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Zyra Build Guide by Mentallillux

/// TANKY SUPPORT Zyra Guide Season 13 ::: Master elo :::

/// TANKY SUPPORT Zyra Guide Season 13 ::: Master elo :::

Updated on September 2, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mentallillux Build Guide By Mentallillux 2,288 Views 0 Comments
2,288 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mentallillux Zyra Build Guide By Mentallillux Updated on September 2, 2023
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Champion Build Guide

/// TANKY SUPPORT Zyra Guide Season 13 ::: Master elo :::

By Mentallillux
So hello guys, my name is Mentallillux and i like to have fun with creating builds for champions and stuff like that.

Im Master well obv Lux player, i mostly play mid and supp and thats it from me i guess.
Why Zyra guide and not Lux tho?
Well besically becuase i find her currently ap build boring af, + its kinda expensive, so i wanted to find a way to kinda avoid her ap build boringness, if u will, and ofc to fricking save up some money honey... Because these items be ex*****ve as hell.

So i came up with this build, inspiration for it was the fact that i like to get in their faces and fkem up.

This build allows you to peel for your adc so much, it gives u tankiness and so much healing/shielding power.


Now that we explained that lets continue.
Why these runes?
First of all i LOVE Guardian as a rune so much even tho it is usually overlooked upon and not picked, i don`t know why its the case if u ask me.

It provides shield against dmg to you and your team-ate, well of course u knew that, point is we all know how fun it is to play 4 vs 2 on bot lane, so there Guardian is being usefull to block some dmg, and not Aftershock we dont need that, that is nah nah, especially not Grasp of the Undying.

Font of life and Revitalize for that extra healing/sheilding, Conditioning into tanks/Second Wind against pokes/Bone plating versus burst dmg.

Domination/Taste of blood for a little bit healing for you/Ingenius hunter for cdr reduction on your Radiant and Redemtion.

Whats left are cdr runes, and armor/magic resistence based of enemy team.
What to build?
As you can see core items are Radiant and Redemtion, after that u can flex what you wanna build, depedning on your team and the enenmy.

I like Knight`s vow to block some of dmg from the enenmy team on to my adc, i ussually build Zeke if we lack dmg, Anathemas if they have that on carry you need to cc lock, Frozen heart etc etc...

However my go to items are Knight`s vow and Zeke.

Some will say"ITS SO BAD, WITH THIS BUILD YOU WILL BE CONSTANLY OUT OF MANA",no u won`t, tried this build couple of times and never in any of the games happened situation that i thought "Omg i wish i had mana for E", i explained why that is the case in the "How to play this Zyra?" chapter.
Why max W and not Q?
Bcs like i said, imma say it again:

YOU DONT DEAL DMG YOU DO PEELING for your adc and teammates, so there is no need for maxing Q aka dmg.

You max first E for the root duration, than W for the recharge time aka lower cdr on W.

You are asking yourself now"How does reducing recharge time on W helps me?", and im asking you what type of plant combo E W produces? Melee plant, what it does? Slows enemies, and what does slow procs? Font of life and Revitalize.

So there you have it constant spamming E W, means constant healing for your teammates.
How do u play this Zyra?
In laning phase you play as safe as possible, poke here and there but dont waste to much mana.

Track where your jungler is, follow the lead, if there is an opportunity to secure the kill, weather you are getting ganked by your jungler or you are roaming or you and your adc are soloing enemy bot go all out, lock them with E W/exhaust so they can`t move.

Till you buy Radient you just gotta play a little bit safe.

In early game it starts to become way more easier to get in their faces and secure kills, mid to late game you are practically Malphite in skirt, so thats it on that.

Now when it comes to mana i had no problem with it, your W doesnt cost mana, you are only spamming E, Q is for a little poke here and there, nothing much, so u are only spending mana for E, there is literally NO WAY in hell you can run out of mana if u play it correctly, thats before u buy redemtion, after redemtion you can spam all u want.
Well thats it, i hope you will give this build a try, hope you have fun with it, try it couple of times on normals, i loved it, i guess because i found it kinda boring with costant ap Zyra builds, staying in the back line dealing few ounces of dmg here and there.

Those of you who are competative and play like your life depends on the game, not creative/experimental and wanna play ap boring Zyra every game, i guess just pass on this one XD, i don`t know what else to say, see ya and
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mentallillux
Mentallillux Zyra Guide
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/// TANKY SUPPORT Zyra Guide Season 13 ::: Master elo :::

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