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Taric Build Guide by Dornas

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dornas

Taric, More Than Just Precious Stones.

Dornas Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

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Defense: 0

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Utility: 21

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Just sayin'.

Well, this is my first build/guide. After using many, I decided to try for myself. Hints or tips are always welcome. Don't just downvote, tell me what was wrong and what I can do to improve the build/guide.

This is just my way of playing and building taric. If you don't agree with it, I'm always willing to debate about what can or even should be changed to make this a more beneficial build/guide.

There will also be interesting information for support in global, such as warding.

Noone gains anything from people just flaming, and nobody likes a whiner.

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In my opinion, runes are only for a benefit early game. Cause late game, little people will care about 9 ability power from your blue, or 78 health from your quints.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

The magic penetration early game helps you to put out little extra damage. And will still have some effect in late game, so your burst, Shatter+ Dazzle is of more use in teamfights.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

The MP 5 gives you that little extra time in your lane. Meaning you won't have to recall very often, so you won't miss any experience. Which will give you the benefit over your enemy when you outlevel them. And there's also the fact that whenever you're out of your lane, you won't be able to assist in a gank with your lane partner.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

This ability power is there for the same reason as I picked the magic penetration runes. Even though the ability power won't be viable in mid/late game, it will help out in the early game phase.

Greater Quintessence of Health

The total of these runes comes to an 78 health, meaning you will be over 620 health on level 1. This ofcourse, gives you the extra survivability when this go bad on a first blood fight, but it also tends to intimidate the enemy, making them think twice about wether they are going for the fight or will decide to run, and this can give you and your lane partner that extra second to finish them of, or land a stun.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

These are one of the only flat runes, that in my opinion, are still viable in lategame. Cause of the magic resist, you will be able to take more of a beating from those pesky mages trying to take you out. It also neutralizes the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration that the enemy on your lane might have.

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I'm going with a pretty basic 0/9/21 support build.

The points spend in Defense, kinda speak for themself. Magic resist Resistance and Armor Hardiness allow you to catch more fireballs and take more of a beating, even though it's only 6 of both. And the health regen per 5 Strength of Spirit allows you to regen just that little health when roaming between lanes trying to get an assist in, aid your team in a teamfight, or save your mid champion.

I prefer Good Hands over Perseverence , for two reason. The 10% reduced time spend death, might be useless when you are having a kick *** game and aint dying. And people often say you only take Good Hands when you intend to die. But, when your team is down 4 man in late game, you included, you want to get back to the game as fast as possible so you and the person who survived, can defend your turret that they wanted to push so badly. Ofcourse, this is situational, but it will make you more viable than the 2% extra mana regen and health regen you get from those 2 points extra in Perseverence .

Awareness Speaks for itself. I'd take 5% experience over 5% mana any time.

Greed Helps you with the low income you will have on taric. Since you let your AD carry, which you should be laning 90% of the time with, take all the creeps kills.

Meditation MP5, on of your main stats.

Quickness Makes you travel between lanes faster. And ofcourse it might give you that little speed advantage which will allow you to flee.

Blink of an Eye Summoner ability; -15sec CD might cause you to have Flash every teamfight. Allowing you to blink out of the fight, and most of the time, get rid of the focus on you.
***Don't specc this is if you aint going with flash ofcourse.***

Intelligence Cooldown reduction, also one of your main stats.

Mystical Vision Summoner ability; +4sec Map awareness, -5 sec CDR. And clairvoyance can be used as a great intimidation tool. Would you engage baron if you're CV'd?
***Don't specc this if you aint going with Clairvoyance ofcourse***

Presence of the Master Same reason as why you've spend points on Blink of an Eye and Mystical Vision


Some people might prefer a 9/0/21 specc, going for Sorcery and Archaic Knowledge . Which is also a viable build. Since it does give you that extra CDR and SpellPen.

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Summoner Spells

---My picks---

*** Flash***

Flash is in my opinion one of the best, if not the best, summoner spell. It allows you to teleport out of combat, which stops the focus on you for about 90% of the time. But you can also use it to engage, for example; Flash + Dazzle. Other then that, if you are being ambushed, it will allow you to teleport over walls, making it harder for the enemy to finish you off.

