trinity
A lot of people LOVE to run Trinity on any champ with an on hit ability, and Talon is no exception. Except, its just not as good as the Mallet/atma combo. Talon NEEDS a slow to ensure his attacks will be doing bonus damage. Trinity doesnt guarentee that. The sheen proc is nice, but I cant tell you how many times ive destroyed a trinity talon. They just dont have the survivability that Atma/Mallet does. If you prefer it, use it. But this, imo is a much better option for Talon.
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Early game
At the start, grab a and a . You want to rush so you can start procing you passive faster.

Focus on trying to harass the enemy with , while farming minions. If they get to greedy or are squishy, punish them with a E-W-Q combo.

Once you have your get if you already havent. Now, instead of finishing your mallet, your going to need some damage to be a serious threat. Farm until you get enough to get a . Once you have it, Finish your and begin working on . This will give you over 200 damage, with good health and armor.

Mid Game
At this point, laning should be done. Stick with your team, or try to kill loners pushing lanes. At this point, you should be trying to finish and start on . Your damage will be very high and make you a very dangerous target.

NEVER INITIATE A TEAMFIGHT!!! Just because you have a blink and a stealth does not mean you should be starting a fight with the entire enemy team. Let your tank/s engage first, then dive in with Cutthroat to take down the carries. Your team fight combo should be E-W-Q-R-Q. The extra shouldnt be needed, but if it is, use it. Its a high powered spammable attack. Always focus on taking down AP or AD carries first.
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Overall, Talon is a VERY amazing champion. He has great mobility, high burst, and does his role very well. Here are some pics if your doubting this build, showing my success. Ive only lost once with it, and even then, I went positive.
I hope you enjoy Talon as much as I have, and have success with him! Please rate and leave a comment, let me know how to improve this guide.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DeTantalus
DeTantalus Talon Guide

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Talon - You Should Have Killed me When you had the chance
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