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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PurpleURP

Tank Kennen: Ninja Storm Iniciatior

PurpleURP Last updated on May 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is exclusively for Twisted Treeline, i.e. 3v3. This guide is not for new players as I do not take time to explain the flow of 3v3 or fundamentals of playing League of Legends. Please, do not immediately write off this guide for taking a different approach to Kennen build until you try it. It is a wall of text to be sure, but if you can make it through it will be worth it.

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Obviously, the runes choice is the most different part of this build. The Greater Mark of Vitality, Greater Seal of Vitality, and Greater Quintessence of Vitality give you 22.5 hp/lvl thats over 100 hp by lvl 5, and 409 at lvl 18. Why not Greater Mark of Magic Penetration? This item build would be successful really no matter what runes you use, however, with the full hp/lvl the increased hp as you level up really makes a difference, effectively healing you as you lane. Also, who can argue with 1.6k hp at lvl 6 once you get a giants belt . That extra hp allows you to iniciate as you please, and play as aggressive throughout the game. The best part is as the game progresses you only get tankier, allowing you to build all damage and magic pen than having to get survivability items.

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Masteries set is pretty standard. Getting the 15% magic pen and cdr from offense, and 21 all the way through on defense picking up nimbleness which can make the difference in a lucky escape and death.

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Start With:

First Time Back:
+ +

As Soon As You Get The Gold:

At this point you should be tanky enough to start building almost exclusively damage.

Core Build:

On Twisted Treeline the more tanky damage with CC you can get the better, which is why Kennen is the best caster on TT. Besides the fact that he runs on energy rather than mana, promoting lane sustainably, Kennen has one of the most versitile stuns in the game, and since CC is basically mandatory for all three heroes on 3v3, Kennen reigns supreme among the casters. First item to finish is Void Staff which is mandatory. The 40% magic pen + the 15% from your mysteries pretty much negate any attempt to defend against you by stacking MR. Since you have the extra hp from your runes you can buy this item after you giants belt and not only be incredibly tanky, but also do great damage as their team will likely not have any magic resist this early in the game. Rylai's crystal scepter by far the best item on Kennen. This one item allows you to skill shot slow with your shuriken at long range and aoe slow with lightning rush , ult , electric surge combo . Your main goal from level one is farm, farm, farm, and then farm some more, because once you get the crystal scepter you can kite any hero around the whole map with the slows from all your spells.

After the scepter comes the decision, you can feel free to choose between the two needlessly large rod items, Deathcap or Hourglass or if stuns and magic damage are killing you a quick silver sash . I usually get Deathcap if its a total stomp and I'm way fed as a finisher, and go for Hourglass if they are going after me at all costs. Hourglass is definitely part of core build as you can lightning rush in , electrical surge , ult , and then pop hourglass as they frivolously wack at you while standing in your ult. When the hourglass proc ends your lightning rush should be off CD allowing you to gtfo of the fight slowing them with not only your lightning rush , but also the electrical surge and parting shuriken to finish things off.

After talking with a friend online that also plays Kennen, I decided to add Lich Bane instead of to up your magic resist. Lich Bane gives you about half the MR, but the additional ability power and movement speed are far more impactful. Also, with the auto attack proc from lich bane you can be sending out 600+ damage auto attacks every 2 seconds while you auto attack to get your mark proc from which drastically increases your damage output especially when comboed with Deathcap . Other Items that could work in the last slot: or

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With this build, you will never be as weak as you are lvl 1, as you are always getting more and more tanky with the hp/lvl runes. Thats why depending on who you are facing, I usually sit back and LAST HIT with a mix of shurikens and auto attacks. Against a melee champ, especially solo lane, you can auto attack them pretty much at will, and the regen plus increase hp/lvl allow you to gain all the hp lost from taking minion aggro as you level up.