*** Clairvoyance***

Map awareness is the key to winning a game. If you can see what they are doing, you can try to counter that with your team, such as Baron or Dragon. Or if you can see where they are waiting for an ambush, you simply won't go there, or if they're not with their full team, you can try to close them in and ruin their day. Clairvoyance also allows you to keep track of their jungler, so it will be alot harder for him to come out and grab a gank at any of the lanes.

---Alternative picks---

*** Ghost***

This ability can be picked for the same main reason as Flash, survivability. Although Flash gets you out of combat in one second, ghost allows you to run off, giving them more time to damage you, but it does last for quite a while, especially if specced. Meaning you can will build up a distance and giving you more chance to get away. It can also be used to travel faster between the lanes, or get back to your turret faster so you can defend it.

*** Clarity***

Although I'm not a big fan of this ability on Taric, I still see alot of people pick it. It does ofcourse give you the extra mana in critical situations, and it also gives mana to your lane partner, allowing him/her to harras more often with abilities. But I think that it's not viable enough. Since you aren't oom that often, and you might even be able to get a blue buff, if noone from your team is more viable to get it, or if noone is in range for it.

---Things you won't see me use.---

* Exhaust
IMO, it's better if the carries or assasins can pop it when they think it's needed

* Heal
I don't think this is worth the spell slot. Even though it's a 500 heal on you, it's still only 250 on your surrounding teammates. And every time you cast imbue, you'll heal yourself for the same amount as your ally.

* Revive
No, thanks.

* Smite
You won't need to kill minions, so you won't need smite.

* Teleport
I don't think Teleport is worth dropping either an escape ability or Clairvoyance. Teleport has a 4 second channel time. And can be seen on the targeted location, usually causing them to take a step back. You won't need teleport to backdoor on a turret either, cause you won't be capable of backdooring.

* Cleanse
Most of the time you should be behind your allies, and if you have mastered positioning, you
won't come in a position where you need clease very ofter.

* Fortify
Not worth the spell slot.

* Ignite
Ignite on itself is a nice ability, allowing you to do that last ~2% of damage, and it reduces incoming heals on the target, but, you are still a support, so this ability would be better off on either an assassin or carry. Let them decide when they need it.

* Rally
Does anyone ever use this? The standard is usually killed in 2 or 3 hits.

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Items and Gameplay.

This counts for 90% of the games.

---First Purchase.---

I start with 2 Mana Potion, 1 Health Potion, either 1 or 2 Sight Ward, depending on wether they've got a jungler or not, and a Faerie Charm.

You'll now be heading to bottom lane, where your AD carry is going aswell, or is already waiting for you. When there's a jungler on the enemy team, you can try to wait for the enemies in the river bush. But they are usually smart enough to take the save route back.

As soon as the minions have arrived. Try to claim the bushes on the outside of the map. Stunning everyone that has the intention to come in. Giving you the chance to gank them, if your lane partner is in range. Otherwise it's a good way of harrassing them. And it will make them fear that bush. You should never stand at the end of the bush though, since that will make you more easy to hit with skillshot. Try to stay in the middle of it, since that will also give you enough time to get away when their jungler is gonna try to get a gank in. Neither should you be afraid to step out of the bush to avoid a skillshot. Just make sure you don't lose it. It can also be used to gain in some distance on your enemy to get a stun on a target.And ofcourse, you should let your lane partner get all the minion kills. Unless you will have to defend your tower.

By the time you have to go back, and everything went according to plan, meaning you got some assists, you will be able to atleast buy regular boots and upgrade your Faerie Charm into a Philosopher's Stone If you can afford it, you should also buy yourself a Heart of Gold. But be sure you can still afford atleast one Sight Ward

You should now repeat what you did from the start, making sure you will push back the enemy. Trying to deny them, or even, kill them. At some point though, either you or your enemy will lose the turret. Best scenario being them ofcourse. If this is the situation, try to keep the minions close to your turret. This will keep you close to that save turret of yours. And will force the enemy to over extend in order to get minion experience. With them being there it will become alot easier to gank them, since they have to run way back to get to safety. You can also start roaming (with or without your lane partner). Trying to get a gank on mid. Just keep in mind that bottom lane is your main priority.

