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Talon Build Guide by Granth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Granth

Talon's Destructive Build

Granth Last updated on March 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The build your looking at is the build i use to destroy with talon. BUT, it will only work its best if you can manage to get the first few kills you need. The build focuses on dealing heavy damage in a burst,criting heavy,having some life steal to survive longer, and items to round it our and finish it strong for later in the game. If everything goes well you will be winning your lane and possibly the whole game. but dont ever get to cocky that will get you killed every time.

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The runes here help you to do your bursting faster and harder with help from them. The damage helps you in bursting with the extra armour pen. The mana regen helps you lane longer and use your skills more and the cooldown reduction helps you get your bursts out faster and ensure kills if they try to get away or if u have taken to much damage and need to get out.

Greater Glyph of ReplenishmentGreater Quintessence of Desolation

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The masteries here is 23/0/7 for the reason of dishing out your damage with all the offensive masteries giving more damage, cooldown reduction, life steal and, armour pen. and the utility masteries give you more mana and mana regen and less death time so you can get into battle faster if you die.

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Now before i tell you this information may I remind you that this only works well if you get the first few kills you need to get on the build quickly. Ok so the first things you get is boots, 2 Health Potion and, a Mana Potion so you can move faster and heal back up for a bit. Get Boots of Swiftness (or Boots of Mobility) so u get great speed for later then get a vampiric septer for life steal and a bit more laneing power till you get more kill if you do. Work for your B.F.sword and get a The Bloodthirster and start stacking try to not die as you get your stacks for the reason of you need that extra damage and life steal to kill and stay alive. next get another B.F.sword and work for your Infinity Edge for more damage and heavy criting when you use your skill Noxian Diplomacy and cutthrout combo because as you know it enhances your damage. After, you work on another B.F.sword and get a Dagger so you can get The Black Cleaver for more damage, attack speed and, reducing their armour. Then work for the rounding of the build and get a Trinity Force either get a Phage or a Zeal first. finish it and then you decide your last item depending on your enemies. I get another The Bloodthirster but getting a Phantom Dancer or something else cant hurt you so do as you please. You might think of getting more cooldown reduction i recommend Youmuu's Ghostblade or Frozen Heart and the reason for the Frozen Heart is for more armour and reduction of attack speed to your enemies.

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Skill Sequence

The skills go this way for farming early and getting a small burst fast for killing and starting your build once you get to lvl 6 is when you need to be killing alot or this will not work for you i recommend you bide your time and wait for your time to strike and kill with ease.after work on getting your Noxian Diplomacy to kill your enemies turrets and killing your opponents with that heavy damage and bleed in case they get away or you cant catch them. After you get to the point of getting your ult again get cutthrout up more and finish as you see fit.

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Summoner Spells

the summoner spell here are to help you slow them, reduce their damage and, keep them from healing or living early but you may try something different.the Exhaust is for damage dealers like Xin Zhao, Master Yi and other champions like that. The Ignite is for killing early and to stop them from healing from champs such as Master Yi, Volibear and, other champions. it also stacks preatty well with your bleed from Noxian Diplomacy.

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Pros / Cons

Pros : well for starts the good things here is if you get your kills at start you can really do some damage and end the game fast.
the damage dealt is a very heavy (if everything is full and your build is done your crits will do 1700+ crits.
the items round the build quite nicely and make you have a little of everything you need and then some.

Cons : if you cant get your kills at the start this build is hard to make and use.
the items used to counter this can be very bad for you and can mess you and your build up.

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Team Work/Farming

something that will help the team late game is the minion waves being killed so u can push faster because the Rake can 1 hit minion waves to clear them this is also easy farm for you. another thing helping your team is jumping on the damage dealer so they cant cast any skills allowing you team to him them hard and kill them which makes team fight easier and gets you to push sooner or get baron for the win.

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Tower Diving

Talon has the great ability to tower dive and get out very fast but with this build you can jump in hit them once (with your burst) and get out with minimal damage being done. how to do this is cutthroat, Noxian Diplomacy, Rake and, Shadow Assault them for minions and extra damage in case they survive the cooldown reduction will help you get them faster if they run so they have no chance.

Blue Turret vs.

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playing against ranger champions

well this is a topic everyone wants to know and it is a very good question. you always wanna use your bushes to your advantage and watch for wards and sill shots like Boomerang Blade and Volley. look for your opportunity to strike and it wont always be right away so be patient to the jump....make sure there away from there teammate and far from the turret so you have ample time to take them down. make sure when you jump them do alot of damage at start to make them think they need to back off and have no chance.

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taunting you enemies :D

taunting you enemies is a good way to make them do things to get them self killed. make them get hot headed and make them really wanna kill you and if the can rethink you strategy but if they cant and you know it tell them they can try and let them...the more they try the more you get fed and well the more you get fed the more your build gets done and the faster you can win the match and get to the next match.

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with this information you should be a very good talon. i hope you come back with tips for me if you have any for me because this is my first guide. remember getting those kills at first are key to a great talon. please leave me a comment and tell me how it goes thanks for checking out my build for talon. I hope this tell you a bit about my build and some of the things about it that are good and bad. use it to your advantage and do not disappoint. NOW get out there and kill your enemies with that blade there! :D