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Taric Build Guide by xeross

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xeross

Taric sucking gems with style

xeross Last updated on October 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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There is an ancient form of magic, forgotten by many and discarded by some. It is the magic of the earth, of the resonance of crystals and gems. Taric's father was a healer in their city, on a world far away. Taric was always interested in his father's pursuits, even from a young age. Despite his burgeoning understanding of herbs, plants, and animal medicines, it was the power of gems that most fascinated the growing boy. It wasn't long before Taric had exhausted his father's coveted library and set out on a path of his own. He wasn't to be a healer, but a defender - one who used the power of the earth to preserve and protect. Quickly, Taric became a wandering knight, renowned across the land. That is, until the day a spell of summoning grabbed him from his home and deposited him on Runeterra. Now, Taric misses his world, though he is happy to fight in the League, protecting all who are in need..

''As Taric's father taught him, every stone has its meaning. For Taric's enemies, they all mean trouble.''

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Hey all xeross here gonna give you a guide about taric. Taric is a very good healer with still a decent burst damage aswell as being tanky. Gaining lots of AP at the end of the game you should be able to heal your allies for a quarter of their maximum health unless they have like a warmogs or something. I,ve been playing him a lot lately and have been skimming through the guides on him, and in my opinion hes best as a tank/aura/Ap champ so he can heal tank and do some damage aswell, with this build you won't be the main tank you will be mostly support. Anyway hope you enjoy reading my guide ;).

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Good Burst
Good heal
Good aura


Relies on his W to farm
needs some physical dpsers for his ultimate to be really effective

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Your do most of your damage with spells so this is a no brainer.

Greater Seal of Replenishment - the more mana you have the more health you can gain from Imbue and the longer you can stay in-game.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - more magic resist to make you more tanky.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - More ability power to give you early game damage.

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Starting out with full Utility to compliment your summoner spells and to grant you more mana regen and CDR. Then put the remaining in defensive to make you more tanky.

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Starting off with a Sapphire Crystal to make sure you can spam your skills and harass the **** out of the enemy, now this only gives you mana your passive and clarity should keep you in lane forever. Next you'll get your Boots of Speed to get some movement speed. now you'll convert your Sapphire crystal into a Catalyst the Protector to give you more survivability and be able to stay in the lane for longer as long as you level up that is.

Now your going to build your boots of speed into Mercury's Treads you'll need this so you can have extra magic resist and be able to get out of debuffs very quickly as you will sort of be the tank. After boots your going to want to build your catalyst into the rod of ages, this item will allow you to have a lot of survivability early game while still being able to spam abilities and do some damage. Aegis of the Legion is next, Most people pass up this item because the stats are fairly poor but this item has great synergy with its aura and your Shatter.

Next up is the Rabbadons Deathcap, this item is insane this will boost your AP tremendously and your burst damage and your heal should be really high. Next up is the Glacial Shroud I put this item in before the Abyssal Mask because i found it more useful then going straight Frozen Heart. Next item you want to get is something with high magic resist and a pretty good aura and the Abyssal Mask is the perfect choice for you, giving you a lot of magic resist and ability power and also taking down the magic resist of nearby enemies so they will be even easier to kill. Last item the Frozen Heart Will give you ALOT of armour and ALOT of mana now you'll be hitting pretty hard while still being able to conceive some damage.

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This ability will allow you to stay in the lane for longer but thats only if your attacking minions though. A smart opponent will try to keep you away from the minion line, but clarity should combat this.

Imbue - Q
Taric brings forth earthen energy to heal his target. As the magic flows through him he is healed for the same amount. If Taric heals only himself, the total effect will be 1.4X the base heal amount.

Will piss off the people you are laning against but the person you are laning with will love you for it. Use this to keep your allies alive especially your carry.

Shatter - W
Taric is protected by a hardening aura, increasing the armor of himself and nearby allied champions. He may choose to splinter the enchanted rocks surrounding him to deal damage and decrease the armor of nearby enemies at the cost of the aura for a short time.

This ability is great for giving you extra armour and a bit of burst combined with your stun. It can also be a great farming tool, its fairly hard to farm as taric so using this in the middle of the minion wave can mean a lot of gold. But sometimes in a team fight its better to keep the passive up to give extra armour.

Dazzle - E
Taric emits a brilliant ball of prismatic light from his gemmed shield, stunning and damaging his enemies.

Pretty good stun and fairly decent damage with a good AP ratio along with it, although it has more damage and a longer stun the further the target is from you. Dazzle is a good way to keep your carries alive and succeed in a gank.

Radiance - R
Taric emits a brilliant light, healing himself and increasing physical damage for surrounding allied units.

Good heal and attack damage aura buff, but keep it on for too long and you'll see most of your mana gone. Good for tanking on tower and will help your team take it out quicker, only very effective with AD carries.

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Skill Sequence

The order of skill importance goes like this.
Like any other champ you want your special leveled every 6/11/16th level. After maxing out imbue you want to interchange between shatter and dazzle.

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Summoner Spells

Clarity - Clarity is a must for Taric mostly because you want to stay in-lane, keep your partner alive and still pull off some pretty decent harass. But this ability loses all effectiveness in late game it can be useful but only getting some of your mana back.

Flash - Flash is taric's escape ability if you notice your skills you don't have any escape abilities except for a stun. Also when chasing a flash + stun is a win.

Other spells

Ghost another escape ability if you don't like flash, flash is more effective jumping behind a wall to gain some ground so if you forget to do that then grab this it increases your movement speed for a long time that can cover a lot of ground.

Teleport - Walking all the way to your lanes tower can take a lot of time so if you want it to get right back into the fight then go for it.

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Taric isn't the best at farming but he does have one good farming skill and thats shatter, basically just go into the middle of a minion wave and use shatter that should yield positive results unless you have a ****head stealing your minion kills. If you spot a nice minion clot up in a lane then go in there and farm em up. But when laning with a carry let them get most of the minion kills but you need to get some to so don't let them hog it all.

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Team work

Team work is simple, keep your squishies alive whilst taking some heavy damage and dealing damage. Don't let anyone get close to your squishies and if they do, stun and let your carries **** them up. If your carry is getting target constantly heal and do whatever you can to keep the enemy team away.