From this point you will be buying the Heart of Gold if you haven't already. And start building your Aegis of the Legion. Again, keep in mind that you will have to be able to buy wards. You can also consider getting an Oracle's Elixir, which will allow you to see their wards and take them out.

By now, teamfights will probably be going on. Mostly on mid. Make sure you land your Imbue properly and prioritize the ones low on health and survivability. For example: You should never be healing a Vladimir when there's an Annie there who has taken damage. You should also try to save your Dazzle for the right moment, either an enemy getting away, or an enemy like Malzahar, who's casting his ultimate. Or a Fiddlesticks trying to AoE down your team. Stunning Fiddlesticks might give your team the chance to get enough distance from him so they won't take damage. Shatter can be used when the enemy team is stacked up upon you to put out a decent amount of AoE damage. If it's you being focused you should use Flash right after to gain you some distance, making sure you don't die.

From now on you should go back to base when nothing special is happening. Either to buy wards, or one of the items for your build. The buy order of items from now on should be:

* Catalyst the Protector
* Banshee's Veil
* Shurelya's Reverie
* Randuin's Omen

Just make sure you don't forget that you'll have to keep one slot open to buy wards. But it will be extremely rare for you to reach this point of your build.

This build is depending on your movement though. If you are struggling to find the right place at the right time, it might be smart to get either Mercury's Threads or Eleisa's Miracle instead of the items I listed. Making you less vulnerable to crowd controlling effects.

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The proper placement of Sight Ward and Vision Ward will give you full map awareness. Of done correctly you should be able to cover all jungle entrances from and to the river. Which makes ganking a much harder job for the enemy team. And may assist you in your ganks.

River Wards. You can use a Sight Ward for these. These are intended to give you a clear visual on the river entrances and exits. From the jungle and the lanes.

Baron and Dragon Wards. I strongly recommend using a Vision Ward for this, so you will be able to destroy their ward if there's one there. It also gives you the capability to see a Teemo's mushroom.

Inner Baron and Dragon Wards. Some people might find it odd to place to wards for the same purpose, but this ward is there to reassure effectiveness if they have destroyed you Vision Ward. An additional benefit is that they will have to enter the area to destroy the ward, which means you can box them in. I recommend using a Sight Ward for this.

These wards are situational. Meaning they can vary in usefulness and purpose. They are usually build up in 2 lines, depending on which turret is down and where the most fights are going on. For these I recommend you using a Sight Ward aswell. Even if they have a stealther in their team. Since they cannot go through all the wards unnoticed.

The 'River Wards' are my priority #1, unless they've managed to push us with our back to the wall. Since they give you a full view of the line between enemy and ally territory. But don't forget to put them back up when you've managed to turn the game around.

My second priority are the 'Situational Wards'. They give you the extra bit of safety and privacy, required to either, defend a lane out of the turret, or push a lane without being boxed in between enemies and a turret.

The '(Inner) Baron and Dragon wards' are fight dependant. Most of the time, the 'River Wards' and 'Situational Wards' should be enough to cover this. But it's better to be save then sorry.

Also a proper use of Clairvoyance will give you the last coverage you need. With the wards up there are just a few critical points that are not covered. So it makes it alot easier to properly use you Clairvoyance now. If Baron is not warded, and the entire enemy team is missing, it makes the most sence to drop it just outside his box, giving you the most vision. Make sure you cover the little bush just down the river aswell, since thats where they might be hiding before they engage.

Guide Top

Final words.

This is just my way of playing Taric. It's what works for me.
But you are always welcome to give me your opinion.

I will continue to work on this guide. Since I don't feel like it's completely done at this moment, but it's good enough do be uploaded and do what it's designed for.

Things I still want to do:
* Perhaps upload a video of gameplay.
* A score chapter. Even though I think it's a bit odd to show off assists.
* Keep it up to date.
* Add a situational chapter, explaining what to to, and when to do it.
* Tips and Tricks.

At the start of this build I didn't expect it to be this specific. But I couldn't control myself. To those who have read it all the way down. Or atleast the vital points, thank you for taking the time.

I will try to respond to as many reactions as I can.

Greetings, Dornas