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Taric Humor Guide by Wannabemonkey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wannabemonkey

Taric: The knight-challenge

Wannabemonkey Last updated on August 6, 2013
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The **** is this?

Okay. Seeing that our favourite gem knight and fabulous Barbie Doll Taric is free to play this week, I thought, that I should share my way of playing Taric just for fun.
Taric is a knight. A Paladin. And because of that he has to be dressed up like a true Paladin. So basically this isn't necessarily a challenge. The items that are shown above all represent one Part of Tarics armor. You are only allowed to buy one item from every category (that's why there are 6 categories, get it?).
Now that we've discussed the basics, let's talk about those items and Tarics skills.

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With this build it doesn't really matter where you are laning. I'd recommend not going suport though because you need a lot of gold.

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Skill Sequence

The skill order above is just how I play Taric most of the time. How you skill Taric is entirely your thing.

Tarics passive. You get more damage the more Mana you have. Nothing else to say.

It's a heal. The interesting thing about it is, that autoattacks reset it's cooldwon by 1 second (3 seconds if it is an enemy champion).

While it isn't on cooldown it gives you armor. When you activate it, it deals damage und reduces the armor of the damaged enemies.

A short stun that can help you alot in 1v1 situations. I'd recommend maxing it first if you are on Toplane or get ganked a lot.

Deals burst-damage and gives you and your team bonus AD and AP. One of my favourite buffs ingame.

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I don't want to go over all of the items but over the imo most important ones.

One for laning, one for jungling. Pretty basic.

This item is mandatory for Taric. It's like the official sword of the gem knight. Gives you AD for Mana and Mana for bonus Magic Damage because of your Passive.

This item may seem odd but it does wonders for your heal. It gives you more attack speed and more AP. Sou you'll have a stronger heal with a shorter cooldown.

What would Taric be without a shiny crown?

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Just to clarify. This is no serious guide. It's just something that you can do for fun.
If you have other items that fit into the categories (Armor, Accessories, etc.) feel free to use them. It just has to be a full armor-set. That means no second armor, no third weapon and no second pair of shoes.
For most fun I'd actually recommend playing Taric like this in an ARAM with some friends.
If you want to leave some feedback then feel free to do so.
And now enough with the talk. Get out there and start smashing with you Paladin.

(If anyone else posted a guide like this somewhere then I'm sorry. I didn't know and I just wanted to share this with some people.)


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