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Taric Build Guide by Surrwin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Surrwin

Taric - Dazzle your Enemies

Surrwin Last updated on August 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Taric with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Soraka Easy lane. If you can get a stun in on her you should be able to kill her or get summoners. If she's playing back, just play the farm game.
Fiddlesticks Easy lane. Wait for his lifedrain and then just stun him. Don't stand next to your ADC when he uses Dark Wind.
Kayle This becomes a heal lane. If kayle gets out of position you can stun her and deal some good damage.
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Update Log

(15/8/2015) - Updated my stream link as I am now streaming at

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Taric is my most played support. He is just solid all the way around. I never feel like I have been countered in lane. Even the counters I have listed to a well played Taric won't be an issue. Getting poked down in lane? Level up your Imbue. Have your way with their bot lane? Level up your Shatter and go for kills.

Taric is a generalist, he is good at many things but a master of none. He is great at for picking off enemy champions and bursting them down. He also excels at supporting his team with his passive armor aura, heals and stun.

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Long live League of Legends!

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(Passive - Gemcraft) Taric's passive is one of the big reasons why he is so good. It gives him the ability to reduce the cooldown on all his abilities when he auto attacks after using an ability. It also gives some extra magic damage (based off his armor) for his next auto.

(Q - Imbue) This is Taric's heal which will heal you and the target or heal yourself for extra. It heals more depending on your max health + you AP but has a pretty long cooldown so you can't just spam it but the mana cost is reasonable. Make sure after you use it to auto attack something to get your 2 seconds off the cooldown from the passive.

(W - Shatter) This is another of Taric's great skills. Passively gives bonus armor to yourself and your allies (flat bonus + percentage of your armor). Just the passive is amazing especially against AD heavy teams but wait there is more, when activated it deals AP area damage around you and reduces the enemies armor. The damage and armor shred on this ability is your bread and butter, plus it has a low cooldown so it will be up again soon. Keep in while that after you burst it, you will lose the bonus armor from it but your allies still keep the aura.

(E - Dazzle) This is a very basic stun which is point and click. This ability basically allows you to get easy picks or chase and get kills because it can't miss. It does deal more damage based on how close you are to the target. It can be cancelled though if the target gets out of vision while your in the middle of casting it (very annoying).

(R - Radiance) Your ult is great for allowing you to burst down a target with damage. If you Dazzle then run up and Shatter + Radiance you'll deal a lot of damage in 1-2 seconds. It also gives your allies and yourself extra AD/AP while the ability is active. This can be used to help you take out towers quickly if your short on time.

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How to play/position Taric?

Taric can seem like a very straight forward champion to play and he can be if you want to just be "ok". But if you want to be "amazing" at Taric, remember these few simple thing:

- Save your stun. Don't just use your Dazzle for the sake of getting some damage in. The enemy bot lane is scared of your Dazzle and once it's down, your threat level will drop dramatically. Use it at the right times.

- At Level 6 your burst damage is insane, Combo: Dazzle + Shatter + Radiance

- Always try and auto attack after each ability. This lowers your cooldowns and allows you to spam spells thru team fights. If you have Iceborn Gauntlet, you can solo many champions with this method as long as you have mana. (Expection is if your just trying to burst a low health target, you might not have the time to auto)

- If your out of mana, you are useless. Don't stick around very long with no mana and make sure to tell your team so they are aware.

- Trade off taking poke with your ADC to maximize your Imbue, instead of just healing the ADC or just healing yourself.

- Stay near your team so they get the bonus armor and magic resist from your auras: ( Shatter & Locket of the Iron Solari).

- Don't try and be the initiator, save your Dazzle for peeling or helping to focus someone down. If you can get a pick on someone, take it but otherwise save it.

- You have no natural escapes other then Flash and/or Dazzle so don't do anything to risky especially if the enemy team has lots of CC. You are tanky but they can still wear you down.

- With your mobility boots, wait for your jungler to gank and then run in quickly and Dazzle the enemy.

- Remember to use your Ignite before the enemy uses heal so it reduces the healed amount.

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Ignite VS Exhaust

The reason I take Ignite instead of Exhaust is because it gives me more kill potential in lane and the goal of supporting is to get the enemy ADC behind. The best way to do that is by getting them low or dead so they are unable to farm. Either they have to go back to base, get zoned or die. Also, most players underestimate the burst damage Taric has especially at Level 6 and Ignite just helps you secure those kills and provides mental pressure to the enemy bot lane.

So, you should always take Ignite unless you are facing a burst champion such as:

Fiora Riven LeBlanc Zed Tryndamere Fizz and maybe Master Yi or Yasuo.

If you are fighting one of those champions, you should take exhaust, at least in the beginning until you get comfortable playing against them. The reason we do this is because even a fed ADC on your team can be easily taken out by a LeBlanc, Fiora, etc and we don't want that. Some of these champions like Tryndamere, Riven, Master Yi and Yasuo can get easily stopped by your stun and killed. But it takes discipline and control to pull it off.

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In Closing

Taric is almost never a bad pick unless you need an initiating support (like Leona). He can win almost any lane if played right and other lanes you can just go even in (farm lane).

Remember, the more you play a champion, the better you will be come and the more useful you will be to your team.

As Taric would say about your enemies: "You are nothing but glass, waiting to be smashed."

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