The standard harassment is auto attacking minions/champ until the 5th auto attack procs from your electrical surge and you can mark them. Hold this auto attack for the champs you are lanning against as it not only does increased damage, but also puts a mark of storm on them allowing you to instantly electrical surge them for free harass at long range and over their minions. This combo can be mixed in with the shuriken to get the ever important stun which is the majority of your damage output. The more you stun them the better. Either leading with the auto attack mark or shuriken , then a quick electrical surge and perhaps a lightning rush to get the stun in if it doesn't overextend you. For the most part, DO NOT lightning rush in lane. If the person you are laning against is anything close to competent, they will immediately attack you once you use your lighting rush . The lightning rush should be reserved for escaping. It is your number one kite move until you get the crystal scepter .

When you are in lane with Kennen you are doing one of two things. Either LAST HITTING minions as talked about above or you are pushing tower. Another of Kennens strength is he is an excellent pusher. Wait til you kill your opponent in lane or force them to Back, then lightning rush through the minions and electrical surge all of them waiting for the one minion your are attacking to be low enough that your electrical surge gets the last hit , picking off the last hits with shurikens and auto attacks. Once you hit lvl 9 and get the 4th level into electrical surge you can electrical surge twice before the minions lose their marks of storm allowing you to take out whole minion waves with one combo. E-W-W. > > . After you get your crystal scepter you can jungle pretty freely using the same combo as you use to push towers, hitting the fat minion in the group with your shuriken , letting the others fall to the lightning rush and repeated electrical surges .

NOTE: You can not win with this build vs Xin Zhao or Jarvan IV solo lane. So if you are going to solo and you see them against you, switch immediately or risk giving FB in lane.

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Skills Sequence

I am a strong proponent of leveling shurikens early game to help with last hitting. The shuikens are your number one way to get last hits and the lower the cool down on the spell the better, which is why I get one of each skill levels 1-3 then focus on shuriken until you get ult at level 6. After you get your ult , you have enough survivability to start upping your electrical surge to make farming go much faster. Lightning rushis only really used as an iniciation or escape so only taking one point in this at level 3 is all you'll really need. Of course get points in your ultimate at 6, 11, and 16 as its what makes you a force during team fights.

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Team Fights

This is where Kennen shines and proves his worth on the team. Your main goal as Tank Kennen is to stun their whole team. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways, but my favorite is to lighting rush in marking their whole team if possible (this is made easier with the flash spell, giving an element of surprise to your combo also increasing your range significantly), ult making sure to catch as many as possible, and wait one second. After one second your ult should have marked their team again allowing you to electrical surge stunning their whole team keeping them in your ult for the whole duration. > > . After you complete your group stun combo you can then nail the focus target with your suriken and start auto attacking getting another stun on the focus target once your auto attack mark procs.

At this point in the fight if they haven't been focusing you they are now. so this is where you start the kite, using your suriken as they come up and lightning rushing away when you have enough energy. 90% of Kennens die because they don't have enough energy for the lightning rush when the need it. It is by far your biggest energy drain. The good Kennens get separated from the bad by energy management, making sure you have enough energy for that lightning rush to get away, kiting their team while your teammates finish them off.

IMPORTANT POINT: Once they stop chasing you STOP RUNNING AWAY and start hitting them again with surikens , electrical surges , and auto attacks, as your stun is the difference between getting a kill from a fleeing enemy and them getting away. Remember that all of your spells slow them with the aid of Rylai's crystal scepter.

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Pros / Cons

~No mana
~Can be tanky if built correctly
~Can aoe nuke teams when fed
~Amazing and versatile stun
~Great farmer and pusher
~Great escape ability with lightning rush
~Can 2v1 in lane
~Spammable slows with crystal scepter

~Can be weak and do no damage if far behind
~Have to be good with skill shot
~Somewhat dependent on teammates
~Can run out of energy in extended fights
~Most likely you will be focus target

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I hope you enjoyed my Tank Kennen: Ninja Storm Iniciator guide. Again this guide is only for Twisted Treeline. With this guide, you will be a mega harassing stun tank that puts out AOE nuke damage. Best of luck with this build. Comment and let me know what you think or any changes you would suggest.
See you in game,